Sell Them the Rope? Heck, No — We’ll Pay Them to Take It!

Hangman’s nooseVladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (a.k.a. Lenin) famously said, “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

But the modern Western welfare state, in its eagerness to commit suicide, is willing to pay our enemies to take the rope. “Please! Have one for free, on us! It’s made of top noose-grade hemp, guaranteed to take the weight of any infidel of up to 200 kilos…”

Over the weekend Dymphna wrote about the British government’s announcement that it is willing to pay Muslim men for their extra wives. And now the Swedes are going to use taxpayer funds to pay for the training the country’s imams:

Swedish state to train imams

The Swedish government is to set up an inquiry to look into the possibility of using state funds to provide training programmes for imams.

Muslim religious representatives should be able to benefit from Swedish tax kronor in the same way as Christian priests and ministers, according to Minster for Higher Education and Research Lars Leijonborg.

The former Liberal Party leader also believes that the move will help stem the development of radical Islam in Sweden.

Ah yes! The rationale for every weaselly weak-kneed surrender to the demands of Islam: “If we don’t give them what they want, the radicals will gain ascendancy, and then the Muslims will hurt us! Here’s some money — now we can crawl back under the bed.”

The idea is to replace Saudi money with Swedish money — as if that will guarantee a crop of more “moderate” imams:
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“It has been suggested that radical Muslims from Saudi Arabia are offering to provide imams for free, and a lack of money means that moderate Muslims who want to set up a mosque don’t have any alternatives,” Leijonborg told Svenska Dagbladet.

Concrete proposals regarding the structure and composition of a training course for imams would only be put forward following close consultation with Muslims in Sweden, he said. The minister added that the government had already begun discussions with the newly formed Ibn Rushd study foundation.

“My opinion is that we should help Muslims by providing a Swedish training course for imams, or at least supplementary studies in Swedish language and society.”

The other day Dymphna mentioned “Muslim Stigmata”, the bruises on devout foreheads which are derived from vigorously banging Muslim heads against the mosque floor when praying.

What about the “Swedish Stigmata”?

Those are the subdural hematomae caused by the repeated pounding of Swedish heads against the wall of Multiculturalism.

Hat tip: TB.

8 thoughts on “Sell Them the Rope? Heck, No — We’ll Pay Them to Take It!

  1. As they say, sunshine is the best disinfectant. Thanks for your efforts in exposing these cockamamie multicultural schemes to public scrutiny, so that the voters and taxpayers of Sweden can be encouraged to reconsider.

  2. don’t you guys know that showing nooses, in any content are a ‘hate crime’ now? The editor of golf digest lost his job over it.

  3. Sweden cooperates intensively with Saudi Barbaria: “….relations between the two countries have been strong for many years, emphasizing the importance of cooperation between the two countries in various fields particularly in military spheres

  4. “Those are the subdural hematomae caused by the repeated pounding of Swedish heads against the wall of Multiculturalism.”

    That’s why I like Gates of Vienna.

  5. If I was a muslim I would be laughing my ass off at the total idiots in Sweden, Britain, etc.!!!

    Is there some sort of collective dementia in the EU? I keep thinking things can’t get any more absurd, and then I discvoer I am wrong!

  6. Evidently the Swedes are emulating the U.S. Department of Defense and federal prison system in their desire to create more “moderate” Imams. And we know how well that’s turned out.

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