A Waycist is a Multiculturalist Who’s Been Mugged

A TV personality in the Netherlands refers to Moroccan youths as “scum”. He realizes what’s happening to him, but he can’t help it, he can’t stop himself from becoming…

GASP! Right-wing!

So he must be a waycist, right?

No, wait; he’s a black man — he can’t be! But he must be! He called the youths “scum”! He… Help!! [head explodes]

Here’s the report from NIS:

Black TV Presenter Prefers “White Racists to Moroccan Scum”

THE HAGUE, 07/11/08 — TV presenter Prem Radhakishun, himself black and a strong advocate of multiculturalism, now feels safer in the proximity of white racists than among Moroccan teenagers. In an interview on Radio 1 yesterday, he expressed his frustration in a tirade.

On his TV programme Premtime, produced by public broadcaster NPS, Radhakishun has tried for some years to give a realistic picture of the problems of the multicultural society. He regularly visits old city districts for street interviews. Radhakishun, a Hindu originally from Surinam, has always defended the position of Moroccan youngsters and sees it as his task to get rid of stigmatisation and prejudice.

– – – – – – – –

But in a tirade on Radio 1, Radhakishun said yesterday he has become “sick to death” of “all these Moroccan m*therf*ckers” that he says push him around. “Today I feel a lot safer among white Lonsdale racists” than among Moroccan teenagers. “I may snap soon (…) but if I bash that scum back I will be tried as a racist in a show trial,” he fumed.

Radhakishun was explaining that this week, he was threatened by Moroccan teenagers for the umpteenth time, after shooting for Premtime in The Hague. “I was forced to run away” from a group of ‘opportunity youngsters’, as they are often called in policy papers, “to avoid being completely beaten up. Even though I have stood up for them for years.”

Earlier, a young kid injured Radhakishun by throwing a full can of cola at him but Radhakishun continued the broadcast with a bleeding head. “Why is the government not doing anything? Damn it, I am simply becoming rightwing from this! And politicians just ask themselves where that ‘feeling of uneasiness’ comes from. This is much more important than the election of President Obama,” according to the avowed Obama devotee.

By the way — don’t you like the term “opportunity youngsters” as a euphemism for muggers and street punks?

Hat tip: TB.

27 thoughts on “A Waycist is a Multiculturalist Who’s Been Mugged

  1. ” “I may snap soon (…) but if I bash that scum back I will be tried as a racist in a show trial,” he fumed.”

    He too now knows the aching sadness of dispossession.

  2. “Opportunity Youngsters?”
    Aristotle would be proud.
    Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.

    Of course, we can’t discuss which ‘opportunities’ these youngsters are seeking.

  3. “Even though I have stood up for them for years.””

    So its finally dawned on him he has been standing up for the wrong people all along. It is funny that he thinks because he has stood up for the Morrocan youth, they should stand up for him…..ooops, a cola to the head.

  4. It’s about behaviour, which this reporter has not lost track of. Multiply this kind of sh** by a few million events per year in the “best” cities of the West and folks might start to wake up– like he did. It will take a long series of “interventions” to steer the ship back on course.

  5. He’ll just be labeled a coconut and made a pariah.

    BTW, I don’t doubt the report, but another source would make it harder for nay-sayers to dismiss it.

    (sorry for the “test” – meant to click on “preview”)

  6. If we whites are so “racist” then why is it that every other race in the world is literally dying to live with us? In reality they no the oppositve — that we are more tolerant than all other races because we are willing to give our countries — and a lot of our money — away to any Tom Dick or Abdullah who asks.

  7. queen- a good point. It seems they want what they have not been able to generate for themselves: progress, security, innovation, wealth and peace on even a local basis. They are probably more indifferent rather than racist, but the effect is the same: they care not for either us or our society *together*, they only want the goods and high degree of organization they cannot achieve for themselves.

  8. To the dear lady that is 70 years old and was robbed; I am so sorry.
    I must ask, where are the children of these people?
    If my parent were under this type of attack I would organize a vigil to ward off the Moroccans and anyone else that wanted to hurt my parent.
    My parents are now gone but, I fought for them tooth and nail. I actually fired two of my mother’s doctors, arrogant SOB’s that didn’t have a clue what her suffering was.
    I think this gets at the nub of the problem. Those in Sweeden have been brainwashed to believe that the gov’t will take care of their Moms and Dads. That will NEVER be the case. No system has yet been devised to replace the family fully. Try as we might, the gov’t will never replace the love that we give our family members. We can only be brainwashed out of it.
    Lest anyone think I believe this to be a totally European problem, I do not. Although, letting over ten thousand elderly die due to lack of air conditioning in France certainly takes the cake, all western societies have made inroads in our family structure.
    One must either believe that they owe an obligation to their elderly or, let the wolves take them.
    Me, I would commit murder rather than see my mother mistreated. (I almost did while she was dying.)

