Jordan Sues Danish Papers Over the Motoons

In the latest ripple of Motoon responses, a group in Jordan is taking up “lawfare” to punish the evil Danes for their blasphemous deeds.

Jordan is not a free country, so one presumes that such an initiative has the full approval of the king and the regime.

According to ANSAmed:

An Amman-based activists group filed today a lawsuit at a Jordanian court against Danish cartoonist and newspapers that published controversial cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammad, according to activists.

The group “Prophet Mohammad Unites Us” presented its case to Amman prosecutor before its high profile members, including members of the parliament and prominent politicians, gave their testimonies.

The lawsuit, the first of its kind in Jordan, will seek punishment for the newspapers that published the cartoons as well as the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, said Zakaria Sheikh, founder of the group. “We want the newspapers to come and give their testimonies,” he added.

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Lawyers involved in the law suit said they will base their legal arguments on international convention for political and civil rights, which the kingdom signed in 2006. The lawsuit also outlined that Jordan’s press and publications law and the penal code do punish for publishing material that provoke religious sentiments, said Sheikh.

“According to the law, we are able to prosecute any one outside the kingdom who published material on the internet and had influence inside the kingdom,” said Sheikh.

The group spearheaded a campaign to boycott Danish and Dutch products for allowing the publication of material deemed insulting to Islam. Thousands of Muslims around the world took to the streets to protest against the cartoons, which associate Islam with terrorism and mocks its religious figures.

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3 thoughts on “Jordan Sues Danish Papers Over the Motoons

  1. Funny they will sue over cartoons claiming defaming a long dead person, but not give their people full freedoms.

    If Mohammed was defamed, let him bring the lawsuit.

  2. The lawsuit also outlined that Jordan’s press and publications law and the penal code do punish for publishing material that provoke religious sentiments

    As many other have already asked: When will Islamic organizations be held to the same standard of inoffensive speech that they so stridently extort from others?

    The Koran is a sewer of hate speech, yet not a peep do we hear about that from European agencies who happily indict Christians at every turn.

    At some point, selective application of the laws invalidates their enforcement. It is not Islam’s foes that are flouting the law. European appeasers are undermining legal authority with their refusal to make all parties equally answerable.

    Moreover, Jordan’s attempt to muzzle Western freedom of speech on religious ground while publishing such repulsive filth as:

    This, or this and this.

    All three were published inside Jordan’s borders and are offensive in the extreme. The first shows a menorah-shaped helicopter with Israeli markings whose “candles” are blazing machine guns and rotor blades form a swastika. It is titled “Gaza Holocaust”.

    The second shows a crimson-lipped Sharon depicted as the devil wading in a pool of gore, blood-filled goblet in hand, hoisting a trident whose haft ends in a swastika while Bush looks on, declaring “The Middle East’s only Democracy!”

    The third is a rework of the famous Mount Suribachi photo taken on Iwo Jima substituted with Israeli soldiers planting a swastika emblazoned flag into the broken and bloody bodies of people labeled, “Gaza”.

    All three of these are supremely offensive and they are but a small sampling of the anti-American and anti-Semitic filth that is published on a daily basis across the Arab world.

    Yet, these hypocritical b@stards have the monumental gall to take umbrage at some relatively innocuous cartoons of the pedophile rapist Mohammad.

    Islam needs to be slapped down hard. So hard that, when we’re done, only its hair won’t hurt.

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