Update: “Fitna” Now Available With Indonesian Subtitles

Thanks to the tireless work of Peter (and also to the srt file supplied by AT) the movie Fitna is now available for download with Indonesian subtitles as a bit torrent, an AVI file, and whatever format ZippyShare uses (Update from Peter: It’s AVI, too).

So from now on, when Indonesians are referred here by the search engines, they can find Fitna subtitled in their own language.

I’m still confused about what language that is — Wikipedia says that the Indonesian language is a form of Malay, but AT says it is different, and that the Malay language spoken in Malaysia is not the same. I suppose that finding a Malaysian translator is thus a worthy goal.

The latest updated table of Fitna download links is below the jump. Thanks to all the volunteers who keep stepping forward to do what needs to be done.
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ID Language Venue Format Notes
36   AJM   dedicated server — very fast
2   Isohunt   links to torrent sites
7   Linkpin AVI Divx 5.0
5   Linkpin MPEG-4, Perian mp4+iPod
6   Linkpin WMV/A 9 Standart  
15   Rapid Share FLV  
18   Rapid Share WMV  
46   Viddler FLV easily downloadable if you are a Viddler member
48   YouTube    
8 Czech Pravda o Islámu    
27 Danish The Pirate Bay torrent  
39 Dutch JewTube    
38 English Daily Motion   flagged as inappropriate — must register to see it
34 English Google Video    
32 English Google Video    
24 English Gulli    
25 English Gulli    
40 English JewTube    
43 English LiveLeak   unofficial
44 English LiveLeak   with content warning
14 English Rapid Share AVI  
21 English Rapid Share FLV  
10 English Rapid Share FLV  
12 English Rapid Share FLV  
16 English Rapid Share FLV  
13 English Rapid Share FLV  
9 English Rapid Share FLV  
11 English Rapid Share FLV  
17 English Rapid Share ZIP  
26 English The Pirate Bay torrent  
55 English Veoh    
47 English YouTube   requires registration
33 Farsi Google Video    
53 Farsi YouTube    
37 French Bivouac-ID    
4 French La Yihad en Eurabia   from Français de Souche
35 German Google Video    
22 German Rapid Share MKV  
45 German SimpleUpload MKV  
59 Indonesian Rapid Share AVI  
58 Indonesian The Pirate Bay torrent  
60 Indonesian ZippyShare AVI  
42 Italian Lisistrata WMV  
41 Italian Lisistrata ZIP-WMV  
56 Italian YouTube    
57 Italian YouTube    
30 Polish The Pirate Bay torrent  
29 Polish The Pirate Bay torrent  
49 Polish ZippyShare    
50 Polish ZippyShare    
52 Romanian YouTube   Part 1
54 Romanian YouTube   Part 2
19 Russian Rapid Share AVI  
23 Russian RuTube    
28 Russian The Pirate Bay torrent  
3 Spanish La Yihad en Eurabia   from Anclaos
31 Tagalog The Pirate Bay torrent  
51 Tagalog ZippyShare    

8 thoughts on “Update: “Fitna” Now Available With Indonesian Subtitles

  1. A tech comment:

    torrent is not a file format for the movie, it’s a file format for getting the movie. Which may then be WMV, MOV or one of the multiplie variations of AVI (this includes DivX and XviD).

  2. Great news!

    People in Indonesia might want to download Fitna in a warnet (internet café), therefore its handy to know the KB’s (often you have to pay per 1000-KB or per half-hour). I’m not fluent at all in Bahasa Indonesia, but for people from Indonesia that are searching for a Bahasa Indonesia subtitled version of Fitna, maybe this will help finding it here (let me give it a try:).

    Sekarang ada terjemahan film Fitna di dalam Bahasa Indonesia (bahasa Inggris dengan subtitle Bahasa Indonesia). Check daftar lengkap diatas.

    Informasi download Rapid Share dan Zippy Share:
    Rapid Share (click “FREE”), AVI, 61853 KB;
    Zippy Share (bisa lihat Fitna dengan subtitle Bahasa Indonesia atau download itu cepat (dibawah ada “Click here to download file.”), AVI, 60400 KB.

  3. ln —

    You got to cut out those long separators made up of equals signs (“=”)!

    They mess up the page width.


    ln said…

    “I’m still confused about what language that is — Wikipedia says that
    the Indonesian language is a form of Malay, but AT says it is different,
    and that the Malay language spoken in Malaysia is not the same.
    I suppose that finding a Malaysian translator is thus a worthy goal.”
    Baron, I think I have found you the right person for translation
    to the Malay language. She is highly qualified, fluent in English, must be,
    after extensive studies in the USA.
    She can be found here:

    2000-2004 School of Psychology and Social Work
    Universiti Malaysia Sabah
    88999 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, MALAYSIA
    Telephone: +6088-320000 (operator) Ext. 1426, 1535 Faximile: +6088-320101
    +6088-320246 (direct line)
    E-mail: pejspiks@ums.edu.my URL: http://www.ums.edu.my/spks/
    This an educational establishment where SCIENCE IS NOT ALLOWED TO RULE – instead
    the heavenly Allah, the cosmic jerk, and his pathetic beduin prophet rule.
    Her name is: Assoc Prof. Dr. Hjh. Rosnah Bte Ismail,

    BSc. (Louisiana State), BSc. (California State), MA. Ed (Durham),
    Ph.D. (UMS)
    Psychology and Social Health Research Unit, Counselling Psychology
    E-mail: isrosnah@ums.edu.my, rosumsis@hotmail.com

    Here is a picture of her.

