More CPAC Doings from Fausta’s Blog

Fausta has a list:


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Alarming News
Atlas Shrugs
Bluey Blog
Captain’s Quarters
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Fausta’s Blog
Gay Patriot
Girl on the Right
Hugh Hewitt
Human Events
Little Miss Attila
Mary Katherine Ham
Matt Sanchez
Musclehead Revolution
My Man Mitt
Outside the Beltway
Reasoned Audacity
Red State
Riehl World View
Right Wing News
Sam Adams Alliance
Save the GOP
The American Mind
The Autonomist
Truth Laid Bear

Fausta provided good background, including parts of the President’s speech and the reception that various people (e.g., John McCain) received. Go over and see some bloggers’ pictures. Listen to the podcast….

Fausta is a good reporter; maybe she missed her calling!

[da end…but I left a list so you can check your favorites]

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