Bat Ye’or On Islamic Jihad

Thanks to Arutz Sheva for this video of Bat Ye’or, from Israel National News and INNTV:

The crux of the matter in Eurabia, according to Ms. Ye’or:
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“This policy [of Eurabia] led to numerous agreements between Europe and the Arab countries that led to immigration, a strong Arab immigration and Muslim immigration into Europe, and also the weakening of Western democracy and values, and their replacement by a more Islamic tendency.

“So this is Eurabia. It is a Euro-Arab unification, a geographic, cultural unification. This is the policy of the European Union, which aims at transforming Europe by destroying the nation-states and the nationalism of the European nation-state, in order to promote a big entity, a big European entity, which will be united with the Arab countries.”

2 thoughts on “Bat Ye’or On Islamic Jihad

  1. Bat Ye’or is a treasure. The information this video provides is familiar to most who read GoV or any of Bat Ye’or’s scholarly works. I wonder how it would resonate with a less informed crowd, not familiar with the terms dhimmitude, Mediterranean Union, Hamas Charter etc.

    Videos are a great tool for compressed consumption of layers upon layers of detail. A video which uses the template cleverly utilized by Geert Wilders in his film “FITNA” could demonstrate the various tools of the slow jihad within the context & almost lyrical symmetry of the many agreements between European & Arab countries in the effort to weaken Western Democratic values & destroy nation states in order to promote the Euro Arab entity, the Mediteranean Union. Concentrate on identifying the Euro pols & intellectuals complicity in weakening western values for replacement with Arab dictum.

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