Undercover Mosque: The Return

Last year a reporter for Channel 4 in the UK went undercover and secretly videotaped what went on in several of Britain’s “mainstream” mosques. The report exposed the radical Islamist preaching in those mosques, including instructions to the believers to keep themselves separate from the kuffar and wage violent jihad.

Tonight a follow-up report will air on Channel 4, with a new series of undercover videos taken in UK mosques. According to Channel 4’s website:

UK mosquesA year-and-a-half after the critically-acclaimed film Undercover Mosque was first screened, Dispatches goes undercover again to see whether extremist beliefs continue to be promoted in certain key British Muslim institutions. The film also investigates the role of the Saudi Arabian religious establishment in spreading a hard-line, fundamentalist Islamic ideology in the UK — the very ideology the Government claims to be tackling.

A female reporter attends prayer meetings at an important British mosque which claims to be dedicated to moderation and dialogue with other faiths. She secretly films shocking sermons given to the women-only congregation in which female preachers recite extremist and intolerant beliefs. As hundreds of women and some children come to pray, a preacher calls for adulterers, homosexuals, women who act like men and Muslim converts to other faiths to be killed, saying: “Kill him, kill him. You have to kill him, you understand. This is Islam.”

Worshippers are repeatedly told they must lead separate lives from non-believers and not tolerate other religions. Christian teachings are described as “vile and disgusting, an abomination.” And at private, invite-only prayer meetings linked to the mosque, the reporter films the leading preacher from the women’s prayer circle issuing strict dictats on women’s personal freedoms — decreeing they must not travel far without a male member of the family to escort them, and instructing them not to integrate with British society or work in a non-Islamic environment.

– – – – – – – –

In the same mosque, the reporter visits the bookshop and discovers books and DVDs still on sale, promoting extremist, anti-Semitic, misogynistic and intolerant messages. Unbelievers (‘kuffaars’) are described in one DVD as: “Evil, wicked, mischievous people — you can see the evil in their face”. Whilst Jews, “have abominated, filthy, disgusting gross belief — their time will come like every other evil person’s time will come.” Moderate Muslims and Islamic academics tell Dispatches they reject and condemn these teachings. Dispatches traces the links between the teachings and materials at the mosque and the Saudi Arabian religious establishment, and examines the extent to which Saudi Arabia exports such teachings around the world through the funding of literature, schools, mosques and other organisations.

Dispatches also interviews a former teacher at a Saudi-run faith school who describes how the official Saudi educational curriculum was taught in the school. He shows Dispatches official Saudi textbooks from the school which featured anti-Semitic and anti-Christian teachings.


The Government claims Saudi Arabia is its partner in tackling extremism, but a former Foreign Office Minister tells Dispatches he believes the Government should take a stronger line. The film also features interviews with Islamic academics who condemn these messages of intolerance and segregation and warn of the impact this version of Islam is having on British society. One imam at a leading university accuses the Saudi religious establishment of the: “distortion of Islam itself, the abuse and misuse of this great faith of mine and not only mine but of my children as well.”

Readers who live in the UK are well-advised to tune in to Channel 4 tonight. When videos of the program appear on YouTube or other hosting platforms, I’ll link them or embed them here.

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6 thoughts on “Undercover Mosque: The Return

  1. ” The film also investigates the role of the Saudi Arabian religious establishment in spreading a hard-line, fundamentalist Islamic ideology in the UK — the very ideology the Government claims to be tackling.”

    Dhimmi fools taqiya themselves. I’m sick of hearing it.

    Tayyip Erdogan, democratically elected prime minster of Turkey:

    The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…

  2. The reporter herself is either willfully blind or a master of taqiyya. She claims other sermons were ‘tolerant’, that these sermons were an aberration, and that Islam is normally peaceful and tolerant.

  3. Everybody is in the Sowdi pocket. Even this second reportage will not change anything. In fact nothing even changed after 7/7.

    Still waiting for BLiars ‘500 clerics to be reported’- never happened.

    Spineless parasites, left and right.

  4. While the benefits of this Undercover Mosque report are obvious — not only in uncovering the murderous hatred, intolerance and xenophobia in Islam, but also in uncovering it at a mosque that was supposedly “moderate” and devoted to “interfaith” seminars — there are two things wrong with it:

    1) as “randian” in a comment above observed (and I’ve seen quite a few different commenters at various sites now say this), the reporter herself — a Muslim who goes by the pseudonym “Sara Hassan” — weaves into her report the claim that “most Muslims” are not at all like the “fundamentalist” Muslims she documented, and she buttresses that claim with another claim, that other male preachers she saw in another part of that mosque were preaching “moderate” content — but she gives zero evidence for these claims. While she documents in detail the “extremism” of the objectionable sermons, she gives zero details about the supposedly “moderate” sermons. Sara Hassan thus weaves into her report the Myth of the Moderate Majority in Islam.

    2) Closely related to #1 is the frequent allusion in the report to the “Saudis” — reinforcing subliminally in the reader and viewer that the problem is Saudi “Wahhabism”, rather than Islam itself. (Note: when she claims there were “moderate” sermons by male imams, she makes a point of saying they were “Egyptian” — hence, not Saudi.)

    If Sara Hassan is doing taqiyya, it is quite a clever form of it: In effect what she is doing is satisfying the hunger that is growing more and more among Infidels for some unvarnished truth about Islamic extremism — so she provides a hot and scandalous example of it in this project, the Undercover Mosque report. However, part and parcel with these tasty morsels for the Infidel comes a “package” — namely, that the extremism you see here represents a “hijacking” of true Islam, and only reflects a small minority. Thus the Myth of the Moderate Majority in Islam is reinforced, rather than undermined.

    And the danger with reinforcing that Myth has the following effect: It will serve (insofar as Western Infidels are gullible to it, and most seem to be) to bracket out the vast majority of Muslims from suspicion, thus allowing untold numbers among them to continue to infiltrate our West, either to continue to implement generalized stealth jihad in its various forms (not the least of which is the sheer demographic presence of multitudes of Muslims among us), or worse yet — to network in various webs of passive enabling and active support of terrorist cells.

    As long as the Infidel consumer digests the substance of the Undercover Mosque reports and reject Sara Hassan’s clever packaging, it constitutes an enormous boost for the War of Ideas portion of our larger rally to defend our West. Unfortunately, since PC MC remains dominant and mainstream, it is more likely that a majority of Westerners will swallow the whole thing — including the edible, sugarcoated packaging.

  5. Some of the parts of this programme are available on Youtube

    Channel 4, Dispatches: Undercover Mosque, The Return – Trailer

    Channel 4, Dispatches: Undercover Mosque, The Return – Part 1 of 5

    Channel 4, Dispatches: Undercover Mosque, The Return – Part 2 of 5

    Channel 4, Dispatches: Undercover Mosque, The Return – Part 3 of 5

    Channel 4, Dispatches: Undercover Mosque, The Return – Part 4 of 5
    This part reveals details of interest beginning at marker 3:01:
    “During the reign of the Late King Fahd, only from the 1970’s to the mid 80’s, King Fahd has spent $75 BILLION funding schools, madrassas, mosques, charities throughout the world” .
    “Official Saudi websites provide the figures. The result is some 210 Islamic Centers, wholly or partly financed by Saudi Arabia. More than 1500 mosques and 202 colleges and almost 2000 schools in non-Islamic countries. Saudi funding has a huge effect on British Muslim life.”

    Part 5 is not up yet.

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