Targeting the Weak

Fjordman has written previously about Muslim attacks on Inuits, the indigenous people of Greenland, who are Danish citizens and have been for hundreds of years.

Here’s the latest installment in this sorry saga, as reported in Århus Stiftstidende. Our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc has translated it, and follows it with his own comments:

Greenlanders driven out of their homes due to racist assaults

Residents’ Board is powerless when it comes to young, violent Arabs assaulting tenants.

by Karsten Bjørno

Johanne ChristiansenMany Greenlanders living in Gjellerup Park [a suburban high-rise district of Århus, Denmark — translator] are fed up. After several years of racist persecution and harassment by Arab and Somali tenants, they’ve now chosen to abandon the place.

“I couldn’t stand being their target. It was a psychological stress. But I’m angry that we were the ones to leave. After all, they were the ones to attack us,” says Johanne Christiansen.

“A horrific lack of respect.”

Together with the others she got the municipality’s help to move out. Greenlanders in Gjellerup are assaulted, humiliated, and have stones thrown at them. These citizens from the northernmost part of Denmark mostly stay put in their apartments, afraid to go out in the open. They resemble outlaws and hunting game within the area.

They used to meet outside the library or by the local supermarket on Sigridsvej. And there used to be a tradition of Greenlanders playing soccer on Sundays. But the continuing stone-throwing stopped that.

Furthermore, the celebrations of Greenland Day on June 21st were interrupted by stone-throwing. The event took place at the Gjellerup Swimming Pool recreational area. During recent years professional guards have been required in order to secure the celebrations.

But this year — for the first time ever — the event was cancelled entirely. It had became too risky.

– – – – – – – –


According to Johanne Christiansen most Greenlanders in Gjellerup have experienced harassment. A friend of hers was assaulted and robbed right outside her front door. Another friend suffered serious injuries to her face. A third one was kicked in the back by “youths” on motorbikes. A fourth one did not dare stay home alone, because she was harassed by young Arabs assaulting her and throwing stones at her windows.

Shouted insults like “F**k yourself back to Greenland, this is our Gjellerup” are quite commonplace, as are young Arabs throwing firecrackers at them.

Johanne Christiansen doesn’t doubt that all this is racism towards the Greenlanders from the Arabs of Gjellerup.

“They are targeting us a group. I’ve tried to tell them that we are Danes, born into Danish citizenship. They don’t understand it,” says Johanne Christiansen, 47, who holds a degree in commerce. She has lived in Gjellerup for 16 years.

“My heart still misses a beat or two when I encounter young Arabs. But where I live now, nobody harms me. It’s an unusual feeling. I’m very happy in my new place and I’ll never return to Gjellerup.”

The director of Brabrand Residents’ Organization [Braband is Gjellerup’s official name — translator], Torben Overgaard, sharply condemns the assaults on Greenlanders.

“We can’t live with that. But we are unable to do anything. In order to enforce the law we must know the perpetrator’s identity. But in these cases we don’t because the victims don’t know them either,” says Torben Overgaard who sees the problem thusly:

“If Greenlanders, who tend to drink heavily, live in a place with mainly Muslims, who don’t drink alcohol, conflicts are almost unavoidable.”

Translator’s comments:

The term “Greenlander” is widely used in Denmark as a designation for someone of Inuit extraction, not just another Dane living in Greenland. All “Greenlanders” are full Danish citizens and almost all speak Danish fluently. Due to Greenland’s small population, most Inuits (“Eskimos”) wanting higher education must go to the European part of Denmark, some to stay, some only for a few years.

Unsurprisingly this can cause “culture shock”: imagine being, say, 18 years old and seeing a tree — to say nothing of a forest — for the first time ever… Unfortunately, some Inuits never get over it and seek comfort in the bottle, like so many others. But where others may stop drinking sooner or later, some Inuits suffer from a genetic peculiarity: they’re hypersensitive to alcohol and prone to becoming full alcoholics in a whiff. A real tragedy.

