What Happened to EU Truth?

We received this email last night from the British author Paul Weston:

A UK website highly critical of the EU has been closed down.

Eutruth.org.uk was run by Brian Gerrish and David Noakes, both of whom are (were) instrumental in highlighting the totalitarian nature of the EU, the possible treachery of UK politicians who wished to inflict it upon the British people without any form of referendum, and the exposure of Common Purpose amongst EU bureaucrats, local councillors, high ranking police officers, journalists and politicians.

There are rumours that a pro-EU Belgian multi-millionaire has been pressurising Eutruth’s service provider.

Whether the Belgian in question has any political affiliation to the EU is unclear. Perhaps there are some people out there who could shed some light on this?

I did a little research on EU Truth, but couldn’t find out very much about what has happened to it. According to the Whois listing for the domain, eutruth.org.uk is up and running:

IP Address:
IP Location   Texas — Dallas — Theplanet.com Internet Services Inc
Response Code:  
Blacklist Status:   Clear
SSL Cert:   *.hostgator.com expires in 49 days.
Domain Status:   Registered And Active Website

A thread on the topic opened up a couple of days ago at the British Democracy Forum. According to one of the posters, Mr. Noakes may have closed the site down himself:
– – – – – – – –

David probaly pulled the plug on it, he’s just left the uk column after a argument over the direction of the paper apparently it was because he kept slagging ukip off.

In any case, not all the information that was on EU Truth has been lost — not yet. A site-specific Google search turns up four pages of listings for the site, mostly pdf files. The HTML pages may be viewed in cached versions; as a sample, I pulled this excerpt out of a cached page on the EU Constitution:

In summary, the EU Constitution is similar to the old Soviet Union’s and builds a dictatorship. It starts with human rights platitudes, then conceals its destruction of democracy in its massive 465 pages; while the EU’s Corpus Juris legal system steals our rights. Harmonising our laws with the EU over 33 years has given us the laws of a police state, temporarily unenforced. The EU’s 111,000 regulations will control our personal lives more closely than were Soviet Citizens. This Constitution makes the EU become our nation, and as a result Britain is abolished as a nation.

We can only avoid this by repealing the 1972 EU Communities Act before we are imprisoned inside.

Stop the EU dictatorship

The text of the pdf files may be obtained by using the “View as HTML” option on the search page.

Obviously, these documents will not be visible at Google indefinitely. Anybody who wants to retrieve a permanent copy of them would be well-advised to download them now.

7 thoughts on “What Happened to EU Truth?

  1. I found a phone number for David Noakes if you want to call him and ask what happened at http://www.democracyforum.co.uk

    “If you want to stop the EU dictatorship, please don’t allow your time and valuable efforts to be wasted by UKIP’s leadership. Fight the EU directly with the campaigns at eutruth.org.uk/campaigns.pdf. Or call us and we’ll tell you how to start your own anti-EU newspaper.”

    David Noakes. 07974 437 097

  2. I don’t have information directly about the status of EU Truth. Here are some links which may have some information of a related nature, including other Brian Gerrish materials.





  3. Yokel —

    I had to delete & repost your comment because of the long URL. Thanks for the news.


    yokel said…

    The Register is reporting that The Planet Data Center in Texas has had a fire, and 9,000 web sites are down.


    It may just be innocent collateral damage.

  4. > We can only avoid this by repealing the 1972 EU
    > Communities Act before we are imprisoned inside.

    Oh, well, then you’re going to let them have their way with you — if that’s the *”only”* thing you can think of.

  5. Baron, thanks for sorting it out. Next time I will read the instructions about how to post links before I post one rather than after!

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