Coups and Dominos

A reader on Western Australia who goes by the pseudonym “The Pundit” sends the following thoughtful essay about the dire events that lie ahead for Europe, and what he believes might be the continent’s only hope.

Coups and Dominos
by The Pundit

There is much speculation and quite a degree of anecdotal evidence that in the late ’60s and early ’70s, Britain’s security services had made serious plans for a coup against the then Labour Government of Harold Wilson. This was in response to the growing influence and militancy of the left and the imploding British economy.

Three years prior in 1973, my father was a journalist travelling to London for a routine assignment. On the train there he met a group of army officers with whom he became quite well-acquainted — my father was at that time, a staunch conservative and worried, like many people were then, that Britain was heading towards disaster with militant trade unionism and socialist influence rampant.

During his conversations with the army officers they impressed-upon him — in no uncertain terms — that major social and political upheaval was imminent in Britain and to “be prepared” for drastic events. Without stating explicitly that a coup was planned, the army officers made it very clear that the purpose of their travel was to initiate action that would put a stop to Britain’s slide into anarchy.

For reasons that will probably never be known, a coup did not take place then, nor since — and Britain eventually moved into the era of Thatcherist economics and nationalism. Whether those forces behind a potential coup were able to exert sufficient influence for change on the Government of the day is also unlikely ever to be known. It is known however, that Wilson resigned from office in March 1976 with 3 years remaining as head of the government.

The point of the above story will probably already have been made on readers with a grip on what is occurring in Europe and to some extent — in the rest of the Western world: the role that security and defence forces can and must play in the rapidly escalating clash of civilisations.
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It’s quite probably too late to anticipate that the Islamisation of the West is going to be stopped, or reversed, by the democratic political process; There are few political parties with the will to confront the threat of Islam and even fewer politicians with the attributes of statesmanship, vision and morality required to initiate such a confrontation. Years of leftist social engineering and deconstructionism have left many ordinary citizens without the ability to think rationally or reason critically, and most of us are powerless to effect change at the grassroots level, disarmed and bereft of the spirit to fight for one’s personal and communal survival. The solution to our predicament no longer lies with the common man, but with those who still retain the power to act, and who have a knowledge of the enemy so strenuously denied to the rest of us — the military and security services.

The New Domino Effect?

It is unclear if the ‘Domino Effect’ of spreading communism would ever have played out fully without the intervention of the US in various conflicts, but what is clear to this writer is that the theory is proven in respect of Islamism. Whether by sword or demographics, Islam is surely spreading. In Africa the sword or — more precisely — the threat of the sword, would appear to be the primary tool of Islam’s imperial ambitions, whilst in Europe and elsewhere, demographics (for now) are proving very effective. Westerners — denied the physical means of protection, hamstrung by a United Nations controlled by Muslim puppet masters and blindfolded by asinine politicians and the leftist media establishment — need a Domino Effect of their own to alter the status-quo. That Domino Effect can, most assuredly, commence in any European country once the touch-paper provided by Islamic imperialism is properly lit. That time is very, very soon and the first domino to fall must do so as a result of a coup d’état.

Although Europe’s defence forces have suffered greatly as a result of meddling by the Left, in any European country they still represent the single most powerful force for change beyond an otherwise subjugated population. This writer believes that the constitutional impetus exists for most European militaries to legitimately remove aberrant governments and protect nations from the Islamic threat. To do so would not require significant military involvement and would most likely be bloodless (at least in the early stages) — assisted by a newly-emancipated indigenous population, who could provide logistical, administrative and even militia support if necessary. I further believe there still remains a silent majority in Europe who would welcome and support an action that could guarantee cultural and physical survival.

It would take just one country to start the dominos falling, preferably a country with sufficient capital armament — nuclear or advanced conventional weapons — to underscore the next phase of action: the proscription of Islam and the control and/or repatriation of Muslims. It seems entirely feasible to me that Britain, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Sweden — any country significantly impacted by Islamic hegemony — could fall in a chain reaction, or be the first to go. My instinct tells me that the country most likely to go first will be where this essay commenced — Britain.

