“He Should Have Kept His Mouth Shut”

The Islamic world is running a protection racket against the entire Western world. We are supposed to stay in line and pay up, or we can get hurt.

The part of Guido and his tommy gun is played by the “Muslim street”, that amorphous mass of people in the Middle East, South Asia, and more recently the working class neighborhoods of Europe. When the word about the latest outrage against Islamic dignity goes out through the mosques on Friday, the faithful are predictably offended, and they take to the streets to loot and burn whatever is required of them by the imams.

So don’t get out of line. Don’t interfere with the Muslims, don’t neglect to pay the “insurance premiums”, and above all don’t diss the Prophet.

This point is emphasized once again in an editorial entitled “Playing With Fire” from today’s Arab News. This time it’s the German Interior Minister whose knees are being figuratively broken:

The statement by Germany’s Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble that European newspapers should reprint the controversial Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as a show of support for press freedom is astounding.

It is difficult to believe that a supposedly responsible and politically astute politician could say something so irresponsible and dangerous — and Schaeuble is supposedly both. More to the point, Schaeuble knows perfectly well that there are hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide to whom the cartoons are not merely deeply offensive but an outrage. He also knows perfectly well what happened when the cartoons were first published — the wave of violent protest worldwide two years ago that resulted in dozens of people killed in riots and Danish embassies destroyed. The decision by Danish papers to reprint the most offensive of the cartoons has already led to Egypt protesting to Denmark, Iranian MPs demanding action against the country, mass demonstrations in Sudan and riots by outraged Muslims in Denmark itself.

Schaeuble cannot, therefore, claim that he did not realize the consequences of what he said or that he has been naive. This is no mere mistake or case of insensitivity. He knows the massive damage to Germany that can result from what he said — boycotts of German products, mass protests across the world, German diplomats in danger, embassies under attack — yet still he said it. He is being deliberately provocative.

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He should have kept his mouth shut, regardless of what he thinks about press freedom. In saying what he did and because he is the interior minister, his call to reprint is inevitably seen as Germany’s view. It is not for us to demand his resignation but it is impossible to believe that Germans will not do so. He has been grossly irresponsible. He is playing with fire. He has created a crisis for his country where there was none beforehand. He has sown division between Germany’s Muslims and non-Muslims and stirred up the potential for discord and disorder. That is hardly what is expected of a government minister whose remit is law and order.

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  1. “He also knows perfectly well what happened when the cartoons were first published “

    Wolfgang Schaeuble must be worth less than Pavlovs dog. Wolfgang Schaeuble is more useless and stupid than a drooling dog. Even dogs learn to fear the stick of brutal correction. Wolfgang Schaeuble is less than sub-human. Why? Because he can’t be conditioned to behave in a certain way. Thus undermining 250 years of Enlightenment charlatanism of one description or another.

  2. “He is being deliberately provocative.”

    If taking a stand for Liberty is being “deliberately provocative” let us hope for a tsunami of provocations from Europe. Let them come so thick and fast that the Ummah cannot keep track of them.

    Let Europe (and America) remember and hold in their hearts the immortal sentiment uttered by General Anthony McAuliffe in the face of a surrender demand from an equally odious foe: “Nuts!”

  3. Let us all take a stand against the oppressive gestapo known as Islam. We cannot afford to be slow in setting forth motions and actions to safeguard the liberty of our children. If that entails another set of Crusades, so be it. Talk crap to Bush, but he has shown the balls to go against the terrorists. Only thing left is to attack Saudi Arabia and take the oil from those gluttonous undeserving bastards. Print the cartoon, let the attack a place that is public afterwards. Then go to war with those willing to attack. Fight fire with fire.

  4. This reminds me of ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit.’ In that movie, the only way to kill a toon was make them laugh themselves to death. What we must do now is continue provoking and enraging muslims until they literally die of rage. Apoplectic seizures and blood vessels bursting from morocco to thailand, I can see it now.

  5. Well, they do explode with rage pretty regularly, but unfortunately, they have a bad habit of taking innocents with them.

    It would be better to cut off their allowance. The West should become as energy independent as possible as quickly as possible.

  6. If muslims are continually outraged by what we say and do in free societies, there is a simple solution.

    Withdraw from the West, stop reading our papers and watching our TV broadcasts, listening to our radio broadcasts and go back home where you can ignorantly live in 7th century bliss.

    Don’t come into my house, put your dirty boots up on my coffee table, and expect me not to say anything.

    We were all much happier when we all lived in our own homes, so go back to yours.

  7. But the Muslim is commanded by his greedy god to make your home his as well, over your dead body if need be.

  8. Back in 2006 when Hamas insisted that Israel release some 450 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for one Cpl. Gilad Shalit it became rather clear to me that anyone who comes forward with such patently absurd demands needs to be shot on the spot. No questions, no opportunities to rephrase just something along the lines of:

    “In exchange for Cpl. Gilad Shalit you must release 450 prisoners by …”


    THUD …


    “Before the Qassam rocket attacks cease you must restore all electricity and fuel shipments to …”


    THUD …

    Same thing with this sort of nonsense. Whenever these Islamic wingnuts begin making their veiled threats and exorbitant demands, something in that spokesman’s country should explode, collapse or otherwise come apart at the seams.

    When the Arab News threatens Wolfgang Schaeuble, a refinery in Saudi Arabia needs to explode promptly, followed by a phone call from Germany along the lines of:

    “Oh dear, you chaps really ought to spend less time threatening us and devote yourselves a bit more to looking after your refineries. Why, a distillation tower could overheat twice in the time it took you write that editorial. Let’s each of us worry about our own affairs, emkay?”