The Muslims’ assaults on these “drop-out-Greenlanders” are widely known, but seldom reported by the MSM. Where ordinary Danes try to help alcoholics generally and Inuit alcoholics especially, Muslims throw stones at them, of course.

As opposed to Muslims, Greenlanders have a rich culture and are generally respected by other Danes. Accordingly, Muslims just follow Islamic doctrine and attack the weakest of the weak Danes: the Inuit alcoholics. True Muslim bravery, indeed…

Hat tip: Steen.

35 thoughts on “Targeting the Weak

  1. During recent years professional guards have been required in order to secure the celebrations.

    That single sentence tells me everything I need to know. Clearly, the police aren’t doing, nor are they going to do diddly squat.

    The only cure I can anticipate for this usual Islamic encroachment is to have some of these stone-throwing “yoots” found floating in the harbor with their heads bashed in (using stones, of course), or their throats cut (another favored Islamic technique). No other message will get any attention from the Muslims.

  2. One of the main purposes of the 2nd Amendment was to ensure that people retained the ability to defend themselves against hooligans in cases where the police might be indifferent to protecting them

  3. “We can’t live with that. But we are unable to do anything. In order to enforce the law we must know the perpetrator’s identity. But in these cases we don’t because the victims don’t know them either,”

    Well then, it is the Greenlanders fault for not identifiying their attackers. The Inuits are known for their hunting skills. Since the so-called authorities are phonies and cowards maybe the hunters should go out and return with the skins of their jackals that throw rocks.

  4. Annoymous: “We can’t live with that. But we are unable to do anything. In order to enforce the law we must know the perpetrator’s identity. But in these cases we don’t because the victims don’t know them either,”

    If a couple of these youths were impaled with crossbow bolts from anonymous windows, somehow I doubt the police would have the same attitude about being unable to do anything unless the complainant knows the perp’s identity

  5. WHere is the anger at their government for bringing the plague of Islam on these people? What about our government who have dumped thousands of unassimilable Somalis on many small communities in Minn and Kansas and elsewhere, probably in your own state?

    The West is being used, our ‘good will’ toward ‘others’ is just suicide. Until we have leaders who understand there is a jihad against the kafir and reverse this invastion, we will have more and more misery. Misery we can easily avoid.

  6. re: Second Amendment: I would guess that only Switzerland and maybe Finland.

    For two thousand years in Europe, the right to be armed was the exclusive prerogative of the European nobility. Being armed in private life, and having the right to defend self and property with arms, was the distinguishing characteristic of the nobleman.

    The truly revolutionary aspect of the American Constitution, was that it made every American citizen a nobleman

  7. In the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew in south Florida a few years back, there was fired the ‘shot heard ’round the town’.

    In the chaotic aftermath of the hurricane looters pillaged with impunity. One brazen pair of looters drove a pickup truck right onto one citizen’s front yard in broad daylight. The driver got out and started firing shots in air. The resident responded by coming outside and firing on the two menacing looters. The driver was shot dead on the spot.

    The looting in the hurricane aftermath stopped right then and there. News accounts that followed called the story, ‘the shot heard ’round the town’.

    Sounds like Århus needs a similar sort of initiative.

  8. I had been under the impression that Inuit people were skilled at fighting. Beer bottles can be turned into Molotov cocktails, after all…

    One thing I know about bullies is that if you flee from a bully, he follows you to the place you flee to. There may be tactical retreat, but there is no getting away from a bully. A bully must be confronted, whether through the legal system or through informal means.

    The Inuit will be chased, and if they continue fleeing, the invaders will try to conquer Greenland itself. There are times when one must make a stand even if one knows one will lose, if only to ensure that the enemy suffers and preferably suffers horribly.

    Danes need to remember the parable of the camel in the tent. If Danes cannot protect Greenlanders, Danes are next. And not just ordinary Danes either. The Danish government is in danger from a coup d’etat.