A Changed Western World

There will obviously be a considerable impact on Europe when the Arabs turn off the oil spigot — as in WWII, people will have to adjust in times of major conflict. There are potential solutions for this; particularly in a newly-emboldened Europe where the message of “we’re not going to take this anymore” has been broadcast by the action of rolling coups. One solution seems almost automatic — how long could Arab oil producers last without their largest client base? Perhaps Russia may feel more inclined to deal with Europe? Perhaps the US — if not already the last domino to fall in the chain — might look at exploiting its massive strategic reserves to serve a new world order?

The Will To Act

I have no doubt that today, there are some senior officers in Europe’s defence forces who hypothesise on the viability of a coup. There will be a lot of intangible aspects to those hypotheses; I would suggest the most significant would lie in the timing of a coup and the readiness of a population to embrace such monumental change.

In respect to timing — too early might alienate a population still clinging to the notion that change can be effected by the democratic process and that somehow, a politician or political party will emerge with the Herculean ability to turn back the tide. If too late, then the factor of a much-increased Muslim population and the emergence of a ‘dumbed-down’, lazy and politically-blinkered younger generation would make the task very difficult.

The readiness of a population to accept a coup is evidently relative to the timing. But what factors determine that readiness? One obvious factor — God forbid — would be the commission of an atrocity on such a scale as to dwarf 9/11. A nuclear or bio-terrorist attack will assuredly shake a population’s sense of security to the foundations — and lead to a massive shift in public sentiment towards properly identifying Muslims as the fifth-column they truly are. But logically speaking, major players in the organised Jihad will know that such an attack, while the Ummah is still relatively weak, would seriously impede their chances of establishing a caliphate in Europe. Unless an attack on a grand scale were somehow to be perpetrated by a non-aligned or independent jihadi element, then this scenario is unlikely to emerge as the ‘priming’ of the people’s readiness for a coup.

So what then will prime the people? I believe to some degree the population’s readiness is being primed now. Quisling politicians deliver one slap in the face after another to the Muslims’ indigenous hosts: Social welfare and national health systems are buckling under the tremendous weight of unchecked immigration; public housing is becoming for the demanding rather than the deserving; ghettos and no-go zones emerge in major towns and cities; police forces ‘look the other way’ when it comes to the criminality of (particularly) Muslims. A great many indigenous people are already seething mad with this continued affront. The seeds of readiness are definitely there and beginning to germinate. What then will signal to defence forces that the time is right and the people ready?

From Little Acorns

It is this writer’s belief that agitation is the key to making a coup and the potential Domino Effect a reality. This would not be possible through the MSM or at least a large proportion of it — agitation would have to occur through other means.

The internet has its place in this but it is really just too ethereal and incongruent to represent a concrete base for demonstrating our readiness. It is an ideal place however, to disseminate the concept that a coup might represent the only solution to the deadly threat of Islamic imperialism. The agitation required needs to be on the ground and aimed at people who count. How that might be achieved I don’t have all the answers for — different countries have different political demographics. Influencing right-wing politicians who may have connections (and sympathies) in security and military organisations might be one; ongoing street demonstrations calling for a coup might be another. Targeted mail-outs and even advertising in some of the remaining conservative newspapers present other options.

Many reading this can be forgiven for thinking these ideas are just too ‘pie-in-the-sky’ to ever have an effect. But the point is that this is about getting the reality into people’s minds that there is absolutely no alternative. Even if tomorrow, an ultra-right wing government came into power in any given European country and declared that Islam was illegal and Muslims to be controlled — who would enforce that? Of course it could only be the security and defence services.

For an anti-Islamic coup to have any chance of succeeding in a Western nation, it would require the will of the people to want it, and to support it. I believe that will is already there, but needs to be demonstrated in a more realistic fashion than letters to the editor, comments on blogs, or in the membership of extreme political parties that have no hope of achieving government.

