A Nation Already Yielding to Tyrants…

The post below is a report on the latest outbreak of Islamophobia in Netherlands, sent this morning by our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan.

A nation already yielding to tyrants…

…woke up with a grin on its face. “Vandals” defiled a World War Two monument in the center of Amsterdam. The unknown pranksters covered two letters, so the meaning became very appropriate to the current political situation. I’m certain the mayor of Amsterdam had to drink a few strong cups of tea to get rid of the nasty taste.

The text “defiled” is a poem, written by Henk van Randwijk, a man who himself formed part of the resistance. The monument is placed on the execution ground where the Germans shot 33 victims.

The defiled monument

The original poem:

Een volk dat voor tirannen zwicht
zal meer dan lijf en goed verliezen
dan dooft het licht…

The modified poem:

Een volk dat voor korannen zwicht
zal meer dan lijf en goed verliezen
dan dooft het licht…

Translation into English:

A nation that yields to tyrants (or Korans, in the modified version)
will lose more than life and property
then the light will be snuffed out…

From De Telegraaf (my translation):
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Unknown culprits defile war monument in Amsterdam

Amsterdam — Unknown culprits defiled the monument commemorating World War Two on the H.M. Van Randwijk plantsoen in Amsterdam. They placed stickers over the well-known text from the poet and resistance fighter Henk M. van Randwijk.

The Amsterdam council for the Center, where the monument stands, was notified Tuesday that the monument was defiled, according to a spokesman. Employees put the monument back in order [read: they carefully removed the stickers — translator] The damage caused was minute. The spokesman could not say why the monument was defiled, or whether this action has anything to do with the debate about the Fitna movie from Geert Wilders about the Koran.

No, this has absolutely nothing to do with the present debate about Muslims. More likely to fight for the rights of whales in South America, or perhaps to liberate Tibet. Can you smell the coffee?

— H. Numan

6 thoughts on “A Nation Already Yielding to Tyrants…

  1. The Netherlands is at a crossroads–freedom vs. dhimmitude.

    Sweden is gone, Norway is going, Denmark remains defiant.

    Holland has to choose.

  2. This kind of wit and iconoclasm is one of the many European legacies that will be choked in the creeping humorless and totalitarian caliphate preceded by her leftist PC handmaidens. The world will be poorer for it.

  3. subliem, knap bedacht.

    Wonderful, Simple and yet so powerful. who can object against it, it just relates to the present day what was already written there…

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