Blessed are They Who Mourn? I Wonder…

Update: Honest Reporting was mistaken in its assertion that the BBC changed the headline on its article. The original BBC story is still posted here.

The same egregious headline remains in place in that article: “Israel bulldozer driver shot dead”. The other BBC stories were simply added as later articles on the same topic, and the original post was never revised.

Israel reports a new public attack which killed three or more, and injured at least forty people. There are lots of outlets for this story; I will link them at the end of the narrative.

from Israel National News The killer, a Palestinian from East Gaza apparently acting alone, climbed aboard a bulldozer where he was employed and drove the heavy equipment down the busy street, wreaking death and havoc along the street before he was shot down.

Here is an understandably emotional report from a frantic father whose thirteen year-old daughter was there to see it as it happened:

Today at noon, in front of the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem, a father of two from the non-nation, the vile nation, (the “Palestinians”) decided that his life, his job, raising his family, supporting his family and growing old, was worth much less than the opportunity to murder Jewish women and children. So, this official Arab resident of Jerusalem who had a skilled position as a construction heavy equipment operator, took his bulldozer and began to run over and crush everyone in sight.

By the intersection, he asked a lady to back her car up so he could move his tractor, actually asking her to position right behind him, and then crushed her and her car. He crushed several occupied cars as he drove down the street, leaving a mother dead but her baby surviving. He aimed for a bus, the driver screamed for her passengers to evacuated and tried to back up…she was decapitated by the bulldozer shovel.

He aimed for another bus, taking it down as well. He sped down the street, heading towards the new Jerusalem bridge inaugurated this week…

– – – – – – – –

At that point, a policewoman ran up and started firing at the driver, but large bulldozers are armored against falling debris, enough to stop pistol bullets. Another policeman jumped onto the bulldozer, emptying his clip into the cab. The murderer was hit and momentarily stunned, but was able to re-engage. The officer entered the cab and began to grapple with the driver, the bulldozer now swerving from side to side. An off duty soldier borrowed another policeman’s weapon, jumped on the bulldozer and shot the driver in the head.

I found out about this as my 13 year old daughter called frantic. She was a short distance away as police vehicles came screaming in (even 4 policemen on horses) and people were running and crying going the other way. She didn’t know what was happening, or what do to. I didn’t either, I told her to go into the bus station, which sent her towards the middle of the attack. Fortunately, it had been ended by then.

Tonight, 4 families are dealing with the slaughter of their loved ones, the loss of their family members. Another 4-8 are dealing with heavily injured loved ones, probably permanently maimed for life. Another 25-50 are dealing with only “moderately” injured loved ones.

These are all just injuries to us, another atrocity. But like the 7/7 bombing in London, or the one earlier in Madrid, there are people left behind. These are people who open the door every day to silence, to the loud silence of someone who is no longer there. In the aftermath of these and many others (not to mention the USS Cole and the Lebanon barracks and the Twin Towers) souls have been maimed forever. Sometimes you wonder who are the fortunate ones – is it those who survived, maimed but alive and facing years of pain and disfigurement? Is it those left behind to mourn the absolute absence of a beloved child or those whose lives are suddenly gone, those who will never mourn again?

This eye-witness account (at one remove), as repeated by the father, is another world away from the Beeb’s chronicle (they could watch it unfold below from their office window), or the Reuters story, or the brief early version sent by a frequent tipster, Insubria87.

And then there is the Israel National News account, which calls the attack “unprecedented.” That’s true, but only in the sense that a propaganda-deluded terrorist found one more way to kill innocent people. No doubt other Arabs employed in Israel building roads will now be unemployed. I wonder who they will blame – Israel or their fellow “citizen”?

Unfortunately for their almost-zero credibility, the Beeb was caught changing its headline again. Here’s what Honest Reporting has to say:

While BBC Online currently covers the story “Bulldozer rampage hits Jerusalem,” this was not the original headline. Offering a glimpse into the BBC’s warped journalism, the initial headline read “Israel bulldozer driver shot dead“.

