Mo the Flasher

Our Danish correspondent TB reports that a Norwegian newspaper has printed its own Mohammed cartoon in solidarity with the Danes:

Mohammed in Norway

The text on the t-shirt says: “I am Mohammed — and nobody dares to print me”.
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I placed the red “X” in a judicious location to preserve Gates of Vienna’s coveted PG-13 rating. Refer to the article at for the original uncensored version of the cartoon.

By the way, he newspaper seems to be trying to protect itself by adding a headlined disclaimer to the cartoon:

This is not Mohammed

Forget it, guys. You haven’t a chance of avoiding trouble.

Prepare for a fatwa, Norway. Your turn is coming.

5 thoughts on “Mo the Flasher

  1. Prudish Gates of Vienna’s PG-13 rating.

    A replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s world-famous drawing vitruvian man from the late 1400’s recently adorned a wall in Ekenäs Learning Center in Motala, Sweden. But now, it has been painted over after it emerged that participants hookeyed from their free lessons in ‘Swedish for Immigrants’ because of the drawing – according to them, it was too naked.

    Eva Gustafsson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and also the ‘Coordinator of Refugees’ and a kindred prude spirit to Baron Bodissey, defended the claim that people with both Swedish and foreign background reacted to the drawing. “Were sensitive Muslim souls disturbed of the fact that the dick was too large or too small or at all was there?”
    Baron Bodissey, in his turn, cares about the innocent home-educated children, who must be protected from the bad und ugly reallity.

  2. It’s not your business what policy other people choose to follow at their blog. This blog likes intellectual disagreement, as long as it’s done in a civilized way. I see nothing wrong with that. Make your own blog if you want something else.

  3. By Jove – me little nobody has happened to stir up and irritate the celebrated Fjordman – does he show flag now? – does he too belong to the multitude of sissies?

    With the predominent ‘non plus ultra’ content of GoV I am since ca 4 years the biggest admirer – not the least your own essayes
    I always read with the greatest interest. As often as it is possible I also try to promote GoV.

    Yes Fjordman, I have made my own blog, not because I want something else, but because I had to stage my own little counter-jihad. Please come and visit my blog – it is 90% in Swedish and might give you a new perspective on the dhimmification process in Sweden and how a nobody like me is trying to fight back.

    Greetings from Swedistan to all brave counter-jihadists


    antiislamist, formerly known as ln

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