    I suspect that the principal reason for the cartoon crisis was that a strategic decision was made in Islamist quarters to “paint” Denmark as a target for invasion. Denmark is not only a small nation that must accept travelers on EU visas, but a nation known for happiness. Nothing exasperates a killjoy more than a nation of happy people, so Denmark is sadly the most likely European nation to be targeted with an Islamist invasion, coup d’etat, and reign of terror. For this reason, European capitals (but Copenhagen in particular) need to be on alert against any mass gathering that could be used as a basis for a coup d’etat.

  9. A constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms is no guarantee if you have a government sufficiently determined to do away with it. We had such a right in the uK. The parliamentary bill of rights, whilst mostly concerned with the rights of parliament against the king, guaranteed the right of any man to keep arms about his person to protect himself and his property. Unfortunately, immediately following WW2, we had a labour government determined to disarm us to bring about “peace”. They started with the Dangerous Weapons act, which required that owners of certain classes of weapon inform their local police station of what weapons they possessed. Of course people assumed that would be it, what harm was there in letting the local bobby know you had a gun? THe police weren’t armed, they’d probably find it useful to know where they could quickly get hold of some weapons in the event they were needed.

    What nobody noticed was that the dangerous weapons act was an enabling act. It had what they called a “statutory instrument” that allowed the Home Secretary to alter it at will, without going before parliament. Successive alterations first required the reporting of other classes of weapons, then restricted what weapons could be owned, added licensing requirements for ownership and eventually limited the ownership of weapons to farmers, who could own shotguns and certain types of rifle, and sports shooters. By that point very few people owned guns and the sort of guns people could own were highly limited. And then we had a couple of high-profile shootings that created an impetus to ban them completely.

  10. @John Sobieski

    Excellent post. Short, to the point and bang on the money.

    The greatest threat the west is facing comes from within. It is our leaders and those behind them who are using mass immigration as one of the weapons to destroy western society.

    They know exactly what they are doing.

    Not only is it happening in Europe but the USA is going through the same situation, and is in as bad a situation – if not worse in some states – than Europe.

  11. After reading all these related articles about the muslim activities in Denmark and elsewhere I realized the muslims will not have to resort to terror attacks anymore. If the governments of these European countries are not willing to fight, then the muslims will win without firing a shot, or blowing up another bus.

    Maybe I’m reading too few blogs, but it really does seem that Europeans have lost all will to live. I keep hearing the “people will rise up”, usually after a particularly ridiculous muslim accomodation is made. But I don’t see that happening.

    But I can’t criticize the Europeans too much. Truth be told, if it was me over there with my wife and two young kids, I would be working very hard to emigrate to the U.S. When you know your own government won’t fight, and would probably put you in jail for simple speech, it kind of take the will to fight out of you as well.

    I like to keep things simple. My first allegiance is to my family. I protect them first. If by fighting the muslims I wind up I jail, and nothing changes, I have failed my family. If I move them to a new country, that is still fairly free, and my family flourishes, I have succeeded in protecting my family. Bad for my ancestral homeland, good for my family. I think a lot of people are making that choice today in Europe.

  12. “If Greenlanders, who tend to drink heavily, live in a place with mainly Muslims, who don’t drink alcohol, conflicts are almost unavoidable.”

    What a crock! These folks could be as cold sober as a Muslim and they would still get their asses whooped! The “problem” is always the same. They are NOT Muslim. The rest is just icing on the cake.

  13. Graham Dawson (Archonix) wrote: “The parliamentary bill of rights…….guaranteed the right of any man to keep arms about his person to protect himself and his property.”

