An Open Letter to Our European Readers

To our readers:

When we started our blog, Dymphna and I had no intention of specializing in the European Counterjihad. We fell into the job by accident.

And now, thanks to all the recent conflict over the supposed “neo-Nazis” in Sverigedemokraterna and Vlaams Belang, the transatlantic crack between the European and American anti-jihad efforts has widened into a chasm.

Euromed mapWe have chosen sides: we support the traditional, indigenous, patriotic resistance to Islamization that is growing rapidly throughout Western Europe. We believe that the fear of Nazis and fascists is absurd and misplaced. The dread of a resurgence of race-based totalitarianism has nothing to do with reality. It is the result of decades of Leftist indoctrination and has culminated in the official repressive anti-free speech policies of the European Union.

The spectre of the return of jack-booted storm troopers is a bogeyman conjured up to keep the children of Europe cowering under the covers while the adults of the EU nomenklatura go about the business of creating Eurabia.

I have personally met and taken the measure of many activists in the European resistance, not just members of Vlaams Belang and Sverigedemokraterna, but also bloggers, academics, writers, and ordinary citizens. These people came together in Brussels with a single common purpose: to discuss the status of Islamization in their individual countries, and to plan for the rollback of sharia wherever it appears.

To cast aspersion on any of them for their associations is a travesty, and I repudiate it.

Many Americans are relatively ignorant of what’s happening in Europe. Public affairs in our large and entertaining country are enough to keep any news junkie occupied full-time. Europe is a sideshow.

Thanks to the persistence of the WW2 narrative and the leftist simplification endemic in our legacy media, Europe is painted in primary colors. Stereotypes are rife: the gracious and enlightened socialism of the EU somehow manages to coexist with the atavistic brownshirts who are eternally on the verge of staging a putsch to reclaim their rightful heritage. Universal health care side by side with fascism. A perfect socialist state which is about to be overthrown by Nazis.

Any European outside of the foaming-at-the-mouth Left knows that this analysis is nonsense. It’s a fairy tale, but it’s a damaging one.

The great harm brought on by the bitterness of this quarrel is mostly confined to our side of the Atlantic. The schism appears to be unavoidable and irreparable: defending against the attacks and refuting the allegations has only served to engender additional and more vitriolic attacks.

American bloggers — and I refer not only to Gates of Vienna, but to many others as well — have had anathema pronounced upon them by other American bloggers. We have been branded “racists”, “xenophobes”, “white supremacists”, “neo-Nazi enablers”, and all the other feverish appellations that until recently had been epithets used solely by the far Left.

On balance, however, the conflict has been salutary. It has brought clarity to the situation, allowing us to see who is willing to make tough choices and take incoming fire when real action, and not simply talk, is at stake.

It’s now much clearer where our divisions lie: not just between the Right and the Left, but between those on the Right who are still hypnotized by political correctness, and those who have shaken themselves free of it.

It’s useful to discover how many people, even among conservatives, are in thrall to the shibboleth of racism. Good, decent people without a racist bone in their bodies turn away from their erstwhile allies — people who are just as non-racist as themselves — as soon as the “R” word is hurled in their general direction.
– – – – – – – –
It’s difficult to shake off the fear of such stigmatization. Despite the fact that what we conservatives believe will always cause us to be branded as racists, there remains a lingering irrational hope that somehow, if we make our good intentions and pure motives completely clear and prove that we never, ever discriminate against anybody, we can persuade our enemies on the Left to like us and accept us.

Waking up and discovering that all of this was a childish dream is not a pleasant experience. The world that confronts us is ugly and unforgiving, and riddled through with ambiguities and compromises that we would rather not face.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Another helpful result of the crisis has been to demonstrate that the grassroots Counterjihad movements in Europe are on their own. Abandoned by their own leaders and media, they are now branded as neo-Nazis by many American conservatives as soon as they attempt to form practical working coalitions to defend their countries from Islamization.

Eurabia clockFrom an American perspective, it appears that a Europe overrun by Islam is to be preferred to risking the stain of “racism”.

No European country or organization is free from prior associations with people now considered beyond the pale. It doesn’t seem to matter that the same is true of Americans: both Republicans and the Democrats would be persona non grata if equivalent expectations were applied to them. Only native Europeans are held to this ridiculous standard.

To satisfy the ideological purists on our side of the Atlantic, European groups would have to be utterly without stain. They would have to demonstrate themselves to be free of “the sin of racism”. Their inner cleanliness would have to be proved to… well, to whom? The Anti-Racism Purity Board? The ADL? The NAACP? Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton?

Who will be appointed to set the standards and pass judgment?

And why should any European pay attention to them in the first place?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Fortunately for everyone, the networks of the European Counterjihad are forming organically, even without the approval of self-appointed moral arbiters in the United States. Links among groups are being forged both within countries and across borders, resulting in a real pan-European movement that stands in stark contrast to that artificial and totalitarian monstrosity known as “the European Union”.

It’s not a top-down operation. Grassroots groups emerge, expand, encounter one another, and interconnect. Political parties that have been marginalized and demonized — Lega Nord, Vlaams Belang, Dansk Folkeparti, Sverigedemokraterna, and Partij voor de Vrijheid, for example — are tapping into this network. Eventually, even in the face of official suppression, these voices will have to be heard.

My advice is: don’t count on much help from your high-minded American cousins. Those who understand and support you are the least likely to have the resources necessary to help you.

However, you already have the necessary resources at hand. Public opinion polls show that ordinary European citizens are solidly in support of rolling back Eurabia and reclaiming their traditional way of life.

Communication and coordination are the required tools. Vigilant Freedom Europa is just one meta-network; many others are out there doing the same kind of work. Anyone with a computer and a modem is already a node in that network. If you continue to stay in touch and add connections, the strength and resilience of the network can only increase.

The EUSSRWhat you are discussing and attempting is now illegal in most European countries. It can bring fines, loss of employment, a cessation of public benefits, and jail time, assuming the mujahideen don’t find you first and give you the Theo Van Gogh treatment. Every day courageous people among you are risking their careers, their liberty, and their lives for the sake of this cause.

For what it’s worth, coming from a keyboard jockey safe within the borders of the Sovereign Commonwealth of Virginia: I support your efforts. I wish there were more that I could do to help.