Of course the BBC will claim it didn’t know the details, but who believes them anymore except the people they look at in the mirror?

From Israel National News:

The terrorist is a 30-year-old father of two from the Arab neighborhood of Tzur Baher in eastern Jerusalem – the same neighborhood in which the perpetrator of the Merkaz HaRav slaughter lived.

If you remember, Libya blocked any UN condemnation of that attack after it happened. How long will we have to continue to affiliate with the murderers, tyrants, and corrupt bagmen who infest the halls of the UN? How long will we let them live rent-free in our country?

How long, oh Lord, how long?

Be sure to visit Atlas Shrugs on this story. She will have lots of updates as the day and evening wears on…and as you watch the videos, note that men run toward the berserk driver, not away and out of harm’s way. One can only admire such courage.

By the way, Pamela has a link to a BBC place where you can complain about the evil complicity of the BBC.

I leave you with the ruminations of the father whose story began this post:

The culture of death rolls on, funded by the US and the EU, encouraged weekly by the US State Department and Condoleezza Rice, counting on prisoner trades arranged and approved by Prime Minster Olmert, fed by food released under fire by Defense Minister Barak, supported by rulings from the Israeli Supreme Court (which has outlawed any form of Avodat Ivrit, exclusive Jewish Labor companies which would provide only Jewish workers to a project).

This man had a good job, full rights, and a family. But MY death and the death of EVERY JEW was of more value to him than his life.

Tonight, his family is probably erecting a party tent, where they will CELEBRATE his murder spree. They will teach his children that mass murder is better than life, they will be honored for not having a father. Their family will revel and party on our blood this week. And the Israeli government will stand by and do NOTHING.

Tonight, Kadima is responsible, Labor is responsible, Shas is responsible. Make sure they know it, let them hear you. There is NO PEACE and NO PEACE PROCESS with a Culture of Death. That MUST change first.

I agree with his sentiments, but to get any of them to accept responsibility for this is like hitting your head against the wall of indifference the elites have erected against common sense and survival.

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  1. So here was a Palestinian working for an Israeli (I presume) company or the state itself. Yet these are the same “racist” Israelis who oppress innocent Palestinians at every chance? The man had a wife, kids and a good paying job thanks to Israel. Thats some oppression alright?

  2. Israel is insane to allow a 15% arab minority inside their country when all arabs/muslims are intent on Israel’s destruction.

    These deaths are on the hands of political correctness and Israel’s unwillingness to actually make a jewish homeland specifically and only for jews. If I were Israel, I would ethnic cleanse all of Israel, gaza, and the west bank and use the land for whatever purpose I saw fit, settlements, military buffer zone, whatever. Then no more charity would have to be sent, no more terrorism would occur, and no more UN wrangling as the issue would be finally resolved. Let the muslims take care of their own jihadis, since they all cry over the plight of the palestinians, their compassion for them must be a bottomless well right? Let them spend their oil profits on the refugees caused by their own support of terrorism against Israel.

    I would also have bombed the hell out of Iran long ago. Everyone in the west is too nice and there is no difference between being nice and being weak, vulnerable, and bullied in this fallen world.

  3. D-

    The guy was from West Jerusalem from an arab neighborhood there that abuts a Jewish one.

    Go to Ynet news for the scoop. It good fair coverage. The viseo shows the guy driving off from a raodblock and then being shot by an off duty policeman or IDF type.

    From Ashqelon, Israel.

  4. Diamed, your comments show an marked ignorance of the Middle East. Arab does NOT equal “Muslim”. Roughly 10% of the Arabs in Israel are CHRISTIAN. Do NOT forget that!

  5. Why is the media repeatedly referring to the weapon in this attack as a “bulldozer”? A bulldozer is slow enough to allow victims a better opportunity to escape (3-5 mph). This beast was a front end loader, capable of speeds up to 20 mph. Big difference!

