Bringing the War Back Home

A couple of news stories from the UK just came in, and they seem to dovetail with each other.

First is a report from The Daily Mail describing the use of Nimrod surveillance aircraft to search for and track suspected Taliban mujahideen in British cities. These fellows are alleged to be some of those British Muslims who (as reported in last night’s news feed) went to Afghanistan to fight for the Taliban, and are now suspected to have returned home.

According to the news article:

Spy-in-sky patrols over British cities in hunt for Taliban fighters

MI5 is using a fleet of sophisticated surveillance aircraft to search for unidentified Britons who fought alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The manhunt has been ordered because it is feared the committed and highly trained fighters may have returned home to plot terror attacks in the UK.

Planes with eavesdropping equipment are now flying over British cities searching for returning Afghan fighters.

They are attempting to identify suspects using ‘voice prints’ of fighters with British accents picked up by RAF Nimrod spy planes monitoring Taliban battlefield radio signals.

The revelation comes after the former SAS commander in Afghanistan yesterday confirmed that British Muslim extremists were actively supporting Taliban and Al Qaeda attacks on British troops.

He said there was also evidence that these people were then returning home to plot further attacks in the UK.


Last year it was revealed that West Midlands Police had used the aircraft, which can monitor computer and mobile-phone communication and long-wave radios, to track suspects connected to the plot to kidnap and behead a British Muslim soldier.

Ironically, the homegrown British jihadis are the same kind of guys who have been penned up by the United States at Guantanamo. If it weren’t for the extreme pressure from the media and the Europeans to ease up on the “human rights violations” in Gitmo, those terrorists now roaming the streets of Bradford or Birmingham might be wearing orange jumpsuits and basking in their tropical paradise instead.

As a juxtaposition, consider this article from The Telegraph, which may or may not be related to the mujahideen being sought by the Nimrod aircraft:
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Police prepare terror attack warning for restaurants and cinemas

The Daily Telegraph has learned that the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, a specialist police unit, is drawing up guidance for hospitality and entertainment sites as part of a drive to prepare for terrorist attacks on crowded public places.

Big hotels will also be covered by the new “protective security guidance” to prepare for attacks including car bombs and suicide bombs.

Owners and managers of hospitality and entertainment firms will be told to assess their businesses’ likely vulnerabilities to attack and prepare contingency plans for staff in the event of an attack.

The police-led security office will this month start running counter-terrorism training exercises for businesses in the “night-time economy”

Known as ARGUS courses, the exercises will present staff and managers in restaurants, cinemas, theatres and hotels with a simulated terrorist attack.


On its website, NCTSO gives a stark warning about the threat to Britain posed by international terrorism.

It says: “Attacks around the world have shown that terrorists will attack those targets they perceive as being attractive.

“Amongst the likely targets for international terrorists are locations with comparatively limited protective security measures which afford the potential for terrorists to cause mass casualties.”

The British authorities are obviously contemplating the possibility of a reprise of the Bali nightclub bombing, but this time in their own cities. Is there a connection between the Nimrod intel-gathering and the potential for new urban terror attacks in the UK?

I have no idea, but the whole affair is food for thought.

Hat tips: JD for the Nimrod report; Cimmerian for the domestic terror warning.

8 thoughts on “Bringing the War Back Home

  1. the question is, do the british — they who responded to the bombings in WW II by resisting — return to seeing themselves as the Anglo-Saxons who persevere against all odds, or do they continue their nightmare walk into multiculturalist submission?

    what idiots they’ve been. their belief that islam is a great cultural tradition is beneath the dignity and history of the british, yet they go on and on in their dhimmitude.

  2. Fluff… The British don’t believe in Islam’s ‘cultural tradition’ – I doubt the vast majority have any opinion on it at all. A certain and influential section of the British have sought to do whatever they could do to alleviate the Islam problem in Britain whilst at the same time ensuring that Islam is not seen as a problem – and by doing so they’ve tied themselves in knots. A similar thing has been happening throughout the EU. The European establishment is rapidly painting itself into a corner.

  3. All the vast majority have known about Islam for the last 150-odd years is Laurence of Arabia and the rather idealised image that came back during the early years of the Empire. Back then they were the plucky underdogs, the noble savages that formed – it has to be said – some of the most loyal and effective units in the British army. The fact that the most loyal were hindu and sikh passed by, they were all the same foreign, mysterious, romantic strangers that countless women dreamed about and countless men wished they could be. You see, reality was a long way away… the brutal nature of life under Islam has really only come to the fore in the last 30 years, and only reached home in the last ten. It takes about a decade to 20 years for an idea to settle and seed before it blooms in the minds of the average perso – or, to put it another way, it takes about the same amount of time as it does for the next generation to reach majority. You can see it happening now, ten years after the big push to increase immigration from muslim lands, accompanied with something of a lag by growing hostility an understanding of what Islam really is. The idea of stopping this immigration was planted about 10 years ago when people first realised what was going on. It’s beginning to mature now, as we can see in Italy.

  4. Oh, and the other thing: I doubt they’re actually using Nimrods to surveil these jihadi types when they have a very effective means of monitoring the entire phone network at GCHQ. They only mentioned the nimrods because they’re famous… but they’re also all in afghanistan and iraq.

  5. This information concerning vulnerable businesses etc seems to be aimed at preparing us for a forthcomming outrage by the holy retards of peace,they would not take this measure if an attack was not imminent.beware people!

  6. thll: The European establishment is rapidly painting itself into a corner.

    And a very blood soaked filthy little corner it is. It spawned the Holocaust and, at this rate, will spawn yet another quite soon enough.

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