I’ve said before that I stand with the Jews.

But I also stand with the Europeans.

Kind regards,
Baron Bodissey

84 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Our European Readers

  1. Ah, but dear Baron, you’ve already have done a lot for the Counter-Jihad movement both in Europe and for North America, by being the catalyst and the hatchling ground for CVF, and for providing invaluable assistance in creating important meeting places both in cyberspace as well as in the real world. So thanks for that and keep up the good work.

    And as for the split in the Counter-Jihad movement, it was inevitable that it would come sooner or later, and in this case sooner was better. The only unexpected in this scenario was who would be the first to succumb. But really only marginally, in many not so surprising after all. After all, LGF never really was an ally, in the sense that one would expect either Charles Johnson or his readers/commenters to join a real life movement, they want to be above that and be detached. In the 6+ years of LGF existence have they ever organized or been co-organizers of anything outside the cyber-realm? I don’t remember any such thing if it even exist. Whereas CVF shortly after its birth started to organize networks, SIGs, contacts and facilitated these, ending up, so far, with the Counter-Jihad Summit in Brussels, showing that CVF is more than a cyberspace entity, but operates in both cyberspace and in the RealWorld…

    As for standing with the Jews and the Europeans, that’s all good and fine, and certainly what is expected of any serious Counter-Jihadist, the Jews have always been the canary in the coalmine, and Europe have unfortunately opened itself to be very vulnerable, and the consequence of Europe falling into at best a chaotic quagmire of ethnical unrest or even civil wars… or at worst falls under (mostly) Islamic dominion is a consequence that has very negative consequences for the rest of the Western World, or indeed the rest of the world… If this should happen the appetite of Islam will be doubled to get the rest of the world into “Dar ul Islam”. So those that doesn’t support or help Europe not to fall into the abyss, is ultimately setting themselves up to be the next target for a much stronger enemy.

    And last the enemy that we see is the Islamists and Jihadis, because they are the very visible enemy, but the real enemy is the coalition of marxists, neo-marxists, and those who have bought into the PC hell created by the former, including a large part of the conservative base, and even a large part of the euro-liberals (the classic liberals and social conservatives in Europe). The spectre of Nazism and Fascism is nothing more than a bogeyman argument hatched in the minds of marxists, who have always needed a bogeyman to get people to fall into line, and by creative (and persistent) use of language they have created the myth that Nazis belong on the right side of the political spectrum, and that conservatives are nothing more than nazis in sheep’s clothing… But their arguments have become more and more hysterical and desperate and more and more people are seeing through the charade, and are leaving the narrow PC road. And are immediately attacked for leaving the well-trotted road, as we have seen over and over again… But still more and more people are risking leaving the road, and with the help of networks under the CVF umbrella and others, they might actually see that there are other roads to follow.

    One of the neat thing about being a conservative is to realise that people aren’t all a grey identical mass of people, we’re different and difference is a good thing, compared to be put into a blender and become identical grey mass, which is what the multicultural ideologists as well as the marxists wants to do…. But despite the differences we can work together in areas towards a common goal, while at the same time disagree on other issues. Demanding 100% compliance to a common ideology or ultimate goal is not helpful and will in the end be self-defeating…

    Vive Le Difference

  2. Personally it matters not what others say about me. As you can measure the Europeans, I can measure others also, thanks to my time as a combat Marine in ‘Nam. This old Reb(down South we hate the word Yank)will stand with my European cousins, at least in spirit and however else that helps.


  3. I am grateful to Baron for standing up for Europe, since so many Americans have abandoned it. For me it is easy to understand, why it is difficult for an American to understand the multitude of European nations, languages, political traditions and so forth. So I don’t really blame any American for making generalizations, but I do object, when somebody refuses to listen and stands by his generalizations nevertheless.

    Baron has a lot more to lose by standing with the Europeans than he would have by simply parroting the conventional wisdom or “party line”. It is so easy to use phrases like “petty nationalism” and “fascism” to describe people who are worried about the way Europe is going right now.

    What needs to be understood is the fact that development of islamization is taking place in a different way and with a varying pace depending on the country. From a Scandinavian perspective Sweden is way ahead of the rest and Finland is coming roughly 20 years behind. The issues required in tackling the problem vary from country to country.

  4. Baron, if I remember correctly your interest in European matters began with some words striking a note in your heart. Those words were spoken by Queen Margaret II of Denmark. Since then you have proven the European stereotype of the primitive, ignorant American wrong. You are yourself an American Royal. And in my office I proudly display a photo of you and me standing together in Amalienborg Square. It is an honor and a privilege to know you.

  5. As Ben Franklin once famously said, “We all hang together or we all hang separately.” It’s true today; it will be more true tomorrow.

    I rue the fact that far too many of our erstwhile conservative friends seem to think the Eurarabian appellation of “racist” applies to most of us. We may be anti-sharia and anti-Islam, but that in no way makes us racists.

    We all need to do what we can, no matter how little that may be in terms of gold, to work with the European movement. WWII and King Juan Carlos drove the last two stakes through the heart of fascism in Europe in 1945 and 1975. The Arabs and their fellow travelers want to re-establish the idea.

    Ask any thinking Frenchman if we are wrong.

  6. I’d have Dewinter over Johnson at my dinner table any day of the weak and twice on Sunday.

    I’ve done extensive research over the last month and can only conclude that FDW and the VB are perfectly acceptable allies in the Counter Jihad. Johnson can go pound sand.

    (((And for you lurking lizards reading this: the lizard that goes by the initials “RE” is not me, it’s “reliapundit”. You genius’s think just cuz I have a consecutive R and E in my nic and because that dumbass re-posted a link to that noxious website, you numbskulls put 2 and 2 together and get 5.

    And hey, reliamoron? SHOUTING AT PEOPLE IN A FORUM invites appropriate scorn and ridicule- it does not make your case any stronger, dillweed. Change your lizard nic or stop being a moron. (for the record, my lizard nic was my first name).)))

    Ditto what Tom said. I stand with my European cousins and especially the Vlaams Belang (I’m half Dutch but 100% American – stubborn and patriotic) in their fight in any way I can.

