EU Fjendtlige Agurker

Our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc just sent us this photo:

Danish cucumbers

“Fresh Danish EU-hostile cucumbers, 1st class, $1 apiece”

His explanation:
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I found this photo on One of the first jokes about the EU over here was a directive demanding a certain slope on cucumbers.

The resistance is everywhere now.

7 thoughts on “EU Fjendtlige Agurker

  1. The EU is a bizarre entity that mandates thousands of sharia-like regulations limiting daily life including the angle of cucumbers. Heaven forfend that a customer’s eyes should be offended by cuke asymmetry!

    Meanwhile, the same obsessive compulsive bureaucracy not only ignores the invasion and colonization of Europe by hostile forces but passes more rules to aid the enemy and publishes booklets on how to make them welcome!

    Let cucumbers grow wild! Free Europe!

  2. As a consequence of the worldwide food crisis, the EU Commissionar for agriculture, Mariann Fisher-Boel (she’s Danish) has proposed that EU stops destroying vegetables that have the audacity to grow in shapes that are not EU-approved.

    It seems we destroy perfectly good vegetables just due to them not growing according to EU norms. Crazy.

    Given the usual ‘speed’ of EU bureaucrazy, it should take a couple of years for such a proposal to accumulate a pile of bizzare admendments before being adopted.

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