Welcome to the Dutch Democratic Kingdom, Part 2

A report on the latest multicultural follies from the Netherlands by our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan.

A busy week, last week. Our halal f(r)iends have been very active. In the village of Huizen a one or two Muslims complained about a nude painting. The dhimmi-in-chief hastened to remove the offensive painting from sight. We really can’t have offended people in the village, can we?

This is the offensive painting. Personally, I don’t like modern art, but it wouldn’t bother me a lot if I saw it hanging in a kindergarten.

Our (former) national carrier KLM also acted very quickly to behave as proper dhimmis have to. A Muslim woman, traveling alone complained to a stewardess she was seated next to a man. This was offensive to her. Kindly remove the infidel. She didn’t utter a word to the man, and rightly so. A woman talking to a strange man! The very idea…

However, I do wonder how on earth it is possible for a (Muslim) woman to travel unsupervised. Surely this must be a harlot! Righteous women would never do such a vile act.

The gentleman in question, Mr. Lex van Drooge, is a CDA city counselor of Amsterdam. You know, the city that never stops. Drinking tea, that is. Nice to see he experienced what it is to be a dhimmi. He was, however, upgraded to business class.

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8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Dutch Democratic Kingdom, Part 2

  1. “A Muslim woman, traveling alone complained to a stewardess she was seated next to a man. This was offensive to her. Kindly remove the infidel. “

    They would have had to use a crowbar to pry my a** out of that seat. I would then proceed to eat pork rinds washed down with vodka all while looking at a playboy magazine while humming the star spangled banner. That”ll learn her!

  2. The only way they could have pried me out of that seat would have been to bump me to First Class and give me a lifetime voucher to all flights First Class.

  3. Pretty soon it will be the complaining Muslima who will be ensconced in first class with all infidels at the back of the (air) bus.

  4. If a Muslim had been moved at the request of an infidel, wouldn’t the Muslim sue the airline and win, and wouldn’t the entire airline staff have to take sensitivity training?

  5. A muslim woman travelling alone? In the same cabin as men?

    What has happened to her?
    By the beard of the prophet, in a decent country this slut would have been honour killed by now!

  6. Not a chance would THIS infidel have moved his butt one inch to “accommodate” this Islamic walking contradiction. Her request, in the absence of a male family member to accompany her, was invalid to anyone familiar with the basic tenets of Islam.

    She WAS travelling alone, right? Perhaps no one NOTICED the pricetag tattooed onto her forehead (that’s a metaphor for you oversensitive Canuckistani types and NDP party nmembers/supporters.

    This “complainant” was not nearly as “Islamic” as her whining, over-the-top bullying request. She should have been toldm to shut the fock up and deal with it.

    My two cents…

  7. Incredible he accepted to move. But then, he is a politician. He needs to get elected. And there lies the greatest danger that we face. The mechanics of democracy can turn into a nightmare, once put to work by dishonest islam.

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