    Being a bit of a crank on these matters, I looked it up:

    “Act Declaring the Rights and Liberties of the Subject, and Settling the Succession of the Crown, December 16, 1689
    And thereupon the said Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, persuant to their respective letters and elections, being now assembled in a full and free representative of this nation, taking into their most serious consideration the best means for attaining the ends aforesaid, do in the first place (as their ancestors in like case have usually done) for the vindicating and asserting their ancient rights and liberties declare
    7. That the subjects which are Protestants may have arms for their defence suitable to their conditions and as allowed by law;”

    Michael Barone,OUR FIRST REVOLUTION, The Remarkable British Upheaval that Inspired America’s Founding Fathers,
    Three Rivers Press, New York 2007

  14. I think the guardians of political correctness will be tied in knots with this situation. Muslim bullying of Greenlanders is a tipping point. If the Left is in favor of civil rights, particularly civil rights for minorities, why aren’t leftist protesting anti-Greenlander xenophobia, racism, and violence? The epithet “racist” can now be used against those who don’t act to defend the rights of Greenlanders.

    Imagine a civil rights march in Copenhagen, complete with singing “We Shall Overcome”, protesting against those who seek to deprive Greenlanders of their civil rights. Imagine candle light vigils. Imagine ringing bells in defiance of the bullies. If the plight of Greenlanders in Denmark becomes a civil rights issue, particularly an issue of minority rights, it becomes difficult for leftists to defend the actions of the Greenlanders’ tormentors.

    In the long run, it will be necessary to win those who are now on the Left over to the view that protecting the civil rights of Europeans from Islamist terror is important. I think the plight of Greenlanders is a perfect opportunity to highlight the hypocrisy of the practitioners of political correctness.

  15. paul said…

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew in south Florida a few years back, there was fired the ‘shot heard ’round the town’.

    The armed men of Koreatown took to the rooftops during the 1992 ‘Rodney King’ riots as did the men of Little Italy in ’68 in my town’s riots following the assassination of Dr King.

    Neither neighborhood saw more than one incident of trouble.


    I like your thinking but I’m afraid that because the Greenlanders are Danes they will have to be treated less well than the ‘guests’.

    Call me a cynic but the facts bare me out.

  16. Guess the European politicos who have expressed the naive notion that if Europeans treat Muslims courteously, then Muslims will reciprocate when they are in the majority are now seeing a different outcome.

    Long before majority status, Muslims are attacking their host country’s natives.

    There is no such thing as reciprocity with non-Muslims in Islam. There is no form of the Golden Rule. What charity is preached is only toward other Muslims.

    Non-Muslims are pejoratively called infidels. Their lands are called Dar al Harb (Territory of War) until they are conquered when they become part of Dar al Islam. The choices for infidels under Islam are only three: to convert to Islam, to become dhimmi, second class citizens who pay extra taxes and have rights only at the whim of their Muslim masters, or to die refusing to submit.

    There is no category “live side by side as equals”.

    There is one bully in the pen, one religion that is not like the others and does not play well with anyone else but its own kind and that is Islam.

    This observation is universal. Every Muslim country cleanses or oppresses its minorities. Every country that has allowed in a Muslim minority experiences hostile acts against the host country’s laws and citizens when they reach about 6% of the population, with open hostility increasing with the Muslim share of the population.

    Leftist politicians are some combination of blind, stupid, lazy and masochistic-suicidal to be able to ignore what is being shouted in our faces by the Koran, by activist Muslims and by observable behavior of Muslim populations.

  17. To Rohan’s comment about not blaming the Europens too much and if he were them, making arrangements to emigrate to the United States:

    The USA does not need such people who will not make a stand to save even their homeland and behave like rats deserting a sinking ship. America has sprung several sizeable leaks as well and needs more fighters, not runners.

    No one is asking Europeans to be heroic. They are not even availing themselves of their presently secret ballot in one of the last democratic elections where they are a majority to vote out the parties carrying out ethnic cleansing against their own native populations by inundating them with too many immigrants to assimilate successfully, especially a new breed of immigrant (Muslim) who has no intention of assimilating but is colonizing for Islam and Allah.