  6. @leonidas: the “equivalence” factor. Israel uses bulldozers to demolish the homes of terrorists now and then. Call this a “bulldozer” attack and one has the ability to later refer back to Israeli self-defence actions and say “it’s no worse than what the jews do!”

  7. And the world wonders why Israelis are slowly coming to hate their Muslim neighbors.

    Tonight there will be great celebration in Gaza and great sorrow in Israel.

  8. The Christian Arabs, whle they don’t like the Palestinians who make their life so difficult, also don’t like the Israelis…that must be a difficult position to be in…

  9. Dymphna, be careful of your generalizations. I belong to a group called “ACT! For America” which calls for greater awareness on Islamic activities in the US among our policy-makers. It was founded by an Arab (Lebanese) Christian, Brigitte Gabriel, who is one of the most pro-Israeli people on the planet.

    As I mentioned, during my stay in Israel, I was harassed on many occasions for 1) looking “Arab” (which I’m not) 2) displaying a cross around my neck and 3) “congregating” with Arabs (i.e. having coffee with them in public areas). Unless the Israelis as a group stop their policy of indiscriminately targetting any non-Jew and wake up to the fact that were it not for Christians they as a country would not exist, they will continue to receive the demonization that is not entirely unjustified under the current regime.

    Meanwhile, I will continue to pray for the innocent victims of this conflict, both Jews and Christians among them.

  10. qualis rex–

    A generalization will always carry exceptions. I thought that was understood.

    For example, a great many blacks hate Clarence Thomas. Not every black does — e.g., Shelby Steel, etc. However, until I know otherwise, when I talk to black friends, I don’t assume they like Thomas. Most of the African Americans in our area are Dems right down the line. Only the old folks remember when that was unthinkable.

    Growing up in Florida, many of the kids I went to school with were first generation American Lebanese, makign up perhaps a quarter of the school I attended. Except for the delicious food in Lebanese homes, there wasn’t any sense of “difference” by either the “natives” (I, too, was a 1st gen. American) or those lately arrived. In fact, my brother’s first true love was a Lebanese girl in his class.

    The Lebanese Christians are on an entirely different plane from Palestinian Christians. For one thing, they are educated and when they arrived here, the great majority were middle class or better. Many were professionals: doctors, lawyers, etc., and their clients were not simply the immigrant community but also FL natives.

    The Catholic Lebanese population in FL is responsible in many ways for the grow of the northeastern part of the state. They brought their skills and experience, a love of education, and a deep Christian faith. They did not establish Lebanese churches but simply joined what Catholic parishes already existed. Nor did they tend to live in enclaves, though families were large and close. They also married “out” in fair numbers, rather than choosing Lebaneese mates.

    I don’t know about further south in the state, but in the northeast and to some extent in the Panhandle, the Lebanese arrived and proceeded to live out the used-to-be-usual American immigrant dream.

    I’m not sure I understand this part:

    Unless the Israelis as a group stop their policy of indiscriminately targetting any non-Jew and wake up to the fact that were it not for Christians they as a country would not exist, they will continue to receive the demonization that is not entirely unjustified under the current regime.

    Could you explain? Seems to me Jews were the target of Christians over the millenia –leading to the need for a Jewish state to begin with — and that, otoh, many “righteous Gentiles” have also been recognized by the state of Israel. It’s a mixed history to be sure.

    Were I a Jew, I would certainly be wary. Israel has been left to swing in the wind so many times in its sixty years of fragile existence. And yet it goes on producing scientific and technological innovations, educating its people, including the Israeli Arabs, and doing a good job in the face of a suicide pact among the more leftist Jews…

  11. Dymphna – The Lebanese Christians are on an entirely different plane from Palestinian Christians.

    I’m just curious, do you know any Palestinian Christians? They are usually the educated elite in any given population. This is the reason for their dwindling numbers, since so many opt to study, then stay abroad. Another reason for their decreasing numbers is because they have much smaller families compared to their Muslim neighbors (why? pssst! education). So, I really don’t understand the Leb vs Pal on education.

