Geert Wilders Gets Off Scot-Free… For Now

Below is a translation by H. Numan of an article from yesterday’s De Telegraaf, followed by a brief comment from the translator:

Public prosecutor: No prosecutable offenses in Wilders’ movie Fitna

Geert WildersAmsterdam — Geert Wilders didn’t make discriminatory remarks or incite hatred in his movie Fitna. The Prosecutor General’s Office [Openbaar Ministerie or “OM” — translator] came to this conclusion after investigation, announced Leo de Wit, Chief Prosecutor on Monday.

De Wit said a number of Wilders’ statements “are insulting to Muslims”, but they were made within the context of a debate. “That strips his statements of any prosecutable character.” Therefore, there is no question as to discrimination or inciting hatred.

The OM investigated statements of Wilders in October 2006 and August 2007 made in the Volkskrant and a column on the Internet. The OM received over 40 complaints regarding these. Against the movie Fitna several dozens of complaints were filed. The OM informed the complainants about its decision.

Chief Prosecutor De Wit said on Monday he took the fact that Wilders talks about Islam as a religion and not about individual Muslims in his judgment. De Wit: “We find that Wilders’ statements and remarks were limited to Islam as a religious organization.”

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The movie Fitna was posted on 27 March on the Internet. Wilders made his production “to show the dangers of the Koran and Islam”. The OM decided that possible infringements of the law in the movie would be investigated. The PVV member of parliament also stated that the Koran should be forbidden as it might be seen as a fascist book.

The Dutch government heavily criticized the movie. Shortly after its release the prime minister publicly regretted the making of the movie. He also found that the movie was made purely to insult others.

Wilders himself spoke of a polite movie, within the framework of the law. “My movie isn’t meant to incite trouble,” said Wilders after releasing his movie.

The investigation of the justice department took several months. This was due to the fact the OM used national and European regulations against discrimination to come to its conclusion. It also asked for external advice and the highest level of the college of Prosecutors General was involved in the investigation.

H. Numan’s comment:

So, Wilders is of the hook. The Dutch hook, that is. The fishermen used practically all techniques possible, with the exception of dynamite fishing. The use of bait, dragnets, in-season fishing, out-of-season fishing — everything has been tried.

And he gets away clean. Almost like ‘Old Fighter’ from the Brigadier Dawg cartoon. Now we have to see what will happen to the Jordanian hook. It’s pretty quiet on that side for now.

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