    Amen and pass the ammo~

    Someone Katrina VH

  7. Vasarahammer, Zonka — thank you!

    Yes, I know the map is out of date. The site I stole it from was several years old. I think it also should include Libya as a Euromed partner; if not now, then soon.

    Kepi, the honor is mutual. My favorite photo of you is in front of the mermaid.

    I wonder how many of the commenters who show up in this thread will turn out to be people with whom I have met and shared adult beverages… 🙂

  8. Spinoneone wrote:
    We may be anti-sharia and anti-Islam, but that in no way makes us racists.

    If so, then you are doomed to failure. The single most integral part of the big picture here is BLOOD. The question of whether European blood will persist on European soil or whether it will be overwhelmed and eventually extinguished, is what fundamentally animates most who think in the “anti-Jihad” direction. If you get so panicky when the word ‘race’ comes up, then you are lost to the fight. The same applies if you genuinely “don’t care”.

  9. It really is a bold statement to say you aren’t afraid of being called racist anymore. When enough of us say it, on both sides of the pond, we will be able to push back Eurabia, and prevent it in the US, along with the other cultural intrusions (that last phrase would make a RINO cry and a leftist scream).

    I have been thinking of getting some bumper stickers made up in the vein of “Leftists are the New Brownshirts” or some such in honor of what I have been reading here. I think it is a message that needs to get out.

  10. Charles Johnson/LFG is good for exposing mainstream media’s lies and distortions and the site should be supported for that. But beyond the media exposing angle, LFG has nothing more to offer but clever heckling of current events from the peanut gallery. Fun stuff to read if you have a whole lot of time to burn.

    I wouldn’t make too much of this rift. Charles Johnson and a percentage of the active members might have turned their backs on Gates of Vienna but then another good percentage are independent thinkers and aren’t going to tow Charles Johnson’s line just because he provides a list of selected links and the commenters say vicious, nasty stuff. The general reader isn’t going to feel any commitment to buying their line. CJ/LFGers just don’t have that much power to affect opinion.

    Let them burn the bridge on their end but GofV should still give LFG their due respect for their contribution for the fight against global jihad, when it’s called for. And then GofV should continue what it does best, report anti-jihad fight and events across the Atlantic, provide excellent commentary in both the posts and comments section and fjordman!

    And please, let’s move on!

  11. Would Gates of Vienna support political parties who wanted Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona to be independent, because they are anti-islamist?

    Just asking.

  12. First of all, a heartfelt THANK YOU, Baron Bodissey and Dymphna, for your support. Many thanks too for the other Americans on this blog supporting our cause, especially AngleofRepose.

    Then to Mr. Gash’s question:

    Would Gates of Vienna support political parties who wanted Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona to be independent, because they are anti-islamist?

    I take that as a clear reference to the secessionist chapter of the VB’s programme. Personally, I am AGAINST the split of Belgium, even though I am a Vlaams Belang member myself. I have joined this party because it is ethically conservative, pro-business and pro-free market, and because in Belgium, it is the sole party opposing islamization.

    All my life I have been living on Belgium’s linguistic divide (born and raised just inside Flanders, now living privately just inside Wallonia – but my biz is still in Flanders). I guess this has given me a more nuanced opinion on the benefits of staying together as Flemings and Walloons in one country. I am convinced that both communities will lose BIG if Belgium breaks in two. Still, since 95% of the VB programme suits me, I prefer supporting the VB despite its secessionist agenda. Now, the VB originated in Antwerp, in the north of Flanders, a place naturally suited, so to say, NOT to see what the perils are of breaking apart.

    But Mr. Gash, you should really try to get acquainted with the historical reasons behind the fierce Flemish nationalism of the VB. I take it that you are an Englishman, and that your view regarding the VB is influenced because of the tensions the devolution in the UK is generating, what with the Scottish secessionism on the rise and all that. But I tell you, Scots and Welshmen were NEVER second rank citizens in their own country the Flemings were in theirs. The secessionism is, although unfotunate in my view, very understandable.

  13. Steve —

    Actually, I support independence for Virginia. Why do you think I keep referring to it as “the Sovereign Commonwealth of Virginia”?   🙂

    If you read our blog more often, you would have noticed that we’re not terribly enamored of our federal government…

  14. I can only echo what others have already said, so I’ll keep it brief. I’m honoured that you have chosen to support us, and honoured that you have picked the hardest path to do so. It would have been so very easy for you to write off your association with the nations of Europe and leave us to whatever fate we face without any support.

    I wonder how many of the commenters who show up in this thread will turn out to be people with whom I have met and shared adult beverages…

    I do hope there’s a next time. I want to join in. 🙂

    Well I make light of it, but I do want to be more active in this movement. I’ve read the stirring speeches, written a few of my own (or at least I hope so), but action has been light thanks to my irregular income. Hopefully I can remedy that soon.

  15. As they say, all politics is local, it is natural for Americans to care more about America (and even smaller regional concerns down to what your town or block and neighbors are doing). It is natural for Europeans to be concerned with European concerns, and again national, regional and very local issues. I do not think most Americans are anti-European. I don’t think most Americans who are concerned about Islamization are ready to write off Europe or even somehow wish for its demise.

    I don’t think this rift is real or inevitable. It was a Charles Johnson-engineered affair. And to understand that, it may be necessary to understand not just the latent political correctness of a so-called conservative who was a liberal pre-9/11. I think it’s also a case of puritanism.

    Puritanism is still a force in America, on the Right and on the Left. It manifests itself in simple, dogmatic, black-or-white views of things. It is the opposite of what many in America view Europeans: seeing all things in shades of grey and never taking a strong stand on one side or another of an issue.

    Certainly, this in itself is gross generalization of people on both sides of the Atlantic, but I think it is true that in America people like to see things as black-or-white.

    So I think residual puritanism also motivated Charles, in addition to all the other explanations posited for his jihad. Charles wants everything to be either black-or-white, for me-or-against me, etc. He is the cause of this “rift” and inasmuch he is not ultimately very important, this rift is not a very real thing beyond the blogosphere in the short term.

  16. I read LGF at least once a day and usually more; same for your site; same for the Brussels Journal and others that are likeminded. I take from each what I want and don’t mind at all if you guys write things I don’t like. I don’t expect purity on my terms from anyone, even me.