    Regarding Israel, we should probably put that in the “let’s not get started here” pile. Suffice it to say, yes, Christianity has persecuted Judaism over the centuries (but here’s a dirty little secret: Judaism has persecuted Christianity too). There is always cause and effect, regardless if one side claims to be the eternal victim. And my point was that were it not for the US, for lack of a better description a “secular Christian” nation, Israel would have ceased to exist long ago.

    I for one am not saying Israelis should kow-tow to Americans or Christians. But they should at least learn not to snear, hide their childrens’ eyes or wave us away dismissively when we walk near. In other words, they should realise which side their matso is buttered on.

  12. No doubt other Arabs employed in Israel building roads will now be unemployed.

    While it may be reaching a bit, isn’t this a case of Muslims imposing collective punishment upon themselves? They cannot keep biting the hand that feeds them and still expect it to not be withdrawn.

    Yes, this is precisely what they do, but it is their own cogniutive dissonance that is to blame and not any rational reaction upon the part of the Jews.

    But MY death and the death of EVERY JEW was of more value to him than his life.

    This is the bottom line. There is no way to honorably treat with an irrational enemy. It’s long past tea for Israel to flush Gaza into the Sinai and the West Bank into Syria and Jordan. Then bulldoze every scrap of the existing structures and build anew. The farce is over.

    More than almost any other Muslim faction, Palestinians represent the naked face of pure evil and must be treated as such.

  13. So, Qualis believes that “Judaism has persecuted Christianity”.

    You gave yourself away, troll. That one comment told everyone more about you than your half-truths and misdirections

    no examples were provided, of course–people like you, with crackpot Nut Job arguments like this, never give valid examples

    Your ‘facts’ about the number and nature of Palestinian Christians are no longer true. They are significantly less than ten percent, and they always were concentrated more in the ‘small business’ class rather than some sort of educated elite.

    “Psst” : Jews HAVE BEEN the closest thing to an ‘eternal victim’ in the West for generations, and the murderous lunatic on the bulldozer obviously wasn’t the first Joooo-killer and certainly won’t be the last

  14. The West is training its children to murder Christians and Jews. Last year the best selling game software was Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed.” In same, the hero – Altair ibn-Lahad – murders Christian leaders who invaded “arab muslim” lands during the Crusades. From his Damascus base, the gang (“The Brotherhood”; like the modern Ikhwan Musulum of Egypt), is set up to murder these main target “villians”: Garnier De Naplouse, the Grand Master of the Knights Hospitalier; Hochmeister Sibrand, Grandmaster of the Teutonic Knights; William V, Marquess of Montferrat, the regent of Acre; and Robert IV de Sablé, Grand Master of the Knights Templar. Game winners bring “peace” or Pax Arabica to Jerusalem, after exterminating the Christian leadership.'s_Creed

    The real Assassins (“Hashishem” Hashish Eaters) were Ismailis and murdered ONLY Muslim rivals.

    Will there be a game where Christians and Jews counter Arab aggression? Well, they would complain. The media has been silent on this subversive “game” of Muslim incitement.

    Baron: please examine this issue from a European perspective.

  15. Well, I do not trust BBC.

    BBC has lost all the quality it ever had.
    It is extremely rare to see a Englishman or an English women presenting the news (this is quiet odd to me because I can’t recall a non-Portuguese opening the news here…)…

    It’s sickening… I simply do not “trust” BBC news or documentaries…
    We have always Sky News (Well, I don’t but…)!

