“There is Money to be Made Here”

I pointed out the other day that Sweden, the UK, and the Netherlands are in a three-way race to the bottom, elbowing each other aside as they try to achieve complete dhimmitude and full submission to their countries’ Muslim minorities.

This time it’s the turn of the Swedish Prime Minister. Recently Fredrik Reinfeldt paid a visit to a Muslim slaughterhouse and sang the praises of commerce, diversity, and halal food.

Here’s the story from an article earlier this month in Svenska Dagbladet, as translated by our Swedish correspondent LN:

“There is Money to be Made Here”

Fredrik Reinfeldt, with hatOn the same day that Ramadan began this year, the Prime Minister took the opportunity to learn more about halal products.

At the slaughterhouse in Johanneshov, Fredrik Reinfeldt talked about how important diversity is for Sweden.


“It is very strange that large companies do not see their own best interests. Here we have over 400,000 faithful Muslims living in Sweden and they want their halal meat. There is a great demand and much money to be made, but they do not take advantage of it because of ignorance or, at worst, prejudice.

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“It is important to ensure that there is room for prayer at the workplace and that no unnecessary prohibition of the wearing of headscarves is created unless it is directly inappropriate — these are examples of simple measures that minimize the cultural shocks.

“Here, in practice, it is shown how integration is built. We have to show more respect for other cultural traditions; they almost never threaten any Swedish values; they can exist side by side,” says Fredrik Reinfeldt.

7 thoughts on ““There is Money to be Made Here”

  1. This man is famous for saying that traditional Swedish culture was merely barbarism, and that anything good was imported. And he’s a “conservative,” which gives you some idea of how bad things are.

    We need to look ahead and figure out what we want to achieve. What would constitute “victory,” not just in Sweden but elsewhere? What can we do, and what do we want? For me personally, I want to permanently end Muslim immigration in any shape or form and expel those who desire sharia. I also want to greatly limit immigration overall. No, I do not hate other cultures, except for Islam, but just because Islam is uniquely bad doesn’t mean that non-Muslim immigration in whatever number is unproblematic. We have no obligation to solve other people’s problems, we have a duty to preserve our own nations.

    I have a dream that at some point in the future, you can be European and walk in a major Western city without being harassed because of who you are, and have children who are taught at school to be proud of their cultural heritage. But maybe that’s too much to ask.

  2. “There is Money to be Made Here”

    what an idiotic concept:

    you import large numbers of ingrates in your country who refuse to integrate and work to destroy the infidel society that hosts them, only to create a new industry of halal butchers which is subsidized from beginning to end, as the welfare dependent Muhammedan consumer spends taxpayers money to buy the halal meat.

    A bit like a Frenchman I met recently who told me the French intifadah and the carbeques were ‘good for the economy’- since all these people had to buy new cars.

    Politicians like these should be tarred and fettered and run out of town!

  3. What can we do, and what do we want?

    For me, I would love to have a coffee with Fjordman… I am sure that half the conversation would go over my head but, still the same, I would love to have a coffee with Fjordman.

  4. There’s money to be made in all sorts of unsavory ways and places.

    This man lacks the self respect of any normal prostitute.

    No wonder the jihaddis are so confident.

    And if we can’t rid rid of bastards like this, we have no right to tell the damned jihaddis that they’re wrong about us.

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