    After the coincidental collapse of a few bridges, factories and dams, in close proximity to the usual Islamic bloviating, I’m sure that things would start to quiet down a skosh. After all, nothing says “mind your own business” quite like a few millions or billions worth of damage to the surrounding landscape.

  9. SEOULDIER13, why in the world would we want to conquer Islamic countries? We just want to be left alone in our own homes. We are patriots who want Europe to survive; we are not wild imperialists (or at least those serious about European survival are not imperialists).

  10. Canadian Infidel: We were all much happier when we all lived in our own homes, so go back to yours.

    Not really and this goes for you as well, Protestant. Even if Muslims had never ventured forth from their lands to colonize the West, people of conscience would eventually have to confront that fact that it remains morally objectionable for knuckle-dragging Neanderthal thugs to be trundling about chopping off innocent people’s heads, hands and private parts in the name of some barking mad sociopathic messiah.

    Terrorist atrocities or not, Islam is still unworthy of continued existence solely due to the hideous abuse of human rights that goes on within its own borders.

    Much as with Ayn Rand’s observation that tyrannies have no sovereign rights: When all is said and done, the West has every right to liberate Muslims from their incredibly abusive doctrine. One way or another, Islam must go. It has no place in civilized society and is a source of endless human misery. Plainly put:


    Furthermore, Protestant, Islam will never leave us “alone in our own homes”. At least not without first being catastrophically dismantled in such a way that it cannot reconstitute itself for several generations. It is the nature of the Islamic beast and there is no getting around the necessity of kicking Islam’s collective gluteus maximus so hard that they gag on our shoelaces.

  11. It is fairly obvious that Saudis are spoiling for a fight. These artistic endeavors have not been prone to challenge Muslims to think. Far from being shocking, the various cartoons put out so far have generally been boring and insipid. The only artwork that comes close to making a statement is a picture of Mohammed with a bomb as his turban. So, those Muslims who get wildly upset about all of this (and it is usually a tiny minority that claims to speak for one billion Muslims) are merely spreading the message that contempt toward Islam is the only message they take seriously. Those Muslim leaders who are wise would tell their followers to ignore artistic comments about Islam.

    There are times it is best not to cry, for crying tends to promote further offense from one’s enemies. Moreover, there are some parents who tell their children, “Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about.” The various pieces of artwork made by Wilders, van Gogh, Mohammed cartoonists, and other cultural guerrillas are merely artistic switchblades. None of them is really a knife. Saudis are accustomed to using the harshest artwork imaginable within their own political commentary and now they presume to enforce their editorial standards with fatwas. Well, the time will come when artwork is published that makes everything that’s happened so far look insignificant.

    The House of Saud will not win this conflict, for no amount of censorship can make civilized people respect that House. If a sow were to wear an abaya, it would not keep the wearer from being a pig.

  12. My freedom to think and speak as i will, is a provocation to islam.

    Of course it is, but who gives a damn.

    Let the war begin. See the thing that this moronic islamist barbarian doesnt see, is that the possibility of war doesnt scare us europeans half as much as the possibility of af peaceful surrender.

    For my own part I can say, that if they really wanted to scare the living dayligt out of me, they should threaten me with peace rather than war.

  13. SEOULDIER13:

    Dubya went after the terrorists? May I beg to differ?

    This is the same guy who has been working to create a terrorist state in Europe. The same guy, who, while US soldiers were coming home in coffins from Iraq and Afghanistan, was allowing US security services to train and equip the KLA by co-operating with Iran, Saudi Arabia and the same people who were kiling US soldiers, Al Qaeda.

    You can bet while the US is dependent for its enrgy on Saudi and ME oil, there is no way the US will go after the real terrorists.

  14. Osama Bin Laden: “when people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature, they will like the strong horse.”

    For all our military strength,the West is the weak horse because we refuse to do what is necessary and fight back tooth and nail. The islamic world sees this and realizes they are the strong horse.

    They react idiotically to the cartoons and other trivial matters because they know they can get away with it.

  15. Say what you want defiant lion and protestant,

    I STAND BY MY LEADER, I don’t criticize the president. I believe that people that do should be locked up. I believe in free speech, but too much freedom in itself, or should I say unregulated freedom destroys society. I am a war monger. Defiant, I have been to Iraq. I know how we train and equip the ING and that sort of business. I am saying that there are good people in the middle east. We just need to break them of the Islam faith. They have Christians in Islam being put to death per bounty/terror order of imams. I have driven through Mosul/Mawsil and saw the grave/burial site of Jonahs. It saddens me that there are cultural significant/rich areas there that cannot be redeemed for use of all religions. A group of people that believe in a rock so much that they face it from where ever in the world to pray to it are a bunch of idiots to me. I am sure that Allah also says to not have false idols. They seem to be worshiping the hell out of a rock. I say that if they want to play, just nuke/bomb the hell out of the rock.

  16. The Arab News should be greatfull that the Germans did not suggest a way of dealing with Islam similar to the Wansee solution .
    Though , to be honest , that would probably be too low tech. in this day and age .

  17. Doc– The Wansee Conference, you mean the decision by the Nazi high command to have all Jews migrate out of Europe? [Contrary to some claims, the minutes of that meeting make no explicit reference to mass killing].

    That would actually be quite a wonderful, and feasible, solution today for the troublemaking alien Muslims in Europe.

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