    Actually, here in television, the SIC (private) channel with a permanent reporter in the Middle East based in Israel (David Cymerman) (maybe a Jew himself? He does a great work and his hardly biased…) reported that, and I quote:

    “The family of the driver (terrorist) says it is a day of great joy to the family due to the bravery of the martyr”

    So I guess you people are right. It is celebration time among the Arabs of Israel.

    I have also to highlight that only at Gates of Vienna I heard about the Jewish victims.
    Every MSM may have mentioned them but was way more focused on the death of the Palestinian.

  16. No one reads this any longer but I still feel I need to intervein here after Simon de Monfort have demonized Qualis Rex.

    Firstly, I would like to say that the Christian Lebanese are not really Arabs. I know only one and he does not look Arab at all, in fact, he is indistinguishible in the crowds here, what does not happen to be the case with, say, Moroccans and Middle Easterners like Iraquis, Jordanians and Saudis…

    But more, much more important to this is that, in my opinion, Christian Lebanese are indeed “Westerners” in every single respect.
    If Lebanon was only to be populated by the Christian Lebanese people I would consider that country much more European than Israel itself.

    A proof of this is the fact that, while both Jews and Christian Lebanese do immigrate to Europe and the Americas, both tend to do well, better than average.
    One thing diferenciate this groups, while the Jews are incapable to assimilate (a son of a Jew is a Jew), the Christian Lebanese tend to assimilate perfectly, in such a way that we usually lose the “Lebanese” traits (whatever they are) and the Lebanese get diluted among the much larger population (a son of a Christian Lebanese is usually a French, an American, a Brazilian, etc. or if not, the grandson will be).

    I firmly believe that Christian Lebanese are the best Middle East immigrants, even better than the Jews, for this simple fact. They do dilute. They do assimilate perfectly! (Ex: Shakira, is daughter of Lebanese Christians)

    Well Simon, shame on you for demonizing Qualis Rex!

    Yes, Jews have acted particularly against the interests of Europeans. But you do not really want to know, do you?
    Actually, I’ll not erode my credibility even further when even Fjordman closes his eyes to the facts.

    Did you know that during the muslim invasion of the would became Portugal and Spain, many cities were offered to the muslims BY the Jews? Did you know that in many cities the Jews rebelled and opened the doors of the cities to the muslims?
    Did you know that the Jews view the Arabs as “Semitic brothers”, as an akin people under each they would prefer to live rather than with the culturally distant Europeans? Yes, they were missleaded. No doubt of that.

    But, did you know that Jews had indeed more liberty than the Christians under Arab rule and were better treated than the Christians?
    Did you know that the last moorish kingdom in Western European soil was conquered in 1492?
    Did you know that in 1497 the Spanish rulers imposed the “Limpieza de Sangre” lawa and that the Portuguese rulers imposed the “Limpeza de Sangue” laws the next year?
    It means “Cleaness of Blood” and had the objective to expell all the muslims and Jews of the Peninsula. The main objective of the Inquisiton was to detect Christians with moorish or jewish blood? They were known as New Christians. Did you know that the Cleaness of Blood laws were only abandoned during the Enlightenment, and after the American Revolution in both countries?

    Ans still, you people and Fjordman continue to say and believe that the Jews had a bad time in Spain and Portugal under the muslims…

    Why would the Christian behave so badly towards the Jews? Maybe, what they have gone through during the islamic period should be taken in account?

    No, of course not. Muslims are bad by defenition and “Jews HAVE BEEN the closest thing to an ‘eternal victim’ in the West”…

    Yeah, so I guess that the Serbs are really Nazi-Fascist Racists and the Portuguese and Spaniards were just bloody racist proto-Nazi/Fascists who went on a racist war (three, four! For what we’ve done in the Americas, Africa and Asia in that period!) for purely racial motifs… “A Racist Cruzade against Muslims and Jews!!!”.
    Also, the Cleaness of Blood lawa must have been racist laws without any sense, actually, they were just like the Aryan laws of Nazi Germany.
    Those Nazi Reconquistadores and Christian Knights!

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