Daily Update: “Fitna” Downloads and News

The importance of the Fitna Rosetta Stone project is underlined by recent events in Indonesia. I wanted to include a translation into Malay, but I don’t have a contact who knows the language. If anybody knows someone who can translate into Malay, please refer them to me (unspiek@chromatism.net).

On Tuesday the Indonesian government banned the broadcast or distribution of Fitna. But that wasn’t enough to protect their sensitive citizens from possible damage, so they have called on YouTube to remove copies of the video from its site.

Also, from NIS News comes this report:

Indonesian authorities yesterday failed to prevent disturbances at a Dutch consulate. The Netherlands does not want to conclude that this was intentional, but is making contact with Jakarta.

Some dozens of Islamic students besieged the Dutch consulate in Medan, Sumatra yesterday in reaction to MP Geert Wilders’ anti-Koran film, Fitna, released last week. They vandalised the gateway, tore down the Dutch flag from the flagpole and set fire to it.

All of this explains the massive number of visits to our Fitna download posts by Indonesians who find GoV via internet search engines. After all, there’s nothing like banning a movie to make people want to see it. I only wish that we could provide them a link to a version with subtitles in their own language.

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The latest table of Fitna download sites is below the jump. Readers have been keeping me informed, and I removed a couple of dead links, corrected some errors, and added two direct YouTube links to versions with Italian subtitles.
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ID Language Venue Format Notes
36   AJM   dedicated server — very fast
2   Isohunt   links to torrent sites
7   Linkpin AVI Divx 5.0
5   Linkpin MPEG-4, Perian mp4+iPod
6   Linkpin WMV/A 9 Standart  
15   Rapid Share FLV  
18   Rapid Share WMV  
46   Viddler FLV easily downloadable if you are a Viddler member
48   YouTube    
8 Czech Pravda o Islámu    
27 Danish The Pirate Bay torrent  
39 Dutch JewTube    
38 English Daily Motion   flagged as inappropriate — must register to see it
32 English Google Video    
34 English Google Video    
25 English Gulli    
24 English Gulli    
40 English JewTube    
43 English LiveLeak   unofficial
44 English LiveLeak   with content warning
14 English Rapid Share AVI  
16 English Rapid Share FLV  
11 English Rapid Share FLV  
21 English Rapid Share FLV  
12 English Rapid Share FLV  
10 English Rapid Share FLV  
9 English Rapid Share FLV  
13 English Rapid Share FLV  
17 English Rapid Share ZIP  
26 English The Pirate Bay torrent  
55 English Veoh    
47 English YouTube   requires registration
33 Farsi Google Video    
53 Farsi YouTube    
37 French Bivouac-ID    
4 French La Yihad en Eurabia   from Français de Souche
35 German Google Video    
22 German Rapid Share MKV  
45 German SimpleUpload MKV  
42 Italian Lisistrata WMV  
41 Italian Lisistrata ZIP-WMV  
57 Italian YouTube    
56 Italian YouTube    
30 Polish The Pirate Bay torrent  
29 Polish The Pirate Bay torrent  
49 Polish ZippyShare    
50 Polish ZippyShare    
52 Romanian YouTube   Part 1
54 Romanian YouTube   Part 2
19 Russian Rapid Share AVI  
23 Russian RuTube    
28 Russian The Pirate Bay torrent  
3 Spanish La Yihad en Eurabia   from Anclaos
31 Tagalog The Pirate Bay torrent  
51 Tagalog ZippyShare    

Hat tip for the NIS article: Fjordman.

8 thoughts on “Daily Update: “Fitna” Downloads and News

  1. I wonder if, since the Koranic quotes are in Arabic, Arabic is being forgotten about. There are a lot of newspaper headlines and spoken dialog that is not Arabic so it is also a major language to get a translation for.

  2. Snake Oil —

    I didn’t forget Arabic; I tried to find a volunteer translator for it, but never got one.

    I would love to have translations into the major languages of Muslim countries. I’d like to cover all the significant languages, especially those along the Bloody Borders.

    For what it’s worth, this is my current wish list for languages:


    I left out Korean and Japanese because of the very small number of Muslims in those countries. And I probably left out others, too, but I’m sure someone will remind me. 🙂

  3. It is Really A good job, World and especially the Muslims need to see more and more of that so they change whatever wrong in their religion, and please all Muslims, you need to be fair before you condemn this work.

  4. Just to clarify my position, I didn’t feel that your site or project was personally forgetting about Arabic but rather that those who were capable of doing the translation might have not been aware of the need due to the Arabic textual content in the film.

    I think it is a great idea to amass these translations and the fact that several of them are in torrent form allows those of us with no multilingual skills to at least help out by downloading the file to help its distribution.

    Good work.

  5. I have been running six links to direct download sites for the past week. I too got a large number of visitors from Indonesia; they outnumbered all others. Most were from Google searches.

    I want to save copies on my own hard drive of various versions in case of a censorship crackdown. I didn’t have one in Dutch, but thanks to your links I do now (from JewTube).

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