Covering up for Allah

KGS of Tundra Tabloids has translated a report from the Finnish blog Go Rin No Sho about an incident that took place in a children’s park in Helsinki.

Sauna TimeHere’s the context of this story for our American readers: Finns don’t mind public nudity. What might get you arrested in downtown Salt Lake is akin to, say, not wearing socks as far as the Finnish are concerned.

For the provincial among us, those who find travel a burden rather than a pleasure, here is an introduction to Finnish manners and mores. Scroll down to find the section on nudity; it appears to be accurate. On the other hand, since the whole page is done in high droll, perhaps not. You be the judge – if this person is any indication, those Finns are a fun bunch provided you’re not a tee-totaling Baptist.

“Mother forbidden to wear bikini in play park”

A Helsinki mother was taking in the sun in the Tapuli residential park in Tapaninkylä with her two sons, ages 5 and 6. While the boys were splashing in the swimming pool the mother decided to get some sun. She spread her blanket on the grass by the pool, so she could keep an eye on the children.

The mother managed to lied down only for a second, when a member of the park’s staff, a woman, came over and admonished her to dress up. According to the woman an adult is not allowed to be in the park in a bikini.

Why can’t someone get a tan in a play park, director in charge of parks, Leena Timonen? “During the play parks Summer operations all children wear swim wear. It has been agreed about adults, that the staff observe that their dress is also appropriate. Bikinis are not explicitly forbidden, but a bare upper body and string bikinis are not allowed, for moderation. Every staff member interprets for himself what is appropriate.”

Who has created the rules? “This was jointly done between the play park-staff and family-center directors, that all parks would follow the same rules. We have a lot immigrants, for whom too much revealing clothing would offend. But not one rule was made because of them.”

– – – – – – – –

How often do you have to give notices to under-dressed parents? “I have not heard any situation like this before. Mostly it’s giving notice to those who have gone into the pool with clothes on.”

What kind of fine would be levied for those who refuse to obey? “The police will not be called. It’s quite understandable that this kind of situation happened now that it’s hot. The adults have to understand that this is a child’s play park, and a standard of good taste has to be observed.”

[end of translation]

KGS warns us about the portents for the future contained in this news story:

The woman being interviewed, Leena Timonen, is simply being disingenuous. She just can’t come out and say that it’s actually Islam that is in question, and that immigrant Muslims are dictating to the park officials what is appropriate to wear, and what is not. Children could care less whether a mom is wearing a bikini, or a tank top and shorts.

It’s only a matter of time when the mother of two, besides being forbidden to wear a bikini, will have to bring her two boys to the pool at the gender correct time. The more non-Muslims cave into the whining of the Muslims, the more our own western culture and freedoms are going to be infringed upon.

Since the park director leaves the decision of “what’s appropriate” to the park staff, therefore it would be interesting to know just how many of the park staff are in fact, Muslims themselves? The whole situation is pretty bizarre, especially from a Finnish perspective, due to the Finns’ own sauna culture.

Remember to click on that link above for more information on “sauna culture.”

16 thoughts on “Covering up for Allah

  1. It is time for Europeans to learn to say “F*** You” to their would be nannies. Say it loud, say it in force. Make them drag you away. The Jews are not afraid to make a fuss over your Christmas trees, and the Muslims are not afraid to make a fuss over everything else. It is time for the rest of us to be just as big a pain in the butt.

  2. That link that Dymphna provided, “Finnish manners and mores,” is absolutely HILARIOUS. LOL! I seriously want to go to Finland now.

  3. Since the park director leaves the decision of “what’s appropriate” to the park staff, therefore it would be interesting to know just how many of the park staff are in fact, Muslims themselves?

    Perhaps a rash of park directors and staff having the snot beaten out of them might change things. These petty officials who just can’t resist enforcing whatever new rule some whiney-arsed furriner suggests need some locals to set them straight about whose country it is and what rules they feel like obeying.

  4. A companion article: French women give up topless sunbathing on the Riviera, and Muslims are a factor

    Sacrilege! …the dark age has begun.

    Brigitte Bardot, where are you?

  5. From the article on the French Riviera:

    “But a spokesman for the health ministry put the cover up down to cancer concerns.

    “Whereas people once thought nothing of exposing their flesh to the sun for many hours, people are generally a lot more sensible nowadays.”

    Yeah, sure, a tiny strip of cloth on the top will make a big difference for your chances of getting a skin cancer. Maybe men should start wearing bikini tops as well then in the interest of protecting their health.

  6. Brigitte Bardot, where are you?

    She receives death threats from the Muslims and is fined with thousands of euros by the French justice for speaking against halal animal slaughter and the islamization of France.

    The good days of Saint Tropez are gone. And their symbol is silenced.

  7. The good days of Saint Tropez are gone. And their symbol is silenced.

    Well, the Swedish feminists haven’t given up.
    See here.

    They accept no less than bathing with bear breast also in indoor pools. And in Malmö. It’s interesting the extreme opposites that modern liberalism unleashes. In can’t end otherwise but with a giant collision. Modern liberalism is destined to self-implode.

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