The Balcony Scene

Update: LN sends a link to this Aftonbladet article (in Swedish) which states that there have been seven deadly “balcony incidents” so far, in various Swedish cities.

Our Swedish correspondent LN sends the following cartoon, and has provided an English translation of the text in the speech balloon. Also, here’s a translation of the caption that originally appeared under the cartoon:

(It has almost become commonplace for a young girl to fall from a balcony in Malmö…)

The balcony scene

This cartoon is referring to a news story that Dymphna mentioned last week.
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A teenage girl in Malmö fell from the balcony of her apartment sometime during the night of January 23rd. Her parents told the police that they found her on the ground below the following morning.

However, two male “relatives” have since been charged with pushing her off the balcony.

There is no mention in any of the news stories of the girl’s ethnicity, or why her relatives might have pushed her off the balcony.

3 thoughts on “The Balcony Scene

  1. Actually the girl WAS muslim as I have learned.

    And yes, forced droppings out of balconys have become a very common way of getting “back the honour” here in Sweden amongst the multicultural parts of the country (which of course is just about EVERY part of the country nowdays…).

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