    If you will not vote for an anti-immigration party as a protest to bring the mainstream parties back from the outer leftist fringes, then you are enabling the takeover and should stay there to live with the consequences. Be the dhimmi you made yourself with your vote. Wrap your daughters and wife in burkas, grow a beard and kneel. You do not deserve freedom any longer when you will not take the simplest steps at no risk to yourself to stymie your enemy.

  18. laine: There is one bully in the pen, one religion that is not like the others and does not play well with anyone else but its own kind and that is Islam.

    This is the elephant in the room that nobody can bear to admit actually exists.

    Either Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Copts and all other religions unite to fight Islam’s totalitarian idology or they can all kiss their jellyfish butts goodbye. I would venture that such an alliance will probably need to embrace even agnostics and atheists before this fight is over. This is all about individual rights to personal belief and has exactly NOTHING to do with religion. Islam makes this abundantly clear to anyone with the sense to listen.

    laine‘s comment is the ONE THING that Western leaders and Politically Correct liberals simply refuse to admit. They aren’t just unwilling, it is a matter of adamant refusal to recognize the obvious. IT IS TREASON.

    In a final and out of sequence note:

    rohan: I like to keep things simple. My first allegiance is to my family.

    You are up against a culture that has been putting family first for so long that Westerners are but rank amateurs by comparison. I’ll soon be submitting a detailed monograph to GoV regarding this precise issue and all its hoary implications.

    In the meanwhile, I suggest that you heed laine‘s admonition and begin giving more priority to developing a stronger sense of nationalism. Otherwise, you are merely hopping from rock to rock in mid-river as the crocodiles close in behind you. Your family will not benefit from such temporary flight. Only turning and facing the enemy along with those who pander to them will do any good.

  19. One thing that might help Europeans in this fight is to recognize that much, if not all, of the “philosophy” that came out of Europe during the 20th century was crap.

    For example: In the real world, (that of not European philosophical creation), nationalism does not mean totalitarianism, state ownership of industry, massive socialism, bloody minded expansionism, etc. It means love of your own country and it’s culture and a willingness to defend it.

    If they can get themselves over that hurdle, the reality that you can love your own without being a nazi or a fascist or whatever the lefartds slander you with, that’s half the fight, right there.

    Loving and being willing to defend your own nation and culture does not mean you have to hate everyone else’s or want to conquer them to expand your own national borders.

    You just have to destroy those who want you destroyed before they manage to destroy you.

    I know that’s a bit of a nuance stretch for some, but it does work.

  20. Thiagan —

    I understand your sentiments, but unfortunately your comment was intemperate and had to be deleted.

    Gates of Vienna’s rules about comments require that they be civil, temperate, on-topic, and show decorum. Your comment violated rule #2. By “temperate” I mean: no exhortations to commit violence or foment insurrection, etc.

    I appreciate your willingness to comment here, and look forward to hearing more from you and other Hindus on the topic of Islam in India.

    For the rest of our readers: Thiagan said, “I am Hindu from India. We have lived with muslims for thousand years and there are 20 million of them here.”

    I’m hoping that he will return and explain his suggestion for a solution (while remaining within the constraint of the rules, of course).

  21. Laine you suggest voting for a party that will stop islam in its tracks, well as a English person that here in England is impossibe. Why you may ask and the answer is simple, we have no party that is willing to do so. All of them Labour, Conservative, Liberals, they all pander to the muslims in our country, the only party that is willing to stop these scum is the British National Party and thanks to the muslim loving press here the BNP has been labeled nazi and racist. For my part I would and will fight the muslims to save my country. But expect help from any political party here to change the way they cowardly pander to these muslim scum is a fairy tale. No Im afraid the only thing that will stop islam in England is the English people fighting (as I’m willing to do) these scum on our streets. All the political parties here (apart from the BNP) are traitors and should face charges of treason against our people

  22. @George:

    “All of them Labour, Conservative, Liberals, they all pander to the muslims in our country, the only party that is willing to stop these scum is the British National Party and thanks to the muslim loving press here the BNP has been labeled nazi and racist.”

