Smiley-Face Totalitarianism

Last night’s post by Robert Marchenoir referenced an interview with Tzvetan Todorov on the Resetdoc website. The smiley-face EU graphic in the background of the photo of Mr. Todorov inspired me to stay up late and create my own version of the same graphic, with some extra elements added:

EU Welcome

EU Welcome
These are all gif files, so it should be relatively easy to edit them if you want to remove my text and insert your own. If you’d like the full-res version of the large one, drop me an email and I’ll send you a tif file of it.

The smallest one is suitable for use on most blog sidebars.

EU Welcome

Borrow them freely; they all come with a Creative Commons license.

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3 thoughts on “Smiley-Face Totalitarianism

  1. Please, may I have my Totalitarianism logo with smiley-face marshmallows?

    Thank you.

    I’ll take a hot dog, too, if you have any to spare.

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