    I think we need to follow the method of Winston Churchill: He knew that there was one goal, destruction of Nazism, and it didn’t matter who he worked with (like Stalin, who he despised) or what sacrifices he made, both in the U.K., or elsewhere. Everything was a pawn compared to the one goal of victory. Same here. If Vlaams Belang has some white, Christian background, so what? The war against Islam won’t be won by atheists. I’m an atheist; I’m of Jewish background; I’m gay; I’m an American. There aren’t a lot like me. I live in a mostly Christian country and don’t mind it a bit. Growing up in West LA in a largely white Christian environment was a blessing for me. I never felt stigmatized or like an outcast. Europe was Christian and is largely white. What’s wrong with that?

    Don’t get me wrong. I live in NYC and am happy it’s a huge mix of people, Latinos, Asians, blacks, whites, gays, etc. But Europe isn’t NYC or LA, nor should it necessarily try to be. I really don’t worry about crypto- or pseudo- or neo- Nazi tendencies; I figure, even if they’re there, we’ll sort that out afterward, after we are victorious over our common enemy, Islam.

    Sorry to ramble on like this. I’m not sure what so agitated Johnson (who is a national treasure) at LGF or why he is demands so much purity. He and others should focus on the goals a little more and make common cause where they find it.

  17. I disagree slightly with a poster, maybe because I am American, culture is more important than blood.

    But the difference becomes moot when a wave of immigrants believe the natives are infidels, and the political elite are vested in increasing the number of people dependent on a welfare state to remain in power, and thus are committed to open borders.

  18. wimbledon womble-

    I don’t know that the split was inevitable. I think it comes from Charles having a big, but delicate, ego.

    When some of the people who were regulars at LGF started their own blogs, he felt they owed him allegiance. If Atlas hadn’t written of her dismay over Johnson’s condemnation of the conference, he wouldn’t have gone on his witch-hunt/jihad. In Johnson’s view, people like Atlas and Fjordman owe him complete loyalty.

    Almost a child like ego, really. I was described as a ‘two faced back stabber’ after I was banned, oddly childish language from a 50 somethng year old man. The large number of former LGF posters banned over a year ago are ‘creepss for dare speaking badly of him.

    Don’t know if its related, but Johnson posted he is no longer in Pajamas Media management. But banning blog owners and delinking their PJM affiliated blogs for not falling in lockstep with him in his hunt for Nazis can’t be helping things at PJM.

  19. ron, point taken. Brave of you to say you are gay. Listen, we at the VB are against gay marriage and gay adoption, because we are convinced that a marriage is between a man and a woman and that children are best raised by their biological parents. But otherwise we bear people sexually oriented “otherwise” no grudge. Civil unions are okay.

    The thing is, I hope homosexual people understand this full well, they’d better rally behind us christian ethically conservatives because it’s US who will protect them come the day islam will grow too strong. Already, it is apparent what the fate will be of gay people in a muslim-dominated Europe.

  20. Charles Johnson was banning people left and right long before the whole VB affair. He would ban people for arbitrary reasons unrelated to politics. He is just a capricious man. He is not the leader of any kind of movement. He is just a guy with a blog.

    Since this “rift” was essentially precipitated by a bunch of Johnson posts and a rapid spate of banning (again banning for any number of other non-political reasons had been common on LGF from its beginning), this rift is simply something engineered by Johnson.

    Since Johnson is just a guy with a blog, this rift is nothing more than a tempest in a teapot brought about by an extended temper tantrum by an immature person. Johnson’s only importance is that he has a well-trafficked blog. That is all.

    So this rift, as a product of the delusions of grandeur of a guy with a blog, is just a blogofantasy. It does not exist.

  21. Baron, Dymphna, thank you for holding the line and being leaders in the Global Anti-Jihad fight. Your example is valid everywhere free men struggle against Islamic oppression. Those who focus on small things (their own egos, mostly) are of no help and only a small loss in this war for Western survival.

  22. Well said.
    The racist stunt is designed to weaken the Christian Western European Culture.
    And those who claim it are enemies of our civilization.
    Muslims and others…

  23. Stephen Gash said…
    Would Gates of Vienna support political parties who wanted Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona to be independent, because they are anti-islamist?

    Does it matter? Like soldiers in war, we fight the enemy until he is defeated, after that we can deal with our own differences, to do it the other way around would give the enemy too much of an advantage.

  24. Baron, Mrs. Bogle and I live in California (not too far from Mr. C. Johnson) and have degrees in anthropology, geography, biology, and urban planning, so we know something of culture and the Human Experience through time and place. We salute you and Dymphna and the good work you are doing in support of civilization. You are not alone in America, but there is much work to be done.

    Undoing years of politically correct anti-western brainwashing will be difficult. Even the shock of 9/11 seems to of had little effect. Most younger Americans know little of European history and less of geography- I am sure that over 90 percent of Americans aged 20 to 50 could not locate Belgium on an unlabeled map of Europe.

  25. I posted on a us blog that one reason to deal with illegal immigration was to protect our culture. A lefty got his panties in a twist and called me racist for that. He was offended that I would dare think the US culture was anything worth defending.

    It will be a long fight.

  26. I would note that of practicing or academic geographers, anthropologists and urban planners, Mrs. Bogle and I count ourselves among the very few that do not subscribe to a leftist, de-constructionist aesthetic- which is now “the establishment”.

  27. Gates of Vienna was one of the first sites I found when I first went surfing, trying to find out what the deal is with Islam. It made a favorable impression immediately by its intelligent, thoughtful essays. GoV has also managed to wed a decent conservative philosophy to the fight against Islamic aggression. These days that is no small accomplishment.

    Americans and Europeans have a lot more in common than they have in differences. If we can both recover our reverence for our heritage and history we will be strong. We are weak now after four decades of angry liberal utopianism and the Muslims are only doing what they do naturally– their strength is the weakness of others. Those who do not share our heritage but support its legacy can join us or if they reject it they can be dragged along. Or they can leave.

    I’m so glad that GoV talks about not only the external problems but addressing the failings of the West that have brought us here. We have to stop being our own worst enemy.