  9. “Radhakishun…..has always defended the position of Moroccan youngsters…..”

    So, hey, genius, you were expecting what? GRATITUDE?? From MAHOMETAN THUGS???

    “…..but if I bash that scum back I will be tried as a racist in a show trial…..”

    Well, congratulations, Sherlock,
    you finally figured it out. Now that it is too late.

    “…..but if I bash that scum back I will be tried as a racist in a show trial…..”

    Or subject to a death fatwa and shot or stabbed or bombed by some of the Prophet’s THUGS.

  10. Just an unrelated thought…
    Why call him the prophet Mohamed. We are under no obligation to call him a prophet. I tend to call him the warlord Mohamed as that in fact is what he was both in secular history and in Koran for that matter. Why buy into that belief set at all?
    As an agnostic im skeptical of prophets altogether but that one? He was the wor lord Mohamed or perhaps alternatively, the pedophile mohamed. Do you see Muslims referring to the Lord and savior Jesus?

  11. I look forward to the term “self-loathing minority victim” to come into the leftist lexicon as more minorities of the infidel persuasion realize it’s really not about color.

  12. Pakistanis call Mr Zardari Mr 10% (the playboy-widower of Benazir Bhutto) based on the allegeed amount of bribes he took or takes.

    Using this muslim inspiration I call mohammed Mr 20% – it is highly quaranic!, from every booty he got 20%. It was probably next to impossible to turn such a guy into a peacemaker. Then he invented jizya. The problem was half way “solved”: regular booty in an awful peace time.

  13. I have no sympathy whatsoever, in fact I hope the cola can split his head wide open, wide enough for some reason to enter his white-hating head.

    He has to qualify his statement by showing his true colours “I feel more comfortable around white racists”, he just had to get in an anti-white remark conforming to the marxist stereotype.

    But can he show examples that compare to anything like what Moros are doing to the Netherlands and the Dutch people?

    I wonder when (if) is he going to be arrested, and denounced as a “racist” or an “islamophobe” in the Dutch parliament like Geert Wilders and Ayaan Hrsi Ali? When will the Police come knocking at his door to arrest him and search his home? Will he now be forced to have 24 hour Police protection so he doesn’t face the same fate as Theo Van Gogh or will he be forced to leave the Netherlands?

    Maybe such persecutions only happen to politicians and cartoonists who speak the painful truth about Islam, a truth the marxist traitors would rather not hear.

  14. defiant lion,
    I know you mean “Moroccan” when you say “Moros,” but for the sake of accuracy, please use the correct terms.
    This from someone who lived in the Philippines for two years, and is very familiar with the muslim Moros of the southern island of Mindanao.
    They make the Moroccans look like altar boys.
    As for the cola epiphany this guy received, at least he didn’t utter the “what did I do to make them angry” nonsense. Now, if only others can learn from his experience.

  15. Vlad,

    You are, of course, entirely correct. The “prophet” Mahomet was a “prophet” in the same sense as the lunatic Jim Jones with his cool-aid drinking followers in Guyana. Jones however, was just an amateur wannabe. The moment some congressman showed up Jones had his THUGS start shooting and that was the end of his “prophet”-hood.

    You had suggested “the warlord Mohammed” and “the pedophile Mohammed.” Following the same pattern, let me suggest “the bandit chieftan Mohammed,” “the robber baron Mohammed,” “the totalitarian despot Mohammed,” “the ultra-violent thug-cult founder Mohammed,” etc.

    Anyone else care to try? We are open to suggestions!

  16. Graham and Fjordman : Fair enough. Apologies to Baron

    A few days ago a lone 15 year old English boy was almost kicked to death by a gang of “Asian looking” teenagers. He is currently in a medically induced coma.

    This Prem Radhakishun has, up til recently, spent his whole carreer acting as cheerleader for the filth who did this, on the assumption that he, his family, and his people would avoid the violence, and it would be primarily the poor white underclass who suffer.

    That’s why.

  17. I have no sympathy for this dude either, just like I have little sympathy for gays who find themselves on the receiving end of the multi-cult. They were happy to throw in with the anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-white multi-cult when it suited them, and they only started to complain when it turned against them. Ditto white feminists like Hillary Clinton complaining when the race card is thrown at her by Barack Obama. Let them rot in the bed they made for themselves with their own hands.

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