Latest News: Gays Cause Earthquakes

This story is from Australia News. I’ll bet The Jerusalem Post spiked it.

Wow, who would have dreamed gays had this kind of energy? We ought to channel it into some kind of cool science like, oh, synthetic replacements for oil.

Come on, y’all, get busy…the world needs your help:

Shlomo Benizri of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish Shas Party said the only way to prevent earthquakes was for parliament to stop liberalising laws concerning homosexuals, AP reported.

“Why do earthquakes happen? One of the reasons is the things to which the Knesset (parliament) gives legitimacy, to sodomy,’’ Mr Benizri said.

Mr Benizri said earthquake damage could be avoided if the parliament stopped “passing legislation on how to encourage homosexual activity in the state of Israel, which anyway brings about earthquakes’’.

Two earthquakes originating in Lebanon have shaken Israel in the past week. The first occurred two days after the Israeli attorney-general ruled that same-sex couples could adopt children.

In recent years, Israeli courts have ruled that the government must recognise sex-sex marriages performed abroad and grant gay couples inheritance rights.

Hmmm…I wonder if the heterosexuals are to blame for all those hurricanes? Lord knows with the on-going droughts in the southeastern U.S. that the transgnendered can’t haven’t been up to any good…

[the joke ends here. Yes, this is humor, folks]

6 thoughts on “Latest News: Gays Cause Earthquakes

  1. Well I’m sure he does believe in the old testament which flouts stories where people turn into pillars of salt when looking back from fleeing a depraved city and homosexual activity. Hey….I’m just saying. And trying to make my brain feel better about this one.

  2. So gay men cause earthquakes? Well this news is liable to go to some of our ‘heads’. Who needs Viagra? We obviously have a virility that straight men can only be envious of.

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