The Dhimmi News from Norway

Only the first of these news stories directly refers to Norwegian dhimmitude. But all three concern the issue of Third World immigration, which hovers over Norway these days like a smoggy cloud.

All of the articles were translated by our Norwegian correspondent The Observer. The first concerns what El Inglés has termed “deranged altruism”, or as Conservative Swede describes it, “inverted values”.

According to VG Nett, Norwegian church leaders are pressuring the government to retain its suicidal asylum policies. In the name of a misplaced Christian compassion, they lobby for continuing an unsustainable policy of mass immigration. They advocate generous and considerate treatment towards anyone except indigenous Norwegians, the members of their flock for whom they are ostensibly responsible:

Norwegian bishops are opposed to stricter asylum policies

Several Norwegian bishops are highly critical of the new proposed shift in asylum policies, as announced by the Norwegian Government.

Their main concern is the tightening of the rules relating to family reunification and the rights of asylum seeker children, according to Dagsavisen.

“I fear that the effects of the introduction of this new approach by the Norwegian Government will be a more inhuman process. Norway is one of the richest countries in the world, and we have a responsibility to help the poor,” says Laila Riksaasen, bishop of Tunsberg parish. The bishop of Agder and Telemark, Olav Skjevesland, is of the opinion that Norway should be a lot more generous in its asylum policies.

“This new approach has elements of cold-heartedness,” says Skjevesland.

Not very generous

The bishop of Hamar, Solveig Fiske, is especially concerned about the children.

“I’m afraid that this new policy of deterrence will lead to a very ungenerous treatment of asylum seekers.”

But what about the ungenerous treatment of Norwegian children? What if your oh-so-high-minded concern leads to more of them being beaten, raped, and killed? Don’t you bear any responsibility for that?

No, of course not. We’re Christians, and we love our fellow man. We “care”, and that’s all that counts.

The article continues:
– – – – – – – –

The bishop of Oslo, Ole Christian Kvarme, is highly critical of returning asylum seeker children, once they’ve turned eighteen.

“It’s important that we do our utmost to protect them, but also that we treat the children with respect when they arrive in this country,” Kvarme says.


Tor Berger Jørgensen, points out that taking the side of the weak and the oppressed is a very important element of our Christian values.

“I think it is horrific that Norway is going to introduce asylum policies that will focus on reducing the stream of asylum seekers rather than generosity,” Jørgensen says to Dagsavisen.

Remember: when the Norwegian bishops refer to “generosity”, they, like the socialists, mean “generosity” extracted from taxpayers by the power of the government. They don’t mean generosity that comes from the individual heart, generosity which is entitled to be prudent and rational, and takes care of its own interests as well as those of others. They mean deranged, inverted “generosity”.

The new bishop of Møre, Ingeborg Midttømme, and former bishop of Nidaros, Finn Wagle, criticize the Government’s proposed changes to the current asylum policies.

Mellomkirkelig råd [a Norwegian Church organization] will deliver a written protest to the Norwegian Government this coming Monday, where they express grave concerns over the proposed tightening of the Norwegian asylum policies, as announced by the Norwegian Government.

The second article, also from VG Nett, describes the ongoing recidivism of taxi drivers who commit tax fraud. The story doesn’t specifically mention it, but Norwegians know that most of the taxi drivers referred to are immigrants, just as they would be in so many other Western countries. Our Norwegian readers may correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the bulk of the taxis in Oslo are likely to be driven by Somalis:

Intensifying efforts to stamp out taxi fraud

The Agency for Business Development Services (ABDS) in Oslo does not have the power to revoke taxi permits from drivers who have committed financial fraud, because this information is confidential.

The authorities are currently busy working on an amendment to the legislation that will allow the ABDS to revoke taxi permits from taxi drivers before any criminal convictions have been reached. The Oslo police department has promised to intensify their efforts to crack down on the widespread fraud plaguing the taxis community in the city.

Notice once again the “deranged altruism” that makes it difficult to apply consequences to people who game the system. Eventually, when the system has been subverted one too many times, it will break down and cease to function.

But Norway is hoping to put a finger in this particular dike:

The so-called ‘Taxiteam’, a new committee made up of 16 members from the police department, the tax department and NAV (Centre link), is going to scrutinize the taxi community.

“Our goal is to clean up this mess once and for all. The co-operation between the different departments will hopefully enable us to process complaints of taxi fraud a lot quicker. And we’re not going to give up until we’ve managed to stop the extensive fraud in the taxi community in the city,” chief of the Oslo Police Department, Anstein Gjengedal, says to VG.

Fraud is still widespread in the business, according to the tax office.

