Realizing Napoleon’s Dream

After my post about the Mediterranean Union this morning, our European correspondent Lexington was moved to write us an email:

Dear Baron,

The Mediterranean Union will be the means by which the Lisbon Treaty will be forced upon the Europeans despite the Irish veto. Sarkozy, in displaying his disdain for the Irish ‘No’ vote, remarked that he had a solution in hand, the details of which would be announced in October.

The Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam is now recognised by the UN as ‘complementary’ to, or a ‘regional variation’ of, the UN-sponsored Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Thus, when the countries presently in the EU and the Moslem countries (those of the ‘Mediterranean’) join in an MU, there will naturally be a treaty document agreed and I am certain that the failed Lisbon Treaty will provide the template, particularly since the EU has already prepared the groundwork for the MU with the charges of racism, xenophobia and computer crimes which, as we have seen in Iran’s case, means using a computer to spread knowledge, analysis and criticism of Islam.

– – – – – – – –

I am certain that the European Arrest Warrant will be employed, that any treaty between the EU and MU will include provision for Middle Eastern countries in the MU to request an EAW of any European country and, since the European Monitoring Centre for Racism and Xenophobia defines racism as including religion in that charge, there is little doubt that Europe has surrendered to Islam.

As for Gaddafi’s supposed opposition to the MU, that’s an obvious feint to make the other Moslem nations joining the MU appear as moderates to the dhimmies. I’m sure his outburst was carefully agreed and choreographed by the OIC.

Once again, Napoleon’s crazed dreams of France’s ‘glory’ in Europe and the Middle East are on course to create hell on earth. I wonder if Europe will find a Wellington this time around; I strongly doubt that the US will assist, in fact I am certain the present administration has encouraged this monster.

If Obama gets in, he’ll probably want to address the opening session!

— Lexington

I like his explanation of Qaddafi’s motivation; it certainly fits with the standard taqiyya model.

However, Muammar is also a notorious whack-job, so I wouldn’t rule out simple whim.

2 thoughts on “Realizing Napoleon’s Dream

  1. I think I predicted something similar to this a ways back. Yay, I’m a prophet!

    The thing to remember when considering Gaddafi’s actions is his sense of self-importance. Other muslims want to be Caliph; he knows he already is caliph, the world just hasn’t realised yet. He wrote his own additional bit of Islam in a little green book and he thinks he’s basically it as far as the world is concerned. Egomania. The only reason he’s rejecting the MU i because he isn’t being made king.

  2. The only reason he’s rejecting the MU i because he isn’t being made king.

    Which means that, unlike the European leaders, the lunatic still has some dignity left.

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