  28. As an American of Scotch-Irish descent, I have stood beside my cousins in Northern Ireland as they battled the marxist IRA terrorists.

    Likewise, I will stand with Europeans as they fight the invasion of the islamofascists.

    Not coincidentally, many of the IRA supprt the islamofascists.

  29. Being the eternal optimist that I am, I must exhort the Counter-Jihad members that there is hope. Not all Americans have been lost to Europe’s cause, there are many of us represented in the 910 blog roll, as well as outside of it for sure.

    Given all the intellectual and moral justifications that have been expressed continually –for the continued networking with all the various groups that have come under fire– we need not look back with any nagging doubts.

    Zonka’s excellent response in the comments to this post can only be seconded and given a resounding HERE HERE! The Tundra Tabloids stands clearly shoulder to shoulder with the Baron & Dymphna and all the rest of the Counter-Jihad network.

    And a little warning is in order to all those who wish to strive against our movement, that means both the our conservative nay-sayers as well as the jihadist/Islamists themselves, we will not be stopped by either of you.

    The VB and the SD are only a headache for those who have either succumbed to PC rhetoric, or as a vehicle to undermine the Islamization project of Europe. The question is, on whose side does one wish to be?

    With pro-Israel, philo-Semitic forces who refuse oppressive, socialist tyranny and its suffocating Eurabist policies, or with those who use scare tactics of dangerous ghosts lurking in the closests, all the while it’s their own philosophic foundations and political blood brothers that are greatly responsible for these very same ghosts?

    The attempt to “expose us” will only serve in the long run, in helping to to “expose them”, the pro-Islamist socialists and their apologists.

  30. Baron!
    Said it before, but I don’t think it can be said to many times. So I gladly repeat it one more time.
    Your participation in The Counterjihad Conference in Brussel was an act of heroic proportions. I’m grateful to you and every other person present at that gathering. In my eyes you are heroes comparable to the resistance movement working in my home country during the German occupation in WW2. Most of them are dead now, but their spirit lives on in the mind and work of many Danes of whom a lot, by the way, suffers the heavy price of being labelled racists (and worse).
    Before I finish: I’m probably one of the most anti-totalitarian readers you have got. And I’m pretty sure you have got a lot when not counting the islamists and the Lizards from LGF sneaking in from time to time just to find out what is REALLY going on. I suffer from an extreme kind of allergic reaction to any kind of mind police. Be it Nazism, communism, Charles Johnsonism (sorry Charles, used to like you) or whatever these geniuses like to call themselves.
    I’m proudly a member of the Army of Midgets.

  31. Baron, everytime I open GoV and I see the Vienna skyline, I wonder how much longer my city will be a free city. The socialist mindpolice (aka the city government) has recently decreed that there are to be no Weihnachtsmänner (Santa Claus) in kindergartens because the children would be scared. This is how degenerated we’ve become. Please continue your fight and your support. We are in dire need of your support.
    It was a pleasure meeting you in Brussels. Let’s not give up. The stakes are high! Servus from Vienna, Austria

  32. Michael, unfortunately this is a true story. However, this rule is for public kindergartens only. My daughters attends a private kindergarten and she will thus be exposed to the “evil” Weihnachtsmann. Let me add that she has seen the Weihnachtsmann on her first birthday and she thus far has had no psychological problems at all.
    Michael, you should also read my report posten on “The Gathering Storm” Blog. You’ll be even more surprised,… or disgusted.

  33. Thanks so much for supporting us. It isn’t just the islamization but the madness of the Left. Now the Swedish SSU – the youth organization of the Social democrats where the future leaders are groomed – have recommended a law to be passed which states that no one in Sweden should have the leagl right to own/have more than five books in their home, because it creates an education divide between the “have” and “have-nots”.
    It would have been laughable if it didn’t come from the youth organization of the biggest political party, and where the future leaders of the party and country are working in…

  34. What?

    Got a link for that? I want to show it to my wife. If anything will kick her in to a rage it’s people messing with books…

  35. Baron. With respect, if you support independence for Virginia then please start a political party with independence and anti-islamism as it central policies. The world needs at least one US party with anti-islamism as a core policy.

    Michael. I am not just an Englishman, I am an English nationalist who has stood in national and local elections as may be seen on the web. My party believes in a civic English identity. It also believes in English Common Law, not the kind of Civil Law practiced in Scotland and most other EU countries, which many English nationalists consider to be state executive law.

    So, again with respect, I don’t think I need educating about UK political and social history.

    Zonka. Your question to me provides its own answer. Other matters are secondary (even English nationalism) to defeating islamisation. Political parties only seek to promote themselves. I don’t blame them for this because they seek power and influence. However, SIOE is not affiliated to political parties for exactly this reason. Political parties generally have a range of policies.

    This fact will inevitably deviate the public’s attention away from SIOE’s central message. Which is, guess what? Stop Islamisation Of Europe.

    For example, Michael is a VB member who does not want an independent Flanders. Therefore, life is complicated, so let’s just stick to anti-islamism, which Michael does support his party on.

    Also, parties generally attract more opposition than support. VB has about 20% of the popular vote which means is does not have 80% of the popular vote. Anti-islamism needs as much of that 80% as possible which is why SIOE cannot afford to be affiliated to any parties and why we insist that people supporting our events do so on SIOE’s terms.

    This is not a one way thing. If we wish to support some other organisation’s anti-islamism event, we will do so on its terms.

    We have one aim, and one aim only.

    Incidently, SIOE is seeking support from governments and senior religious figures to present a petition to the United Nations. One Jewish person with excellent contacts in the UN initially supported the petition and started things rolling, only to withdraw that support because of perceived associations between SIOE and Vlaams Belang. The person concerned considered SIOE to be a bunch of white supremacists, which is absurd. Anybody knowing me, and particularly Anders, would realise this to be absurd.

    I am not accusing VB of being white supremacists, by the way. I just use this event, which happened this week, just to illustrate how difficult things can become when parties are involved.

    To be fair to both Anders and me, we did actually say that association with political parties would split the anti-islamist movement and it has, to some extent.

    Michael, you say you are a member of VB, but do not want Flanders to leave Belgium. To extend Zonka’s question – who cares?

