Play La Marseillaise, Lentement

Are the French the first to hop onto the Lisbon train? Do they think they have a return ticket?

the France that wasFrance’s deputies and senators meeting in Parliament in Versailles ratified by a vote of 560 to 181 the constitutional revision for the ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon.

Jean-Marie Le Pen of “Front National” just issued this communiqué:

Treason In Versailles

Once again, the Palace of Versailles, symbol of the sovereignty and the grandeur of France, is the theater of a betrayal of the nation.

In 2005, the deputies and senators had modified the French Constitution to make it compatible with the European Constitution.

The French people rejected these modifications.

The deputies and the senators reenact the same scenario today as if the French people had never voiced their opinion.

What the people refused in 2005, the representatives of the people are imposing in 2008.This betrayal disqualifies the national representation.”

“Today, we are all French.”

America will recover from 9/11. I do not think the French will recover from this. Not in our lifetimes.

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4 thoughts on “Play La Marseillaise, Lentement

  1. “I am no fan of Le Pen by any means”
    “America will recover from 9/11. I do not think the French will recover from this. Not in our lifetimes.”

    I am no fan of France by any means.
    Despite that, I think you are wrong Dymhpna. I think France will recover for that at least during my life time – I don’t know how old you are – the sad thing is that it may cost as much blood – or more – than the French Recolution did.
    France will suffer a lot, and very soon. But France can survive…

  2. So we’ve come out to actually quoting Le Pen on this site? Great.

    Sure 2+2=4 doesnt become blasphemy if spoken by Hitler, but why should we quote such people?

    Le Pen should be totally out of the pale and this is not academic like with DeWinter and others who seem sincere.
    Le Pen is a light-and-day fascist.

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