    Yes, but why don’t the British people vote for the BNP, even in spite of the fact that they are labeled nazi and racist? Do they wait for an explicit permission from their government to do so? Do they wait for some authority figure to declare that it is okay to vote for the BNP? That will never happen.

    May I ask you, if you vote for the BNP yourself?

    I am from Germany and the situation you described seems to be very similar to the situation over here. Of course every nationalist party will be labeled nazi and racist, should that surprise us? What surprises me is that almost all people are so cowed down by these smears that they can’t even act defiantly in the voting booth, where nobody sees whom they vote for. After having talked to many people in my country about it, I found that even those who are most critical about Islam, mass immigration and the current political establishment often do not vote for one of the parties opposing it themselves. Actually even the anti-Islamic bloggers do not endorse these parties. Instead they will say in defense that elections are actually useless or that democracy is a flawed system, anyway. Sometimes they take refuge in conspiracy theories. I am really at a loss about how to persuade these people to actually vote for the “forbidden” parties and not only bitch forever on their blogs. Ideas anyone?

  23. Grimmy – you are absolutely right..But then there’s the trouble: most people still think that what was thought out in the twentieth cy was an absolutely wonderful idea; they haven’t even done away with communism yet! They hold to their leftish idea’s, so much so that the powers that be have won the people’s consent to obliterate every chance we still have to eventually change out minds and mend things, by doing away with what demoracy we still have, and incarcerate us in the European Union..

  24. @pasta: If everyone who agreed with the BNP actually voted for the BNP, what percentage would they gain? 10%? Let us be extremely optimistic and say 20%? Even if they got 20% the other parties would just form a government without them in the ‘cordon sanataire’ and they would still have not one say in the government or pass a single law. There is no use voting because the people have been duped into being their own oppressors and they are like grazing cows, incapable of being shown or explained anything beyond their next pleasure.

    The problems go into the very psyche of the west, we have been disarmed from the inside out. Voting won’t change anything, only a complete overhaul of the national zeitgeist would create enough voters for our side to make a difference. Why vote for a 3rd party candidate when you get a meagre 1% to show for it and no say in government? And the only way to completely overhaul the national zeitgeist is to take control of the education system and the media like the communists did. But how do we beat them at their own game? If we couldn’t even keep our education and media from being taken over by them, how do we take it back now that it’s all theirs? Plus do we really have time to wait any longer? Can we really educate and inform a few generations of kids in the hopes the ‘marketplace of ideas’ will reform? In 40 years the game is up.

  25. @Diamed:

    Concerning the discussions on other threads, I find myself agreeing that democratism is a bad thing but yet I think that one should do everything one can do within the existing system, even if it’s only marginally useful but doesn’t cost anything. Voting for the BNP doesn’t cost anything, so why not do it? A good result in elections would reassure activists that they are not alone and might help to attract media attention. I don’t know about Britain, but in Germany parties receive state funding in proportion to the number of votes they receive. So any vote for a party redirects funding to support its cause. And shouldn’t a drowning man catch any straw he finds?

  26. My God, what the hell is going on??? It seems that the majority of Europeans have become a bunch of subservant wimps cowering to a bunch of backward thugs. Where have the days of standing up and fighting for what you believe in gone??? The unfortunate answer to this question is that our pathetic system of liberal thinking has formed us into a group of docile imbeciles who pamper to the wishes and desires of immigrants and outsiders who do everything they can to intimidate indigenous populations using threats and physical violence.
    The sad fact is that this is just going to continue unabated, Europe is lost to these Arab scumbags, no government is going to stand up and redress the balance, so we might as well just get used to it and accept it!!! Anyone changes their mind, you know where to find me!!!

  27. Pasta,

    I’m completely with you. I have voted for the Sweden Democrats since 2002. Doing the right thing, even if nobody knew it, gave me almost a Christian sort of experience (in the beginning nobody knew).

