9-11 Brussels Demo Update

A press release from Vlaams Belang, as translated by VH:

Demonstration 9/11: Civil Court and Council of State reject the demand to abolish the ban

Filip Dewinter at the Brussels 9-11 demoFilip Dewinter: “Cowardly attitude of the courts acts as a crippling of free expression”

Vlaams Belang and Cities Against Islamization will hold a symbolic action tomorrow in Brussels

The appeal by Filip Dewinter in the civil court and the Council of State regarding the abolition of the ban by Brussels Mayor Freddy Thielemans of the demonstration in memory of the 9/11 victims was rejected this afternoon by both courts on the basis of procedural arguments.

The civil court ruled that the petition was filed too late, the Council of State considered that the application for the demonstration was submitted too late. The courts did not deliver a substantial verdict on the ban.

– – – – – – – –

Vlaams Belang and Cities against Islamization (STI) regret that both courts did not dare to rule on the merits, but hid themselves behind formal and procedural arguments. The cowardly attitude of the Brussels court and the Council of State is all the more painful because it is this very unwillingness and the undemocratic attitude of Freddy Thielemans that cripples freedom of expression.

Vlaams Belang and Cities against Islamization will in any case hold a symbolic demonstration in memory of the victims, tomorrow at 11 o’clock, September 11. At no time it has been the intention to provoke or seek confrontation with the police. The action will be dignified and serene.

The press will be briefed tomorrow morning about the precise location and exact course of the symbolic demonstration.

Filip Dewinter
Flemish Member of Parliament

7 thoughts on “9-11 Brussels Demo Update

  1. Go Vlaams Belang! The road to breaking up the EU goes through breaking up Belgium.

    But somebody told me the VB were Fascists? I think they were called Little Green Footballs or something.

  2. Fjordman is spot on, as usual:

    Breaking up Belgium will indeed be the beginning of the end of EU. Paul Belien’s book A Throne in Brussels implicitly explains why.

    It’s worth noting that the king of Belgium (the current name escapes me) is the official host of the Bilderberg meetings, where our ‘Dear Leaders’ apparently ‘coordinate’ their opinions without undue regard for their voters, so to speak.

    I think getting those meetings out in the open would be very helpful, too, and keep raising the demand.

    As for LGF, I heard of them, too, and even visited the site. It appears the blog owner is implicitly admitting ignorance by no longer posting interesting material. It’s mostly about how stupid a certain group called ‘Democrats’ are, without really explaining why.

    And as for fascists, well, it’s always “the other” that bears this description. Decent people don’t blame others for being fascists, while not-so-decent do that all too often, and usually without having read Liberal Fascism or other relevant literature.

    Fascists demand Unity, Power, Sacrifice (and have a fondness for simplistic slogans), while Conservatives are fine with their own state and the Rule of Law.

    Being able to identify fascist developments is important. That requires a bit of knowledge, though, not just the ability to hurl derogatives around.

  3. Wake up dreamers!

    No matter how much we growl in anger and talk about the future “Civil war in the EU”- the truth is that the majority of Europeans will vote for the Marxist-Islamofascist alliance. No matter what.

    Les résultats des élections communales du 8 octobre 2006 à Bruxelles
    Le maire de Bruxelles-ville reste le socialiste Freddy Thielemans, très populaire.
    ….gouverner à l’aide de majorités assez larges pour garantir leur stabilité.

    I translate to English:
    The result of regional community elections in Brussels on Oct. 8 2006

    The Socialist Mayor of Brussels Freddy Thielemans remained very popular.
    ….will govern with a large majority that ensure its stability.

  4. henrik r clausen

    The question is the time frame in which you set up your theory.
    In 100 plus years anything may and will happen but it belongs to the realm of prophets and philosophers…. however, in, say, 10 years nothing but WWI type trench warfare is the sure thing.

    7 years have passed since 9/11 and all is but forgotten and a man like Hussein O. can be a Messiah.

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