Fjordman: The Anti-Racist Witch-Hunts

Fjordman’s latest essay has been posted at The Brussels Journal. Below are some excerpts:

Two ambulance drivers in Oslo, both of them white native Norwegians, were in August 2007 involved in what became a massively hyped case supposedly involving “white racism.” The ambulance had arrived to pick up an African man who was injured. As ambulance driver Erik Schjenken months later explained, the man “pulled down his pants and urinated on my colleague’s leg. My colleague was surprised, pulled away and called him a pig. That’s when we viewed the man as a problem, and decided it was best if the police took him to the clinic.” Ali Farah, the Somalian man in question, had more severe head injuries than the drivers assumed at that point. “We made a mistake, because we interpreted his urination as willful and a provocation, but NOT because we had racist or discriminatory motives,” Schjenken wrote.

Based on weak suspicions of “racism,” the mass media, leading intellectuals and politicians launched what can only be described as a witch-hunt against the two ambulance drivers. “This would never happen to a white man,” said the prominent Norwegian-Pakistani lawyer Abid Q. Raja, representing Farah and his family. Author Anne Holt, who once served as Minister of Justice for the Labor Party, wrote an essay in newspaper Aftenposten which in my view amounted to a verbal execution of the drivers. Both of them were suspended from service and became the target of widespread, negative media coverage. They were later cleared after an investigation of the incident by the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision. However, the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud, or the Multicultural Inquisition as I like to call it, ruled that Farah was a victim of discrimination and that the ambulance personnel broke the anti-discrimination laws. As noted before, the anti-discrimination law states that natives are guilty of “discrimination” almost as soon as they are suspected of it.

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It should be mentioned here that this African man was injured in the first place because he was beaten by another African man, from Ghana. In Norway, a country straddling the Arctic Circle and with no colonial history, one African man beats another African man, and the result is that the white ambulance drivers, who have dedicated their lives to helping other people, become the targets of a lynch mob led by the country’s media. Driver Erik Schjenken needed professional help as he was brought to the brink of suicide.

According to Hans Rustad from the major blog, the ideology of anti-racism in some cases resembles what we have seen from Communists regimes. The term “racist” is similar to being called a “class traitor” under Communism. The mere accusation is powerful enough to destroy lives. Rustad fears that anti-racism in some cases leads to lawlessness. Ambulance driver Schjenken was a well-regarded employee who had performed thousands of calls and saved many lives, yet because of one error of judgment, which in my view was understandable given the situation, his life was ruined. All because he had a politically incorrect skin color while the other person was non-white.

Needless to say, Fjordman’s post resonates with what has been going on here (and at many other sites) lately.

I have just one thing to say to Mr. Fjordperson:


10 thoughts on “Fjordman: The Anti-Racist Witch-Hunts

  1. In what part of the world is it considered acceptable behavior to pull down one’s pants and urinate on the leg of a complete stranger who is trying to render assistance?

    I’m totally baffled by this.

  2. 1389,

    Remember the Hurricane Katrina incident where people fired gun shots at the helicopter coming to rescue them?

    Try baffling that one.

  3. The definition of racism keeps getting defined down by the melanin rich and their liberal white enablers.

    Now a white person is a racist if he does not accept being urinated on by a black man?

  4. Apparently so. It seems the Scandinavian countries are the European forerunners in these affairs, just as they are acting a bit earlier than everybody else in every other manner (Denmark being the early champion against islamization, Sweden and Norway being the early champions of fully embracing it).

  5. Laine,

    You seem to have forgotten. A white man(if not being gay) is by definition a racist(or any other -ist, you choose) merely by existing according to the oh so PC people.

    And if a white man does not accept willingly to be mistreated by a person with greater levels of melanin in the skin he is, if possible, everything even worse.

    I guess we might as well just lay down and die. That seems to be the only way we can satisfy the righteous. But I guess even then we would conduct a racist action by not supporting the hatemongerers by paying our taxes.

  6. 1389

    People with head injuries do strange things. That is actually well known to most people in the medical field. This makes me think two things. Either there was something in this guys behavior that led them to believe that he was coherent and just an ass. Or that they really just bungled this one. Either way the race claim is pure BS.

  7. Skalman: A white man (if not being gay) is by definition a racist (or any other -ist, you choose) merely by existing according to the oh so PC people.

    The de facto racism of all white people relies upon one of the Left’s biggest of the Big Lies: The Zero Sum Equation. Plainly put, a Zero Sum view mandates that one person’s success is invariably due to another’s loss.

    Incapable of actually creating wealth themselves, anti-capitalist Liberals label all forms of financial success as one or another form of robbery. The prevalent notion being that all First World wealth is solely derived from stealing resources from and underpaying workers in the Third World.

    Perish the thought that the West paid some $700 Billion dollars for all that oil it is “stealing” from the Middle East over the past year. Don’t even think about what unmitigated hell holes most Third World countries would be without the boons of modern medicine, utility grids or mass transportation. All of which are exclusively First World inventions.

    It is now verboten to note how white Christian culture played an overwhelmingly predominant role in building a modern civilization that encourages innovation, prosperity and personal freedoms in ways previously unknown to much of this entire world.

    For Leftists, the fact that a typical educated white person somehow manages to navigate this culture of opportunity and technology far better than some backwater melanin rich hunter-gatherer is so profoundly offensive that their only response is to demand the destruction of Western Culture in attonement for its non-existent Zero Sum crimes against the Third World.

    None of this even addresses how so many of these nihilist Liberals would never have obtained sufficient world-view to demand this phyrric pennance of all white people were it not for schooling provided by that selfsame white Christian culture.

    Please note how the everyday garden variety of Liberal socialist can only redistribute other peoples’ wealth and never actually create any of it themselves. Remove the Zero Sum equation from all of their arguments and watch their philosophical house-of-cards come tumbling down.

  8. spackle: People with head injuries do strange things.

    Like, suddenly developing a French accent.

    (Which goes a long way towards explaining French politics and culture in general. But we’ll leave that as grist for another discussion.)

  9. Come one, come all; I’m white and have two legs to be p*ssed on, front and back, up and down. Go ahead, it’s all good… need to fear a smack upside the head – it is my privilege to be pissed upon by people of all races, except for whites, you will get a smack upside the head.

  10. When people are injured, they p*ss their pants, just like a person who is unconscious may lose their bowels, but they don’t pull down their pants and p*ss on the nearest leg.

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