“A Judeo-Christian-Islamic Culture is Being Formed”

The largest cities in the Netherlands now have substantial Muslim minorities, and with the rising population has come a concomitant increase in political clout. The power in the major cities is in the hands of the socialists, and Muslims as a group vote overwhelmingly for the socialist parties. This convergence of interests has bought Muslims a seat at the table in local urban politics.

It’s interesting that the voice crying out against the corrupt Islamization of Dutch politics comes from a Muslim, the director of a group called “Voice of Moroccan Democrats”.

Yesterday’s Elsevier has the story, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

“Stop the disturbing subsidies for Ramadan parties”

The heavily sponsored Ramadan festivals highlight Islamization and commercialization rather than a successful integration policy. The grants for these parties should therefore be stopped.

This plea is from Farid Aouled Lahcen in De Volkskrant. Aouled Lahcen, director of the association “Voice of Moroccan Democrats”, aims his arrows mainly at the Iftar activities, the Ramadan parties that occur after sunset.

Commercial party

According to Aouled Lahcen, there are so many clubs that participate in Ramadan in the Netherlands that in a short time span the occasion has become a commercialized and politicized festivity.

– – – – – – – –

“Many a minister and mayor is a regular customer at the Iftars. How naïve is the thought that, with the spooning up of soup, groups are brought closer and address real social issues? Do these politicians know what message they are communicating?” writes Aouled Lahcen.


Thus PvdA Mayor Job Cohen of Amsterdam opens an Iftar event at the controversial Turkish club “Stichting Time Media Group”.

According Aouled Lahcen, the Iftars are nothing more than elitist and gala-like network-meetings for “soup-sidy Muslims.”

A halt to subsidies

The author therefore thinks that the subsidies for these “gala parties” should be stopped. “I thought we had separation of church and state,” says Lahcen Aouled, who earlier heavily criticized the proceedings at the controversial As-Soennah mosque in The Hague [where Sjeich Fawaz Jneid cursed Theo van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, wished them a deadly disease, and got away with it].

“Ramadan is a religious duty: the government must stay away from it,’ Aouled Lahcen finishes his essay.

So a Moroccan is dismayed by the blatant Islamization of Dutch politics. How do the native Dutch feel?

One prominent — some would say notorious — Dutch woman disagrees with Mr. Lahcen. Ella Vogelaar doesn’t have any problem with what’s happening to her country. She thinks that Islam is just fine, and besides, don’t you know it’s the wave of the future?

Another VH translation:

PvdA-minister believes that the Netherlands has to adapt to Islam

PvdA [Socialist Party] Minister for Housing, Neighborhoods and Integration, Ella Vogelaar believes that the Netherlands must adapt to Islam, and that the government must financially support Islamic institutions.

Minister Vogelaar: “A Judeo-Christian-Islamic culture is being formed.”

Ms. Vogelaar is either cynical or an ignorant fool. Anyone who has studied the historical demographics of Islam knows that there’s no such thing as a “Judeo-Christian-Islamic culture”. Cultures are either non-Muslim or Muslim. The (usually brief) period during which Muslims form a growing minority is just a holding pattern, a temporary stage in the process that leads to full Islamization. Many Dutch cities are near the tipping point right now, and the day is drawing inexorably closer when “Judeo-Christian” gets chopped off the front of that descriptor.

No wonder the Dutch are jamming the exits in record numbers, on their way to Canada and Australia. Wouldn’t you?

3 thoughts on ““A Judeo-Christian-Islamic Culture is Being Formed”

  1. @ El:

    The next elections in the Netherlands will be in 2010, unless the Balkenende Government “falls” sooner (losing support of the Government parties in the Parliament).

    Here is a graph that shows two years of polls up untill the most recent one. If there’d be elections now, the PVV (Wilders et al) might get 14 seats. The other somewhat rightwing parties, TON and the VVD, together may get 34 seats. This means the “right” at the moment is worth 48 seats out of 150, 32% of the electorate, 27 Seats short to form a government.

    The rest of the electorate, 68%, can be divided I think in three categories:
    1. Those who depend heavily on Government hand-outs, benefits, subsidies and jobs (ca. 50% of the population) and are kept in line through the massive anti-rightwing agitprop by the Government subsidized TV channels;
    2. Those who think they’ll benefit from a totalitarian Socialist/Islamist state (that will end up in an Islamic monocultural Sharia dungeon and a dead economy);
    3. Those who are too stupid, brainwashed, ignorant, blind and/or backward to ever see anything and made to think since primary school everything Rightwing is Nazi Fascist ^%*^^#6$#%^$#, and they don’t want that.

    To my humble opinion, a policy change can only be through a violent revolt (aimed at mosques and anti-discrimination bureaus to start with) and/or a money drain (economic collapse).

    But concerning the Dutch in general: they kept on snoring after 1986 (Rushdie), 911 and the slaughter of Fortuyn and Van Gogh and will only wake up once it is much too late, forced to grow moustaches and mutilate or sell their daughters, but most of all: once their bank accounts run empty without an outlook to a (free) refill.

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