Another Terrorist Attack in Xinjiang

So far the terrorists have been unable to get anywhere near the Olympics, but they have managed to strike again in Xinjiang. According to AFP:

A series of bomb blasts followed by gunfire rocked a town in China’s mainly Muslim northwestern region of Xinjiang Sunday leaving at least two people dead, state media said.

The explosions shook the town of Kuqa between 3:20 am (1920 GMT Saturday) and 4:00 am (2000 GMT), Xinhua news agency said. It said two people were killed but that the death toll could rise.


The report did not say who was responsible, but the attack follows repeated threats by Muslim militants in Xinjiang to disrupt the Beijing Olympic Games and comes after an attack in the region last week left 16 police officers dead.

An intriguing piece of the story concerns the death of “suspects” after the attack. According to China Daily:
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Police are searching for suspects, local sources said. At least four or five suspects were killed or injured during the process, the sources said.

Killed or injured in what process? A search?

The process of a police investigation in Xinjiang must be a little more — ahem — proactive than we are used to in the West.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit, via Fausta.

2 thoughts on “Another Terrorist Attack in Xinjiang

  1. Baron –
    I am not sure that labeling the Uegars “terrorists” is apt.
    Are the people in Nepal or Tibet fighting against Chinese rule “terrorists?”
    The western portion of China has long been of a single ethnic league (apart from “Beijing” China). They have been fighting for release from Chinese oppression for a long, long time.
    Every so often, the Chinese come in and slaughter their citizenry in order to promote further opression. They are denied work permits in the major employment areas in China and are forced to live underground in China’s cities.
    Just because these people are Muslim does not mean they are terrorists.
    Just as I think China should let go of Tibet and Nepal, I also think they should let the Uegars form their own country.

  2. Most curious that this could happen in China at all, at this time of maximum senstitivity for the regime. It tells us, if nothing else, that there is real opposition in China capable of planting bombs that the Ministry of State Security and the Ministry of Public Security do not have penetrated with informants. That scares the operators of police states no end. I wonder what the regime’s response will be?

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