The Left Admits Guilt

I have written recently about the depressing situation in the Netherlands and Belgium. Muslim immigrants seem to have completely intimidated the political class in both countries, trapping them between the ever-violent “youths” and their own Multicultural dogma.

But circumstances have forced at least some on the Left to acknowledge the dire nature of the problem. That’s according to the Vlaams Belang website, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

The Left admits guilt

“It is mainly a Moroccan problem,” Job Cohen (Amsterdam Mayor) declared after “youths” in Amsterdam harassed and attacked an ambulance and a doctor. Nobody is surprised by the facts anymore, but the fact that the Red Mayor Job Cohen — the man of “Keep the group together”, having tea in the Mosque [to talk things over, like he did after the slaughter of Van Gogh] and subsidizing Ramadan parties — suddenly found it time to call things by their right name — that was frightening.

Fleur Jurgens — known for her controversial book The Moroccan Drama — looks for an explanation for this sudden U-turn and openness from the Left. The primary reason, according to her, is that the Moroccan drama in Amsterdam (West) can hardly be denied any longer. “Dutch public servants are unwanted in neighborhoods where many Moroccans have lived for a long time”, writes Jurgens (HP/De Tijd, 12.09.08), who as usual is not mincing words. Fire fighters, family therapists, debt-collectors, teachers, midwives, journalists, and truant officers are in danger doing their job.

And then we did not mention the police yet… “They are unable, in the face of the slightest calamity from these hot-headed boys, to appear on the streets in uniform, because it will immediately result in ‘Parisian’ conditions,” according to the journalist, who adds that “it is no coincidence” that the police in some neighborhoods subcontract with “street coaches” to negotiate with “those scum” or their parents.

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Jurgens notes that a large proportion of the Moroccan youth have a deep contempt for the Dutch society. The Dutch get the blame for their failure at school, for their drug addiction and their life of crime. Fleur Jurgens lays heavy blame on the “Leftists’ Church” [Pim Fortuyn’s expression] that for years has fuelled this victimization. “The progressives wanted to portray these Moroccan citizens as defenseless victims of an unfair society.” The mess that diaper-politics has caused can hardly be underestimated. But maybe there is hope…

Maybe we have entered a new era, in which the Left draws up the balance sheet and must account for the mistakes of the past, Jurgens hopes. “I may be mistaken, but perhaps this painful failure (of the multicultural society) is the reason why even the obscure tea drinkers of yesteryear have stopped hushing things up.” Whatever may happen, in our country the “Leftists’ Church” still does not think of pleading guilty or changing course, as can be seen with the witch-hunt against Geert van Istendael.

— Note from the translator:

Geert van Istendael is a Belgian writer of books like Poor Brussels. His essays “Message to the Wise Left”, “Islam, Dialogue or Clash” and the recent “The Mask of Force” are aimed for the most part at leftists, or those calling themselves ‘progressives’, and cause leftists to foam with rage. “It is all or nothing,” Istendael writes, for instance. “Who compromises, opens the gates for Barbarity. Barbarism is totalitarianism. Barbarism is the militant intolerance. Barbarism is the religion that conquers the secular domain again.”

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  1. You need people with much tougher experiences than those “Moroccan youths” and Dutch dreamlanders have:

    US veterans from Iraq, Israeli veterans, Moroccan interrogation officers (take them on a cargo ship 12 km from the Dutch see-shore line), they can interrogate as if being still abroad).

    Peshmargas from Kurdistan.
    People from the Morrocan anti-Arab Berber movement (they have links to Israel, note that), who might like to appear in the spotlight of the Western media “in a positiv light”, doing the right thing for you.

    Just their appearance on the scene will calm down every kid or imam.

    Being in EU, what about taking them to Ceuta for further interrogation?

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