Bach Played on the Accordion

Here’s something for a change of pace: Steen recorded this video on Saturday, and then uploaded it and sent me the link. It’s a young man named Michael Olefir, playing J.S. Bach on the streets of Copenhagen.

I’m a devotee of Bach, and I recognized it — it’s the Andante from Trio Sonata #3, BWV 527.

Steen has this to say about the performer:
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From Saturday on the Købmagergade near the Round Tower — He’s a young Russian from St. Petersburg, classically trained form a young age, and plays a certain accordion that is able to imitate the deep notes of the organ.

Just one more reason to love Copenhagen.

11 thoughts on “Bach Played on the Accordion

  1. It’s too bad the accordian is looked down upon here in the US. As a classically trained, professional musician, I DO like the accordian, and would like to hear it more. This young man is quite good! And Bach on the accordian!………..well, I’m quite sure Bach would approve.

  2. I need to pick up more bach…

    I wish we had buskers like that over here. Well, no, actually we did have a guy around the Arndale centre late last year playing some fairly impressive pieces of a violin. Dunno what happened to him. They’re the exception rather than the rule, though. Mostly it’s some idiot with a guitar who can’t play for beans.

  3. There are quite few professional musicians who busk. This guy is great.

    I see with some disappointment that he’s hanging aroung a 7/11 though.

    You sure that’s not Winnipeg?

  4. Tonight, I was playing Brahms on my 35 year old Kawai, and then afterwards, I picked up my alto recorder and began to play some Handel. Classical music is one of the most satisfying things to play or listen to. If you can do both, you are a lucky cuss, indeed…and my favorite recorder player is a Danish lass named Michaela Petri. This young man is a blessing and a gracenote to Copenhagen. I hope you put some kroner in his hat!

  5. I like this.

    Do all countries have an armpit? Well, when I lived in LA, I thought LA was an armpit. Now I think Houston in some ways qualifies as an armpit. Galveston is an armpit compare to Big Sur. By far.

    But this scene from Kobnhavn is definitly NOT armpit material.

    Good stuff. What a joy.

  6. @Jauhara: Insolent Infidel and Uncovered Woman …

    you are fortunate indeed to have the craft of music. I don’t think there are many musical geniuses, but I love to run across those devoted to their playing. The jazz piano teacher of one of my sons practiced three hours every day. It was a joy to watch him do chords.

    Another son has gone a-busking on occasion. Whenever I’ve happened upon him (way back when) playing in a public space, there would always be a small, changing crowd around them (he and partner). The audience changed but the numbers stayed about the same.

    What I found awful about the young Russian’s performance of Bach was how few people stopped. I was distressed to watch his great effort while clots of people clutching bags of “stuff” walked by unheedingly. I wanted to jump into the video and yell at them…

    Fortunately, the Baron keeps me chained here. The least he can do for civilization.


    @ Paul–

    So how many armpits does America have? I found Jacksonville to be one while growing up there. Maybe the US is really an octopus (or two) with multiple armpits. And lots of smelly feet.

  7. Nice stuff! Bach aficionados who like unusual instrumentation should pick up on Bela Fleck’s “Perpetual Motion” CD. He plays several pieces on the banjo, and they’re very fine indeed.

  8. While I enjoyed the music I was really interested in the street scene. A 7-11 in Denmark? I had no idea. I am curious, do Indians corner the market on 7-11s like here in the states? I was also pleased to see many baby carriages rolling by. Keep knocking those boots Danish people! My last thoughts turned to what that street scene might have looked like in a future Eurabia. No more street musicians and joy that comes from a Sunday stroll. Just burqa clad women being escorted by bearded men. Calls for prayer blaring in the streets and an atmosphere thick with gloom and doom. Why anyone would want to trade in the former scene for the latter is beyond me. western man is truly a strange creature.

  9. “A 7-11 in Denmark? I had no idea.”
    – – – – –
    The first Danish “7-eleven shop” was opened 1993 in Østerbro in Copenhagen. At the end of 2005 there were 55 shops all around the country. Since 2007 another 66 shops has been opened in combination with Shell petrol stations.

    In Sweden you will today find 189 7-eleven shops .

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