French “Youths” Have Hunting Rifles

Apparently gun control in France is not as effective as one might have hoped:

French policeman shot in clashes

A French police officer has been shot and wounded during clashes with youths that broke out after a teenager died while fleeing police.

The officer appeared to have been shot in the leg with a hunting rifle, said the police prefecture in Romans-sur-Isere, a southeastern town located 60 miles from Lyon in the Rhone Valley on the edge of the Alps. The officer’s life was not in danger.

Dents from bullets and buckshot were also found in police vehicles nearby.

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10 thoughts on “French “Youths” Have Hunting Rifles

  1. Euro-dhimmies ain’t seen nothing yet. Since Willie Clitman bombed the Christian Serbs and enabled the Mujaheddin to establish 3 brandnew jihad & heroin republics right smack in the middle of Eurabia there is no way of keeping weapons out.

    And I mean ALL kinds of weapons. Theirs will be a rude awakening!

  2. It is not the first time that French immigrant youth fire at the police. A couple of years ago, Le Havre’s townhall had to equip the local police force with bullet-proof vests after law enforcement officers were shot at with live bullets. What I think here is new is the fact that a policeman has been actually wound by immigrant fire in a French riot. This is the sign of an escalation going on in France, which of course should not surprise anyone who has been following French news in the past years.

    What, however, is not a new development, is French immigrant youth possessing firearms: France is a country choke-full of weapons, and it is not difficult to obtain a firearm legally over there, so I guess it is not much more difficult to obtain one illegally. What is new is the readiness to kill or try to kill law enforcement officers in France. A sense of strength and impunity is apparently building up within French immigrant communities just like in other EU countries.

  3. Just a precision: when I wrote that the readiness to try to kill police is new, I didn’t mean to say that it happened for the first time. French police have been ambushed and grievously injured before but not using firearms. I hear for the fist time that immigrant youth have seriously injured a policeman using a firearm.

  4. The police do nothing in the face of mass arson and vandalism, so I’m not surprised Muslims have concluded that the police will surrender if they up the ante. For all the talk of the French being prone to surrender, they must have been made of sterner stuff at one time, because Napoleon couldn’t have marched about conquering Europe otherwise.

  5. Christian solider: no, France does not have a second amendment type of law in its constitution, but laws make it generally easy to legally acquire firearms in France even though it is much more difficult to obtain a carry conceal permit in France than it is in the US. Misconceptions are widespread regarding French laws pertaining to the ownership of firearms, so I thought I might clarify a thing or two on that topic.

  6. Saw this earlier this morning . . .it’s dated (’97) but a timely refresher:

    Islam in France: The French Way of Life Is in Danger

    In fact, as many sociologists — including Muslim ones — acknowledge, an almost symbiotic relationship exists in the ghettoes between the underclass way of life and ethnic/religious separatism. Conservative Muslims see the ghettoes as a way to benefit from immigrating to France without having to assimilate into French society. Some level of violence has the advantage of ensuring separation from the outside world and can be used as a bargaining tool with the authorities to get more de facto autonomy — meaning that Muslim enclaves are ruled only by Muslims according to Islamic law and mores — as well as to obtain more funding. It also serves as a social control tool against liberal-minded Muslim individuals, for conservative Muslim leaders can easier exert pressure on liberal-minded Muslims — for instance to compel females to don the veil — within the context of the ghettos’ violence.

  7. Sheik,

    I knew that back in 1999. I and my family and associates did everything we could to warn everybody not to let that happen. Nobody listened.

    Tom Fleming warns that saying “I told you so” is a temptation to the sin of pride. Maybe for some. For me, I fear that it is a temptation to an even more dangerous sin, that of despair.

  8. sheik wrote: “…establish 3 brandnew jihad & heroin republics right smack in the middle of Eurabia there is no way of keeping the weapons out.”

    Remember that Bill Clinton was described as being “obsessed” with his LEGACY. Well, there it is!

    He was also obsessed with disarming law abiding Americans.

    Well, life is full of ironies now, isn’t it. And as usual, WE will pay for the stupidity and treason of our political class.

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