    I am a member of a party that has a policy of a federal UK, but I want England’s independence.

    As far as anti-islamism goes – who cares what my views on the UK consitution are? They are an irrelevance, other than I regard Islamism and sharia law to be incompatable with democracy.

    Anders, I and most genuine SIOE supporters believe our war is top down. Stopping islamisation is top because if we fail in that then everything else is irrelevant.

    Others see it differently, and we respect that. Anders and I are not in this just to win friends. We don’t care if people dislike us because we believe our single aim is paramount. I think what we have said has all come true.

    But so what? Let’s move on and fight islamism in our own ways and support each other.

    Like us or dislike us everyone can be assured that if we make an agreement with you we will stick to it. We wish people would do the same with us, that’s all.

    Atlas please email me at I would like your help with the petition if you think you can. I think you will like it what it says, particularly with the recent Annapolis dhimmi conference.

    Baron. Just a request. Gates of Vienna was up there with the best in the counter jihad internet information service. National separatism has its merits, but I wish you would start another blog purely on this and take it away from G of V. A prominent link to the independence blog from G of V would make sure that anti-islamists interested in independence movements would be directed there.

    What do you say?

  36. @Stephen Gash,

    I don’t really understand your continued suggestion for starting new single-issue political parties, as this is (IMO) one of the least effective means of combatting the islamisation of our societies. The general voter will not vote for single-issue political parties, instead I believe that the Counter-Jihad platform must form networks and form grassroot movements that will serve to make the public informed about the dangers as well as putting pressure on existing political parties to make the necessary decisions, because they otherwise will lose the next election.

    Most of this battle at the current stage is an information battle, where the paramount issue is to penetrate the walls created by political correctness, and one of the most effective ways of doing this is through activism, such as SIAD/SIOE have done so far, as well as building networks and spreading information such as CVF and GoV have done.

    What we need is an effective lobby group, not new political parties, but instead help transform the existing ones to pay more attention to the dangers of Islam.

  37. Holger —

    Now the Swedish SSU… have recommended a law to be passed which states that no one in Sweden should have the leagl right to own/have more than five books in their home…

    I definitely would like a link to the details on this story.

  38. Steve —

    When the independence of Virginia becomes of paramount importance to me, I’ll consider joining and/or starting a “Sovereign Virginia Party”. Until then, I’ll continue what I’m doing, thank you very much.

    As for supporting the independence of Flanders —

    Once again, if you kept up with our essays here, particularly those of Fjordman, you’d know that the breakup of Belgium may well deal a mortal blow to the EU, and that…


    Sorry for shouting, but the importance of this can’t be overemphasized. The EU is a totalitarian entity which is dedicated to preserving the power of the elites who run it, and intends to do so by ushering in Eurabia.

    I agree with Fjordman: Islamization in Europe cannot be stopped without removing much of the political power of the EU. The breakup of Belgium serves this end.

    From a strategic point of view, Vlaams Belang’s platform is necessary for the success of the Counterjihad.

    They’re also nice guys, and have an excellent party program in other respects.

  39. Baron, as you once said to me, “Thanks for being so stalwart in all of this”.

    I know my friends by their deeds. Crossing the Atlantic twice to shake hands and speak out for us and with us, is all the demonstration I need.

    I can only reiterate the sentiments of my two cohorts here, Kepi and Zonka.
    Those of us that have met you, know you. And we are proud to do so.

  40. Baron, Dymphna you should know that there are some of us here in Canada very grateful for the work you’re doing at GoV and CVF.Gates of Vienna is in the forefront of the anti-Jihadist movement, along with the Secular Islam movement, and represents the best activist and theoretical point of contact we have.

    Don’t worry about your back; we’re behind you.

  41. What one has to wonder, is why some Americans would rather wait for “the rivers of Europe to run red with blood” rather than support preemptive measures. Personally I feel like they’re just p***** off that Europe doesn’t feel “grateful” for Americas help in WWII anymore. God knows they spout the “America will have to save Europe once more”-line every chance they get, as well as varations of the theme and threats in the line of “I hope America doesn’t save you this time”…
    Yes, we are thankful that America joined in, but how many people died while the US played fencesitter? How many will have to die in the future, while the US plays fencesitter? I’d rather ensure that we do not wind up in a situation where we become dependant on the whims of the US, and that means making sure the scenario doesn’t occur.
    Like the “fencesitters of old”, those who are critisizing GoV and the counter-jihad summit, are those who are not “men of action”; those who would rather see Europe burn than take an active part in saving it. Granted, “men of action” do make mistakes, they are human after all, but atleast they’re willing to do something.

    I don’t see why VB wanting a free Flanders should be a cause for concern. Hell, there’s often debate in Denmark wether the Faroe Islands and Greenland should become independent. Most people, as well as politicians, agree that they should be allowed to gain independence if that is their wish(so far there has not been a majority for independence in those “countries”). Why should Flanders be any different? Why should it be bound by a union if its people do not desire it?

  42. You are on the right track, focusing on Europe. What happens there will soon reach the shores of the U.S. People who don’t like the news are in denial. Another good American expression which is a propos is: “Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead !” Keep on doing what you do so well.

  43. Laller, go easy on that subject. We sat on the fence because europeans are always getting into pissing contests, and if you (collectively) hadn’t f*cked up the peace after WWI, WWII would never have happened.

    And we were not just “there”, we crossed an ocean to die by the tens of thousands on your shores. Minimizing what we did is a damn good way to make Americans who give a shit about you reflect on the general lack of gratitude, that you would prefer we not reflect on.

    Please note that the avg American gets his news from the MSM, which is out to portray European socialism as Utopia, and it’s supporters as sophisticated, compassionate and smart.

    We sometimes expect Europeans to stand up and act like men, rather than the sniviling, appeasing sissies that we often see on TV whining out our “cowboy” nature.

    This site has lead me to believe that there are perhaps some good potential cowboys in Europe, and for that I have SOME hope. Godspeed VB and anyone who can stand up like men and demand what is right.

  44. Fortunately, I think the good Baron is exaggerating a bit. Many conservative US bloggers (and I mean real conservatives, not pseudos like Charles Johnson) have looked at the details and decided that Charles has gone out on a tangent. His choice how long he’ll stay there. We move on.