    Having high representation by these parties is important as such. It’s all about the theater. In the case of the Sweden Democrats the important step is when they enter the parliament. This will change the mental picture of 9 million people. And you do not even have to agree with the party to vote for it. You should only consider what effect it will have on the theater, what it does to the establishment.

    I find myself agreeing that democratism

    Democracy is bad because the lack of balance. To take away the balance of the awaken people is the diametrically wrong way to try to “fix” the problem.

    Now everybody go away and vote for your anti-establishment party the next time! Even if you keep it to yourself, and especially if you keep it to yourself, it will give you a religious sort of feeling. You are alone in this way together with millions of people around the world, and you will feel the power of it when you do it.

    And it’s Kant’s categorical imperative!

  28. pasta, (its me George had to redo the goggle ac again) and yes I have and do vote for the BNP as they are the only democratic hope England has, but I’m afraid as diamed rightly pointed out even if they win in so many boroughs they do not have the money to field enough candidates to cover every borough for a general election, and then of course the leftist media here will not let them even have air space to put foreward their manefesto. As to the papers themselves at the time of a general election they will give the BNP no coverage at all unless it is to scream in bold print NAZI or RACIST, our people seeing those headlines immediately stop like the brainwashed people the PC leftists/liberals have made them and then they end up voting for no one, as apathy sets in. I am sure it is the same in many European countries. So like you pasta I too would like anyone to give me some idea of what to do. We need a leader someone who has the charisma, skill, dedication, oratory, and knowhow to unite the English people in driving these PC leftist/liberals and also the muslims out of our country. If somehow that person would come foreward, the English lion would regain her teeth and then we would roar. We need another Cromwell. I am sure it is the same again for many other countries in Europe too

  29. Just thought this poem by Rudyard Kipling was very good as regards the English and the muslims of today, and many peoples could put the names of their own people in the place of the English

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the English began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the English began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the English began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the English began to hate.

    It was not suddenly bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the English began to hate

  30. Laine,But is the ballot secret when barcodes are placed now on ones paper?
    Should anyone be a known BNP supporter then their employment will cease.
    This taken from House of commons site.


    Supplementary evidence submitted by David Monks, Chairman, Electoral Matters Panel, the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers (SOLACE)

    Further to my evidence at the Select Committee hearing I did mention the proposal put forward by colleagues in London concerning a new method of dealing with postal votes. I am pleased to attach a document which explains this process.


    Possible amendment to provisions proposed in the Electoral Administration Bill and the concurrently announced secondary legislation.


    Security remains an issue, in terms of registration, postal voting and, through media speculation, voting in person at a polling station.

    The Commission’s report published mid-October flags the lack of confidence in postal voting amongst the electorate at large and particularly amongst some age groups etc.

    The law does not currently require voters to present a poll card, either at a polling station or to accompany a postal vote application.

    An issue for many parts of London is the number of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) and apartments etc with security-controlled access. Being in possession of one electoral document sent out by post cannot always be assumed to prove the individual’s identity.

    The Bill paves the way for individual registration with personal identifiers, including signatures, dates of birth and other items. An individual’s signature may vary according to where they write it, the pen they use and individual idiosyncracy.

    These individual identifiers will be used for the application for a postal vote and the postal voting statement to accompany the returned postal ballot paper envelope. This aims to demonstrate that the person applying—and voting—is (or knows more than the name of) the person whom they purport to be.

    The process of checking signatures at the opening of postal votes (against registration records or postal vote applications)—whether generally, or simply on challenge by an election or other agent—would be inordinately time-consuming and appear to invite challenge because of the real likelihood of dissimilar signatures.

    Having many postal voters here in the UK either due to age or work commitments, it’s likely your vote could become public people are afraid to take that risk.
    The very elderly that have placed BNP posters in their windows over the election period end up having a UAF visit and their windows smashed.

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