Blackshirts Strike Again in Sweden

AFA SwedenBelow is a note from a member of Sverigedemokraterna, the Sweden Democrats, the only party in the country which opposes mass immigration and the Islamization of Sweden. The events he refers to took place yesterday.

The blackshirts mentioned in his message are members of Antifa or AFA, Antifascistisk Aktion. The young thugs of Antifa are “anti-racists” who, with the tacit approval of the government, physically attack opponents of socialist orthodoxy, not just in Sweden but throughout much of Europe.

Here’s what he said in his email:

Hey, some news:

I am at my friend Erik Almqvist’s place, the chairman of “Sverigedemokratisk Ungdom”, the youth organisation of our party.

Today, he woke up and couldn’t leave his apartment since the blackshirts glued the door shut. The door was glued to the wall and both locks and the mail slot were made unusable.

– – – – – – – –

The extreme left wanted Mr. Almqvist to miss the public meeting in Malmö, where Mr. Almqvist is one of the speakers. The extreme left has disrupted the youth organization’s meetings in Malmö several times in recent weeks and the police have failed to protect the basic right to hold meetings in a secure manner.

Mr. Almqvist managed to break through the door after a while and is now on the way to the meeting in Malmö. The police have been notified.

If I receive any further reports about this incident, I’ll post them.

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15 thoughts on “Blackshirts Strike Again in Sweden

  1. I believe that people – average Europeans – will only be aware of the danger Antifa poses when they start killing people in the streets. Let’s wait five, eight years…

  2. Afonso,

    I believe that people – average Europeans – will only be aware of the danger Antifa poses when they start killing people in the streets.

    Only a minority. The majority will blame their violence on the “fascists”.

    Watch again the interview with Yuri Bezmenov (defector and former KGB agent).

    As summarized so well by Laine: Bezmenov “explained particularly well the impermeability of the properly demoralised to documented facts. You cannot deprogram them.”

  3. I find the situation in Sweden highly depressing. I’ve been all over the country and even sub-let an apartment in Stockholm for a while (55 Katarina Bangata – not sure how I remember that after all these years). But, the last time I was there was in 1983. Seriously, I don’t remember seeing a single Muslim back then, but old friends tell me I wouldn’t even recognize some areas of Malmo now, much less would I feel safe there. I find this incredible, as I always felt safe wherever I was in Sweden back then.

    It’s beyond sad, it’s a tragedy, and those to blame should be held accountable.

  4. Conservative Swede: As summarized so well by Laine: Bezmenov “explained particularly well the impermeability of the properly demoralised to documented facts. You cannot deprogram them.”

    You neglect to mention the eventual fate that Bezmenov consigns these useful idiots to. As “true believers” in the scientifically planned worker’s paradise, they will be among the most resistant to totalitarianism’s final stages of inevitible corruption and, therefore, some of the very first to be liquidated.

  5. Just to set things straight Ladies and Gentlemen, There are a few more parties and organisations in Sweden opposing massiv uncontrolled immigration, one is Nationaldemokraterna (national democrats) they are not the same as any of the nationalsocialist parties in Sweden. There are at least half a dozen other nationalist parties and organizations in the country.

  6. Conservative Swede,

    I don’t think so. In Italy it apears that many “average Europeans” got away from the “left is always good” dogma; And I think all across Europe, “the average person” know they cannot go to no go zones due to immigrants even if they don’t admit it.

    I think we Europeans are the more hypocritals. We know one tenth of what is happening; we don’t like it and as such we don’t admit it and refuse to dig deeper than the one tenth we know.
    And that because of Bezmenov’s KGB tactics.

    Anyway, the average person KNOWS something and thus avoid it. So I think if they start to kill, people will consider them a threat. Or at least, I hope so…

    …. wil know, even if they don’t admit it and will thus “avoid” it.

  7. Conservative Swede: Wow! You start sounding like Erich.

    Ooooookay so, by citing Bezmenov, I “start sounding like Erich.” I can only suppose that Erich must be blushing right about now.

  8. These Antifa or Antifa-like thugs seem to be very young and brainwashed. But the ones behind them deserve death sentence and public executions, that’s for sure.

  9. “the eventual fate that Bezmenov consigns these useful idiots to… some of the very first to be liquidated”.

    I have to say it will be cold comfort indeed to see the left wingers who brought totalitarianism on us executed a day or two before we draw our own last breath.

    They will have the comfort of their ignorance until their last suprised wide-eyed moment whereas we will be tortured for years by our foreknowledge of what’s coming.

    One has to hope for a heaven (and hell) to give everyone their just desserts.

  10. Laine, the reason so many places are haunted or spirits stays behind is often, if not always because these people are unsure if they will go to heaven and/or fear they are destined to hell, thus choosing to stay behind instead as restless spirits. However, this also means they can cause trouble far beyond their natural lifspan although mostly they are limited but not always to appear on place they where assosciated with when they were alive.

  11. Check out the 2006 Rough Guide to Sweden. Its hilarious. According to the right on travel writers in the crime and safety section, you only need to watch out for right wing neo nazi types and you’ll probably be ok if you’re not dark skinned. The centre of Malmo is very pleasant and the ethnic areas are very colourful, you’ll be glad to hear. And the Lonely Planet introduction to Denmark talks about Denmark being the villain in the muslim world during the cartoon riots, and that the big elephant in the room is Danish racism against immigrants. Nothing about Norrebro or any of that.

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