    Important persons like Robert Spencer have studied the details and found there’s nothing to worry about:

    There’s an important aspect to the independence of Flanders thing: The Flemish are a nation (which is different from a state). They have a common identity and a common culture. It is natural for them to have a state on their own.

    A similar argument (and I’m Danish, too) hardly runs for Faroe Islands, and only 50 % so for Greenland.

    Granting independence to all kinds of mini- or pseudo-states doesn’t work well. An independent Kosovo, for one, will be a paradise for Wahhabi/mafia types, who’ll be able to seize power & do business with mutual ‘help’.

    Yes, an independent Flanders will be great for the anti-Jihad movement. Here in Denmark our determination sometimes wavers. It would be a very significant help to have a ally in this.

    ‘Balkanisation’ is not a positive or a negative in itself. My Serbian friends were upset at losing Montenegro in what looked like a rigged poll, and now Kosovo seems to go.

    Ripping apart Serbia looks like a US-led ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. It will harm us, just like all US Balkan policy through the last two decades has harmed us. I struggle hard to avoid getting caught up in anti-American sentiment over this that some of my friends end up in. I see a need for bringing out the truth about what has been happening in the Yugoslavic Wars, or anti-Americanism is going to be a very real problem, as it already is in Greece.

    I see Balkan as an important battlefield against Jihad over the next decade. The Wahhabis are there in strength, as is the Russian mafia, and lots of smuggling into Europe proper takes place through these countries. Tackling the Wahhabis there is easier than doing so in Saudi Arabia.

  45. Charles is at it again.

    You know, for a party that’s trying to avoid the racist label they sure suck at it.

    They’re white supremacists! They must be racist! Ban the party now!

    Seriously, move on already Charles. Why display it so prominently and risk the racist label again? It obviously doesn’t mean to them and the Belgians as a whole what YOU think it means. The socialists over there use it as well but I’m not about to smear them as white supremacists. Get over yourself.

  46. From Mr. Gash, a suggestion:

    Baron. Just a request. Gates of Vienna was up there with the best in the counter jihad internet information service. National separatism has its merits, but I wish you would start another blog purely on this and take it away from G of V. A prominent link to the independence blog from G of V would make sure that anti-islamists interested in independence movements would be directed there.

    What do you say?


    You were joking, right?

    I mean, he doesn’t have the time now to devote to anything but his real job and this site.

    How many blogs are you currently running, Mr. Gash? If more than one, do you have a life?


  47. Baron,
    I applaud your work. While I haven’t been very active in the comment sections until recently, I’ve been a long-time reader and have found every post to be insightful and articulate.

    What I find laughable in all of this is that contributors of LGF genuinely do not understand the positions of the VB. I use the VB as an example as it has attracted the vast majority of Charles Johnson’s ire. The Vlaams Belang’s political views are nearly identical to American conservative values. Every time a poster at LGF brings this point of fact into the discussion, they are branded a “troll” and their comment “voted down” using LGF’s enforced groupthink device.

    Please continue to provide a voice for us Americans very interested and committed to real-world change in confronting the Islamization of Western culture.

    – Sodra

    P.S. I live in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. so if any GoV members in the area, as one poster alluded to before, would like to meet up for an adult beverage or two let me know.

  48. I mean, context is everything, n’est pas?

    People here in America have no idea what context both the Vlaams and the socialists are using that symbol and rune for.

    White supremacism or Cultural pride?

    I have no problem with the latter, if that’s the case. But CJ and his lemmings believe it to be the former without ASKING the people themselves, and in so-doing, have smeared a very large group of people in the process. Those poor kids are forevermore branded as WS.. I find that deplorable and inexscusable.

  49. Angle,
    Regrettably I followed your link and waded back through CJ’s latest smear. Call it morbid curiosity.

    Apparently to the members of LGF, the leftist ADL is the final arbiter of all things “Nazi.”

    As I’ve pointed out before, that would be like looking at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network to be the final arbiter of all things “Racist.”

    But what really shocked me was how quickly the conversation devolved into outright mocking of the female teenager in his photos, who some considered overweight.

    I mean, really. Mocking a teenager for a perceived weight problem? They then proceed to divine that under her attire she sports “whore tattoos.”

    Are the shameful LGF commenters suggesting they are all current or former fashion models? Sad, childish, ad infinitum…

    – Sodra

  50. Mr.Smarterthanyou,

    I am not trying to belittle the contributions made by the US during WWII. But whichever way you slice it, it is likely that less people would have died had the US got involved sooner. And I’m not just talking about europeans, but asians and africans as well(It was a world war, remember? Not exactly limited to Europe).
    I’ve also heard historians claim that had the US not gotten involved in WWI, WWII wouldn’t have happened. The war was almost over and without US intervention would have resulted in a much fairer peace-agreement.
    My point remains the same: Why wait for the proverbial sh** to hit the fan and then hope and pray that the US will get involved sooner or later; hopefully sooner rather than later? It would be smarter to make sure there won’t be a need for american involvement by making sure the sh** doesn’t hit the fan.

  51. Oh yes, I saw all that Sodra. What’s more, Jeppo posted links to two VB members who are most decidedly not white, and all but one, mamawinger, acknowledged them (as of this writing). Oh, and read the comments by “poteen”. Moby? Belgian socialist?

    These people make me sick and yet we’re to be avoided?


  52. Oh, and here’s someone going by the nic “Live4Truth” popping in late to the discussion with this gem:

    265 Live4Truth 12/02/07 12:14:03 pm reply quote report 0

    Nazis, jihadis, and moonbats. Quite a morally confused bunch of fanatics, each in their own special way.

    That kind of ignorance is why I absolutely detest the dishonest way Charles is making his case. He’s a first-rate hack.

  53. Its like that friend you have, who back in the day, helped you out when you were in need, but now its been years, or more than a decade, and he still can’t let it go. After a certain point, it becomes neurotic.

