Cleaning Up Islam’s Image

Whenever the Democrats experience an electoral setback, after the fact there’s a ritual of woeful hand-wringing in the leftist media (I know, I know; that’s a redundancy).

Liberals always feel compelled to explain away their losses. The cause is never to be found in the wrong-headedness or unpopularity of the left-wing statist doctrines themselves; the problem is rather a failure to communicate fully. Voters are ill-informed. If only the media hadn’t been so biased in favor of the Republicans… if only the campaign had done a better job of explaining itself… if only the Democrats had articulated their message more clearly… if only… if only…

It seems never to enter their pretty little heads that the problem lies in the message itself, and that if the Democrats had communicated it fully they would have experienced an even greater setback.

Something similar seems to be at work with respect to Islam. Educated and intelligent people — both Muslims and ecumenical-minded infidels — seem to think that if only Islam were explained fully and carefully, non-Muslims would lose their atavistic fear of Islam. If only people were better informed about Islamic culture and history… if only Muslim practices were taught to all children as a part of their schooling… if only the false impressions about Islam could be corrected… if only… if only…

However, like socialism, the more that is revealed about the history and doctrines of Islam, the more repugnant it becomes to normal people.

But that doesn’t stop its apologists from putting more and more lipstick on the sharia pig. Consider this interview from Reset Dialogues with the new President of French Muslims (France has an official state-run Muslim establishment, a product of the country’s longtime colonial relationship with Algeria):

“We Need to Clean-Up Islam’s Image”

Interview with Mohammed Moussaoui, the new President of French Muslims

Since June 22nd you have been the new President of the French Council of the Muslim Faith. What are your priorities for this first mandate and what will you change within this organisation.

The French Council of the Muslim Faith certainly has an overall objective that consists in defending the dignity and the interests of the Muslim faith. This dignity and these interests involve a certain number of important issues… For example we must rehabilitate the image of an Islam darkened by violent events enacted in its name and also work on reconciliation for all that is Islam and Muslim. This is a long-term objective that must begin with communications strategies emphasising the image of moderate Islam.

Notice is that the concern is with the image of Islam, and not with its essence. Where does that image, the darkened picture that needs to be rehabilitated, come from? The objective is to defend the dignity of Islam, but what dignity has the religion earned? How to defend the indefensible?

These violent events that were “enacted in its name” — what do they draw from Islam? What doctrine inspired them? And how widespread are the sentiments that produce them, time and time again, all over the world wherever Muslim communities are planted?

Mr. Moussaoui doesn’t address these questions. He continues:
– – – – – – – –

As far as problems involving places of worship are concerned, French Islam must have worthy, open and reconciled places of worship that are above all places for meditation. This means not only working a great deal as far as architecture and materials used are concerned, but also on all that these places of worship can offer, through the imams firstly, but also through other religious officials who work in other locations and the imams appointed to officiate in these places of worship. Hence one must first of all provide a good education for these imams and also for others. Interreligious dialogue is a priority we must concentrate on to improve coexistence at a national level, but also as far as all the religious communities are concerned.

The recent interfaith gathering in Madrid was such an “interreligious dialogue”. Unfortunately, the man who instigated the Madrid conference, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, returned home to implement its ideas by ordering a group of Christians expelled from the Kingdom for practicing their faith.

So of what general use is “interreligious dialogue”?

What can be talked about except the submission of other religions to Islam?

As far as burial places are concerned, the Muslim community needs to preserve its historical memories with its own cemeteries. Hence, burial places must be worthy and respect Islamic tradition with regards to the interment of the deceased.

Regular readers of Gates of Vienna know that Mr. Moussaoui is referring to the Islam doctrine of the waqf, or the sacred trust. Under sharia, all property is held in trust for the entire Ummah, and any territory ever held and occupied by Muslims is considered to be under the jurisdiction of waqf in perpetuity. In particular, cemeteries where Muslims are interred are considered Islamic territory under waqf, wherever they might be.

This is, in effect, a declaration of Islamic sovereignty over those portions of France.

Mr. Moussaoui asserts his desire for a moderate Islam, and for all I know he is well-meaning and sincere in his views. But the image of Islam can’t be improved by refusing to display nine-tenths of the picture. A good hard look at the truth is the first order of the day.

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7 thoughts on “Cleaning Up Islam’s Image

  1. Islam doesn’t need to clean up its image, it needs to clean up its doctrines, including the Koran.

    There is no doubt that France is disproportionately responsible for the creation of Eurabia. The EU is a French idea, and so is Eurabia. Both have been viewed from Paris as tools to promote otherwise declining French prestige and influence on the international arena. I distinctly recall claims from 2005 that the French should vote “yes” to the proposed EU Constitution because it was an “enlarged France.” But with burning cars and loss of territorial control over hundreds of de facto Islamic mini-states in the heart of France, and with a notoriously corrupt political elite hellbent on importing even more Muslims, why should other Europeans want to live in an enlarged France?