Cheating continues

A 33-year-old taxi driver who was convicted of fraud 6 years ago, has once again been convicted, this time for failing to report a taxable income of approximately 1.6 million NOK to the tax department. He is still working as a taxi driver today.

He is not the only one who is deliberately failing to report taxable income to the tax department. According to figures from the tax office, nine individuals convicted of fraud in the big ‘taxi raid’ in 2002 continued to work as taxi drivers after their convictions.

Out of these, six are still working as taxi drivers today. Information about tax fraud is confidential, and cannot be shared with the ABDS, the agency responsible for revoking taxi permits. As a result of this, the widespread taxi fraud among the taxi drivers in the city is allowed to continue, at least until an eventual criminal conviction has been reached.

“It is very unfortunate that these individuals have been allowed to get away with this for so long,” says Jan-Egil Kristiansen, leader of the tax fraud department at the Oslo tax office.

The tax office is currently preparing 40 new cases of tax fraud committed by taxi drivers, and an additional 20 cases are being looked into.

Kristiansen is proposing three major changes to the current legislation:

  • The confidentiality laws regarding tax fraud committed by taxi drivers must be scrapped. Five different departments are currently working on an amendment that will make it possible to revoke taxi permits before a criminal conviction has been reached.
  • Introduce new and better taxi meters, and have these meters checked on an annual basis.
  • The tax companies should submit yearly operating information to the tax department, and be audited once every year.

The final news story is from Dagbladet. It may not be jihad-related, but it just so happens that the nut case with the sword is a “new Norwegian”, a Pakistani:

Man armed with a sword threatened three women in Oslo

A police hunt for the suspect has been launched, but so far he is still at large.

The police are as of late Monday night, still on the lookout for the man who intimidated three young women between the ages of 19 to 20, in front of the apartment buildings at the Granstangen housing estate, in the suburb of Furuseth in Oslo.

The women, one of whom was pushing a pram, have told the police that they perceived the incident as an assault.

“Three young women between the ages of 19 to 20, one of them pushing a pram, were accosted by a man with a sword strapped to his back. The man was aggressive, and the three girls were very frightened,” says leader of operations for the police, Lasse Alver, to

The three women were terrified, but they managed to escape into one of the buildings in the estate, and none of them was hurt.

The man did not physically assault the women, according to the police.

Armed police response units were searching a large area for the man, but according to the leader of operations for the police, no observations of any possible suspects were reported.

“At the moment we’re looking after the girls, and we are searching for the armed man in the neighborhood where the incident took place. The suspect has been described as a Pakistani man. He was wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt and jeans, with the hood covering most of his face,” according to the police.

The police scaled down the hunt for the man at 23:15, and so far they have still not managed to find the suspect.

Actually, I’m surprised the ethnicity of the fellow is even mentioned. If the incident had occurred in Sweden, there would have been no indication that he was anything other than a “person of Swedish background”.

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  1. But what about the ungenerous treatment of Norwegian children?

    What Norwegian children? Isn’t Norway in demographic free fall like the rest of NW Europe?

    Besides, they hope that if the Democrats and their Marxist, er, MSM allies consolidate power in the USA, they will welcome all the anti-semitic Socialists fleeing an Islamicized Europe, because it will strengthen their control of America.

  2. The continying dhimmification of europe and scandinavia is truly depressing. Reminds me of a song from the 80’s who sang about that lunatics has taken over the asylum. Can’t remember the name of the band though.

  3. Why does the Norwegian public allow its church leaders free rein to trash them, the funders of the most generous asylum policy in the world today?

    Tell these deranged altruists to head off to the countries of origin of these immigrants and help the weak and poor they’re so concerned about at source, like the missionaries of old. They’ll help far more people because whatever money they raise in Norway goes much farther where the standard of living is lower.

    That they don’t do that, that they don’t seek to help ten in Africa with the money squandered on one in Norway makes their true motive suspect.

    Until Norwegian churchmen put their own money where their mouth is, and have beggared themselves helping immigrants and/or are enduring hardships in Africa to help many more of the people for whom they pretend such great concern, they should have no credibility.

    Sitting in your clean manse in Norway, browbeating taxpayers at no cost to yourself is hardly what Christ had in mind for those who speak in His name.

    The Socialist agenda is something other than helping the poor because their “help” is so crappy and is a disservice in the long run to objects of their charity, causing them to be indolent and dependent, useful only to their enablers as sure votes. The drug these “Christians” are pushing i.e. entitlement is as seductive and unshakeable as crack. What happened to “God helps those who help themselves?” (it didn’t mean help themselves to other people’s hard earned money).

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