    That I mean she must be an excellent translater is caused by the fact that no one else in Malaysia knows Geert Wilders better than she, which is evident from the following article in Bernama.
    – – – – –
    KOTA KINABALU, April 2 (Bernama) — Dutch legislator Geert Wilders who produced the anti-Islam film “Fitna”, has a character flaw which in the psychological term can be defined as sadistic, says a psychologist.

    Psychology professor Dr Rosnah Ismail from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) said: such a person lacked human feelings and was inclined to enjoy violence.
    “The more violent it is, the more he likes and enjoys it,” said Rosnah, who is also the director of the university’s Research and Innovation Centre.
    “In this case, Geert Wilders purposely showed ‘Fitna”, a film that has elements of violence and that insults Islam, which he knows very well could arouse the anger of Muslims all over the world. He can be regarded as being sadistic,” she told Bernama when asked to comment on the Dutch legislator’s action.
    The 17-minute film carries footage of attacks on New York in 2001 and Madrid in 2004, and interspersed with Quranic verses.
    Several Malaysian non-governmental organisations have called on Muslims to boycott Dutch products while in Indonesia Tuesday, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ordered that the film be banned in the republic.
    “It appears that Wilders is deriving pleasure from showing a film that depicts violence and linking it to Islam,” said Rosnah.
    “Such a film should never be produced and shown at all as it would not only draw the wrath of Muslims but could also cause friction between people of different religions.”
    But Wilders, she said, had acted on his whim for his own personal satisfaction, with no care for the sensitivities and opinions of other communities in the world.
    “He needs therapy to broaden his thinking and understanding of Islam and the Muslim world,” she added.
    – – – – – – – – – –
    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe. -Albert Einstein

  4. Baron wrote:

    I’m still confused about what language that is — Wikipedia says that the Indonesian language is a form of Malay, but AT says it is different, and that the Malay language spoken in Malaysia is not the same.

    The Malays in Malaysia originally came from different parts of Indonesia. Because of this ethnic lineage, the standardized written form of the Malay language is very similar to its Indonesian counterpart. They are so similar that having reading fluency in one automatically confers the ability to read the other without much difficulty. Therefore, having Indonesian subtitles for Fitna is pretty much as good as having Malay subtitles and vice versa. As for differences in pronunciation between the two languages, imagine the language barrier when an English-educated Indian (fresh out of India) and a native Australian (fresh from the Outback) attempt to have a conversation in English.

  5. I’m a little amused but glad at the same time that someone has volunteered to translate ‘Fitna’ into Bahasa Indonesia. I am Indonesian myself, a Catholic, and from the news coverage received around Fitna, it didn’t seem like those who protest have seen the movie, nor do they seem to be interested to watch it or understand the message.

    My views about the video and its message may not completely echo with the views of this blog, simply because I have lived amongst Muslims (Muslim Indonesians) whose spectrum of views are quite diverse. Yet every single one of them wouldn’t hesitate to condemn it if it has as much as a whiff of insult to Islam.

    On the language note, Malay and Bahasa Indonesia share a common root (Sanskrit) and boast many borrowed Arabic words in their lexicons. But in Malay language, there are more English-derived words while in Bahasa Indonesia there are more Dutch-derived words. A conversation between a Malay-speaking and Bahasa-speaking couple would likely revolve only around simpler concepts; since, by personal anecdote, it seems the Bahasa-speaking would understand the Malay-speaking much better than the other way round.

  6. Here I must thank Gaia for mailing me and asking if I could help with the Indonesian translation, but my knowledge is not that good, but it did prompt me to contact an old friend of mine at FFI Indonesia who has translated a great my posts from my blog.

    He replied that they already had Fitna sub titled and up and running at FFI, and it appears to be the version that is here

    As I commented to Gaia, these guys are phuking awesome.

    So thank you once again Gaia from prompting me to contact these incredible folks,

    And by any slight chance that Adadeh, Duladi and ali5196 should read this I would like to thank them for all that the are doing at FFI, you guys are awesome!

    When I see what these brave men are doing despite the risks they are taking, the really make the quasi warriors at LGF look like a bunch of wallies

    These guys deserve all the thanx and respect we can throw their way.

    I am proud to have acquaintance with such incredible people

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