Guns, Babes, and Denmark — What Else Would Anyone Need?

Saturday’s post about firearms instructors and shooting enthusiasts drew a lot of attention. A Danish reader was prompted to email me about Crown Prince Mary, a native of Tasmania who is now married to Prince Frederik, the heir to the throne of Denmark.

Mary, it seems, is no stranger to firearms:


You had a post about learning to use guns, well, Mary has learned.

See the Crown Princess in the Danish home guard, and also some additional photos.

Crown Princess Mary

You should post this story (or at least the pictures) about crown princess Mary of Denmark on your blog.

She’s so cool in these pictures, and a good role model.


The articles are in Danish, and I don’t have time to try to translate them. But the pictures give you the gist.

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12 thoughts on “Guns, Babes, and Denmark — What Else Would Anyone Need?

  1. Guns, Babes, and Denmark — What Else Would Anyone Need?

    Bigger guns, more babes and a stronger Denmark — Need you ask? 😉

  2. That’s cool. But this princess will most likely never see a combat zone.

    I’m a helluva lot more impressed with Sgt. Jill Stevens who has served in Afghanistan. She’s also Miss Utah, a Miss America contestant.

    So she’s the real deal.

    Sgt Jill Stevens

  3. chalons–

    Thanks for the link. She’s not only pretty, but you can sense her vitality…I’ll bet the injured feel better just looking at her…

    I’m going to put her up so people can vote.

  4. The crownprince of denmark is a former frømand(the danish version of the navy seals) and he have been on the SIRIUS Patrol. A long long ride on dog-sled along the coast of Iceland.

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