I wrote earlier of ‘constitutional impetus’. The constitutions of many nations specifically address treasonous and seditious acts, and other activities that harm the fabric of state. Is it not too much to suggest that Muslims and the political enablers of their ‘religion’ in our lands are not in flagrant violation of constitutional edicts? Is it not too much to suggest that Islam by its very nature, places itself above and in direct confrontation with those constitutions? Is it not too much to suggest that our constitutional protections must be invoked now?

It would seem that the doomsday clock stands at 11:59pm. The time is nigh to stop that clock and turn back the hands. We did it at a time that is still within the living memory of some of those who stood with Winston Churchill against the Nazis. That could not have happened without the will of the people to resist and the determination of military men to fight. We are now beholden to those who came before us, and those who might come after, to stand firm again.

A coup d’état is our only salvation…

15 thoughts on “Coups and Dominos

  1. hmm, a man after my own heart. not sure that the UK is close to being ripe for this sort of thing, but i would be very surprised if developments of this nature are not lurking in the not-too-distant futures of some european countries. makes me wish i’d joined the army.

    anyway, this all requires a bit of extended rumination, so i will say no more for now.

  2. I completely agree regarding the need for agitation and laid out a planhere I believe this “game” could work effectively to sow the needed discord amongst the Muslims.

    As for your statement, “There will obviously be a considerable impact on Europe when the Arabs turn off the oil spigot” what is needed is for European Conservatives to assist US Conservatives in defeating the eco-Marxists who continue to deny the US access to our own, vast oil reserves. Estimates of US reserves far exceed those of Saudi Arabia and much of the M.E. combined. Our OCS estimates approach 30 billion bbls while our shale resources are in the neighborhood of 1-2 TRILLION bbls. In addition to these natural riches we have more coal than any other country on earth and converting just the coal from the state of Illinois to liquid fuel will provide more fuel than Saudi Arabia has left in the ground. What we have in oil wealth we lack in political will. The eco-Marxists are largely made up of upper middle class people with jobs in the big cities any of whom use public transportation and thus are immune to the rapidly increasing cost of energy. They therefore have the funds to contribute heavily to organizations such as Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, PETA, Friends of the Earth, et al who are full time agitators and have huge staffs of lawyers to prevent or seriously delay any energy development they disapprove of. They also have bought into man-made climate change as their new religion and don’t give a damn about global politics and how oil rich nations use oil as a weapon against the West.
    We can easily break the back of the entire M.E. and the Islamists if only we used our own oil. We could be the nation that sets the price and could easily bankrupt the Saudis et al and provide Europe with all they needed.
    If for no other reason than energy I want John McCain to win this Nov. If we elect Obama then we will have a very very hard next four years.

  3. This article is very interesting. It is so obvious that Muslims are trying to not commence any major attacks in Europe or North America; they are waiting until they are ready, and waiting they are good at. If there were any plans put into motion as in a coup and Muslims did get wind of it, they may readjust the timing of their plans and attack. This could be helpful to some extent because the people would be at the height of their anger and there may be little apprehensiveness to assist the military forces.

    What a state we’ve have got ourselves into. European people must be at their breaking point; they just need someone to lead them.

  4. Yes, it was understood that the barbarians were within the gates in Harold Wilson’s government. MI5 and CIA had a good relationship and understanding of the problem, but MI5 and its allies would not go ahead with a coup without the blessing of the United States, which after careful consideration was not given.
    On another note, this from Tocqueville–
    The evil which one suffers patiently as inevitable seems unsupportable as soon as one conceives the idea of escape from it.

  5. “The evil which one suffers patiently as inevitable seems unsupportable as soon as one conceives the idea of escape from it.”
    Many thanks to Pundit for outlining a solution that makes ones own gloomy meditations
    on the matter look not quite mentally deranged. The tiny fluttering flame of hope is already burning steadier.

  6. A coup d’état is our only salvation…

    Why do we keep looking for solutions only in terms of force and governmental power? Isn’t there something terribly wrong with us and our culture if we can’t survive as a people in democratic first-world countries, which still respect human rights to some degree and for to live in millions of people in the third envy us?