    The truth is that France is a wounded nation, and has been since its great Revolution in 1789. The country is currently set on a path to cultural suicide and has a worse demographic profile than any other Western European nation. Until a sound and healthy French culture has been restored, if that is indeed still possible, others should forcefully reject any claims to French moral or intellectual leadership.

    There are still many good people left in France, but they fight with tremendous odds against them. I do not speak any of the Romance languages, and I regret that sometimes. The French historian Sylvain Gouguenheim recently published a book entitled Aristote au Mont Saint-Michel: Les Racines Grecques de l’Europe (Aristotle at Mont Saint-Michel: The Greek Roots of Europe). It looks very interesting and right down my alley, but I cannot read it until it has been translated into English:

    Europe’s debt to Islam given a skeptical look

    I’m not sure whether Mr. Gouguenheim is fully aware of it, but the notion that the West “owes” its progress to medieval translations of “Islamic science” is the official ideology of the European Union. The fact that he receives powerful opposition when questioning this is not accidental. The ridiculous concept that we have a “commonly shared” cultural tradition with Muslims is being propagated by all EU organs in close cooperation with Islamic countries. Pro-Islamic Multiculturalism is the ruling ideology of the EUSSR, just like Communism was the ruling ideology of the USSR and its satellite nations. Questioning this is a thought crime.

  2. For example we must rehabilitate the image of an Islam darkened by violent events enacted in its name and also work on reconciliation for all that is Islam and Muslim.

    First off—as already noted—the “violent events” are not “enacted in Islam’s “name”, they are part and parcel of Islamic doctrine as embodied by the qur’an.

    Furthermore, the only form of “reconciliation” that exists for Islam is hudna, which is no reconciliation at all but only a strategic ploy specifically designed to gain advantage.

    This is a long-term objective that must begin with communications strategies emphasising the image of moderate Islam.

    Except for how there is no moderate Islam. This fact has been hammered into us by Islamic clerics all around the world and some taqiyya-spewing French colonizer isn’t about to change that perception.

    Rectal cavities like Mr. Moussaoui should be monitored unawares to see if his private statements match up with those made in public. Muslims in general have a rather dismal track record when it comes to being on speaking terms with the truth.

  3. Spot on, Fjordman!

    I’ve been pondering the “Wounded Kingdom” idea myself, and also observing the indisputable French domination of the EU. Basically, EU is French thinking extended to all of Europe, and only the French really understand how to play the System.

    Combining those two observations makes an awful lot of sense.

    The French Revolution, with the “Regime of Terror” certainly constitutes one of the darkest periods of European history. Here we have the “Rule by Fear” method that also Islam uses extensively.

    As for keeping translating the Greek texts, I don’t think that gives Islam an awfully lot of credit. It was only a few, isolated places that civilized Muslims kept those text safe (such as the Library of Toledo which we won in the ‘Reconquista’ in 1085), and it never dawned on them to use the texts for the benefit of society at large.

    With access to those interesting texts, a surge in translations took place (- see also Wikipedia), which inspired the Renaissance of the 12th century, and the interest in science and philosophy quickly spread to benefit just about everyone.

    This difference between Islamic and European culture is remarkable.

  4. The only real concern Muslims have about Islam’s image in the West is that Infidels don’t figure out what that religion is all about until it’s too late. That’s why anyone mentioning the horrible reality of what islam is really about is attacked, whether it’s through Europe’s hate sppech laws or legal attacks as the libel law suits in the UK. Muslims are getting quite skilled at playing the game, helped along by their infidel PC fascist useful idiots.

    Europe’s culture is too important to be left to the “tender mercies” of Islam, which is why I stand firmly with Europeans. Besides, the same forces at work in Europe are at work here in the US of A. Hopefully our fellow citizens on both sides of the Atlantic will wake up before it’s too late.

  5. Islam has more problems that just its image. Frankly speaking, the dear imam faces the problem that we already know quite a bit about Islam – and we simply don’t like it.

    Regarding graveyards, a curious detail is that the very first Islamic mosque in Medina was built on the bones of dead infidels and fertile land, which until then was owned by two orphans. The orphans ‘voluntarily’ gave up their property to Muhammad, being ‘content’ with getting their reward from Allah.

    In a way, it’s only fitting that the ‘reward’ from Allah descends upon those who contributed to mosque construction…

  6. He wants to clean up the “image”, not the reality. Rather like “The Picture of Dorian Gray”.

    He wants the “image” to be enticing and look pretty. The truth of its decay and corruption is irrelevant.

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