Dutch Mayors Dial 911

The Dutch can no longer count on civil order, effective law enforcement, or any support from their government when facing increasing violence and lawlessness.

But when Dutch mayors are threatened, they have a hotline they can call and get counseling. According to NIS News:

Confidential Phone Line for Threatened Mayors

THE HAGUE, 04/10/08 — Home Affairs Minister Guusje ter Horst is setting up a telephone help-line for mayors who face aggression and violence.

No less than 60 percent of mayors in the Netherlands face aggression and violence, according to Ter Horst. From next year, they can phone a confidential line for advice. The information line will also be open to aldermen.

The minister has agreed the initiative with the Netherlands Society of Mayors. The agreement is part of a package of measures to combat aggression and violence against mayors.

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Ter Horst has also promised to chart aggression and violence against mayors further. In the government training programme for mayors — they are appointed, not elected — specific attention will also in future be paid to how to deal with aggression.

Meanwhile, a judge in Amsterdam has imposed a fine of 500 euros on a 56 year old man from Gorinchem for insulting and threatening Mayor Job Cohen of Amsterdam. The man wrote Cohen letters last June, swearing at him and threatening him in a gross manner. The man did not appear at the session. If he does not pay the fine, he has to go to jail for 10 days.

So let me see if I’ve got this straight: if you’re a Dutch citizen and get mugged by a couple of yobs, the perps will probably get off with probation — if that.

If, in your outrage, you insult the mayor, then you have pay a fine and to go to jail.

What’s the Dutch for “Brave New World”?

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7 thoughts on “Dutch Mayors Dial 911

  1. If local residents in the Netherlands (maybe the most undemocratic country in Western Europe) would be able to elect their Mayor, the security situation in many cities might be completely different. Elected mayors would feel the urge to implement a ‘zero tolance’ approach towards the scum of the nation, and listen to their constituency, instead of calling big red mommy on a pink baby-phone.

    But the Dutch are denied that democratic right and get coward multiculti career-whimps appointed instead.

    This is because the baby-phone Minister Ter Horst (guess what: a Socialist) destroyed the –finally by the majorty of parliament accepted– “Free election of mayors”-bill, as soon as she had the power to do so.

  2. Is it known how much of that violence is comming from followers of the ‘religion of peace’?

    I would expect a high percentage, but you know what assuming can do.

  3. Wel, joe six-pack, I highly doubt that. In Holland, mayor is not a job for people who have proven their worth or convinced the local population about their cabapilities. It is a job for friends of the current establishment to ensure their hold on the local regions.

    Because of this, most of the mayors are appeassers and deny the problems of their own population in order to keep up appearances.

    It is more likely that the man who threatened Job Cohen who, despite his Jewish name is a dhimmi and traitor of the worst kind, who has only the interest of his self and his party, PvdA, in mind. This party is one of the, if not the biggest, cause of our ‘multicultural’ problems.

  4. At least the Dutch will have that comforting feeling that their Dear Leaders have someone to talk to in the midst of rising crime.

    What ever happened to ‘Tough on crime’ in the first place? Too politically incorrect for the elite?

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