    A long time ago GoV commenter Queen pointed out that if native Europeans had more children, that would not only help them to survive as a people, but also make them more able to exert pressure on the government. He was right, why don’t we have more children? Today we are in the process of dying out, therefore our politicians pander to other groups in order to win votes. Obviously it is in our interest as an ethnic group to have more children, why don’t we have more then? Our governments already support large families financially, but very few of us make use of it. Can’t we get anything done without government force?

  7. @ Charlemage: The mechanism you describe in your ‘hypothetical’ plan (that you link to) is exactly what I was thinking of after reading The Pundit’s brilliant article here.

  8. A coup d’état is our only salvation…

    You can’t do that without public support for it. That support doesn’t exist.

    Anyway, with the inept way our political ‘leaders’ are handling the financial crisis, the whole elite simply may get washed away within a few years time. Those who wished to get rid of have a much better chance than I imagined even a year ago.

  9. Concerning a coup no thank you and I certainly don’t want the Army in charge. Every time this has happened they bugger things up. They must be on tap and not on top to use a phrase of Churchills. Think about a few examples of a military coup and you will see what I mean, Gahdaffi Pinoche Galteari, the Greek generals. What about Tojo and the military men that controlled Japan during the thirties, it doesn’t stand thinking about? Wilson certainly was subject to a hell of a lot of rumors and he had a lot to complain about,More sinned against than sinner, MI5 was and always have been anti-labor you only have to read Peter Wright’s Spy catcher or any of Chapman Pincher’s books. If you want anymore proof check out the forged Zinoviev letter from the 1920’s that brought down the first labor Government. There were certainly some interesting characters in the labor party at that time check out Tom Driberg, the the biggest threat to Britain was not the miners union of any of the other left wing unions it was the Cambridge Union, remember that lot of traitor, I do, Blunt, Kim Philby, Burgess and Maclean. I am certain Wilson was aware of the plot to topple the the labor government of the day and put Mountbatten at the head of a provisional government George Wigg his security adviser would have certainly have kept him informed but to think he was a traitor that does take the biscuit, and I am not saying that just because he was a fellow Yorkshire man, or even to think that Lord Mountbatten would have committed treason. Most of this was the MI5 flying kites to see which way the wind blew. If you want any more evidence of what a military government would be like check out Cromwell and the Major Generals. The intentions might be right and just but the result is usually mayhem.

  10. Yorkshireminer

    I agree that coups lead to mayhem, but what choice is there? Islamisation and sharia, which will be permanent, are far worse then any mayhem that results from a coup, but results in the expulsion of Islam from Britain and Europe. Moreover, parliamentary democracy can be restored once the existential threat of Islam is removed.

    Muslims are of course aware that they must avoid any act that leads to a confrontation with the state. However, they are not immune to the dictat of Islam. They may be forced to take actions that are detrimental to their cause in the West.

  11. A coup involving military troops would be impossible since they are over stretched as it is.
    That leaves only the secret services with the ability to pull it off, assuming they are not overly distracted by anti terror operations.
    Who appointed the head of MI5 though?….that would be our local lefties the labour party I believe!

    Now to agitation! This is by far the easiest way to gain a physical collective (as apposed to the internets ethereal collective). This will happen slowly street by street, estate by estate. It will start as local neighbourhood watches patrolling the streets (because the police have all but given up – and the economic problems will cause crime to sky rocket!). Eventually crime will shift to easier targets resulting in more patrol groups forming etc.etc.
    I believe this approach is well documented on this blog. The only thing I would like to add though is that control of these groups will have to be fought for, since left wing antifa types will also want control of this standing army, and they have years of indoctrination to back up their views!!

  12. What we need is provocation/agitation things so small that Europeans will start wondering why the muslims are overreacting. These minor issues will cause the muslims to resort to violence. Europeans will be left with two choices continue cowering and surrender or wake up and take back the streets, cities, countries.

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