    Yes, its true, back in the day, our parents and grandparents showed the spine to do the right thing but now, from ourselves, the progeny, that seems hardly forth coming, who in the meantime have done all in our time in power, to squander all those hard fought gains. True enough, we are on both sides of the atlantic, to blame for the current predicament. But how can it help, what use is it now? Might we at last put an end to this repeated bludgeoning of our friends and fellows abroad with the achievements of our parents and grandparents for which we are only the profligate, trust-fund spenders?

  54. Let it be known that I am on your side one hundred percent. I have participated in the European counterjihad since the Kosovo War in 1999. That was before the blogosphere as we know it existed. There was no LGF, no Pajamas Media, no YouTube. If you need anything, you know where to find me. Don’t hesitate to ask!

    I am still outraged about the fact that Charles Johnson blood-libeled the entire Serbian people on Leftist Green Footballs.

    By doing so, especially at a time like this, CJ is helping the jihadists. That is why I contend that it is far too soon to speak of “moving on” or “letting go.” Even though LGF is already circling the toilet bowl, CJ and his “minions” need to be discredited with such absolute finality that none of them will ever again be in a position to damage the counterjihadist cause.

    Details of the above occurrence are in this thread in Gulf Coast Pundit Forums. To put icing on the cake, CJ waited until after he had banned me from what’s left of LGF, denying me the opportunity to reply on the blog.

    I realize that it is extremely difficult to trust anybody after all that has happened in the past few weeks. Even so, I would like to invite the Baron, Dymphna, and all friends of GOV to stop by GCP Forums and say hello.

  55. Thanks, Henrik, I appreciate that very much!

    At this time, the US State Department and the EU is dead set on amputating Kosovo from Serbia and handing it over to a jihadist/narcoterrorist gang that is closely affiliated with al Qaeda. Are they trying to start a thermonuclear war with Russia? The combination of madness, idiocy, and pure evil that gave rise to this policy is beyond my comprehension.

    Even now, the very existence of the Serbian nation hangs in the balance, more so than for any other European nation.

  56. At this time, the US State Department and the EU is dead set on amputating Kosovo from Serbia and handing it over to a jihadist/narcoterrorist gang that is closely affiliated with al Qaeda

    If y’all get a chance, read the ‘Stache’s book, “Surrender is not an Option.” A kindly reader sent it to me…

    …if you can’t afford it, just go to the library and read the last chapter on the problems bedeviling the State Dept.

    What would be cool is if some prez would make him Secretary of State and just let him loose. Then all our problems that date back to the inception of that cabinet would be repaired…or replaced…or removed.

    Ah, dream on…

  57. Surrender is not an Option

    Got a link for it?

    BTW, on the 1389 blog I posted a letter that we sent to the Danish parliament on the Kosovo problem. We can do more that just whine about the problem.

  58. Dymphna, it’s the John Bolton book, right?

    Bolton is cool. And of course hated by the lefties, who can match neither his clear principles, his attention to detail or his clear sense of what matters in the long run.

    He’s probably much too expensive, but would otherwise make a very interesting speaker at a CJ summit.

    It goes without mention that he deserves the Nobel peace prize much more than any Bore talking up the greenies 🙂

  59. BRAVO!


    I especially like these two sentences:

    “The spectre of the return of jack-booted storm troopers is a bogeyman conjured up to keep the children of Europe cowering under the covers while the adults of the EU nomenklatura go about the business of creating Eurabia.”


    “It’s now much clearer where our divisions lie: not just between the Right and the Left, but between those on the Right who are still hypnotized by political correctness, and those who have shaken themselves free of it.”

    I think we can win back the hawks who are in the thrall of PC.

    all the best!

  60. reliapundit, I guess you’re thinking of some LGF webmaster of lizardry, aren’t you?

    I consider him basically a leftie. He just happens to have noticed the obvious, that Islam is waging war on us. Apart from that, he suffers the same lack of logic or respect for other viewpoints as most other lefties.

    Hardly worth paying attention to – and most certainly not linking to!

  61. Baron, I appreciate your efforts, your practicality, and your blog. Stand firm. I’m embarrassed to think of how many people I’ve directed to LGF before the rather embarrassing events of the past 7 weeks. Charles may be a great programmer, musician, and cyclist, but he is not a deep thinker and he is not a leader of anything meaningful. It’s just a time wasting noisy echo chamber over there. No real debate, and no real practical effort to actually protect western civilization.

    Right now, he sees almost everyone as an enemy. No wonder he needs that echo chamber.

  62. Hi guys, hi holger,


    Satire is often practiced by Kurt Lundgren on his blog. Functionell illiteracy is a common disablement often acquired in modern schools, not least in Sweden. When these magnitudes are combined surprising effects might arise. In combination with stupidity not only surprising but also disquieting effects are brought to light: white is transformed to black — truth to lie…
    – – – – –
    From Kurt Lundgren’s blog Nov. 30:

    Forbid books in Swedish homes.
    SSU considers an apparent unfairness is existing that is founded in the homes: In homes with many books and parents keen on reading the children become litterate and proficient in school, while in homes that lack books and with parents who does not care, the children become scantily litterate and does not cope with school.
    The only way to correct these class inequities is to maximise the number of books in each home to 5, not less not more. SSU is of the opinion that in order to have control on the homes’ ‘holding of books’ the duties of the municipal home service should be extended, as well as also requiring
    a) that the petrol price is increased with SEK five the liter,
    b) that petrol then is forbidden in that nobody is allowed to buy more than five liters.
    . . . . . .
    Hur var det nu med ‘Holgers’ skolgång?

  63. @ln and Holger,

    LOL, thanks for providing the “truth” about the swedish book limit, and a much needed WTF followed by a good laugh…

    OTOH one can never be completely certain with some of the bizarre proposals that comes from Sweden these days… But this one was well over the hill 😉

  64. I join with those above who applaud your support for those fighting on the European front. There are few reliable sources for what is happening in Europe. While we may approach the problem differently here in the USA, let’s try our best not to undermine the effort in Europe.

    I’ve long said that Europe will have to face the problem before we do just as Israel has had to face the problem before everyone else. We need to study their examples. One should also add India to the frontlines of this war. I wish there was a GoV bringing us an analysis of India’s fight. You’re not thinking of expanding coverage … just kidding!

  65. You’re not thinking of expanding coverage … just kidding!

    Whilst you joke, I think it highlights an important point here. GoV forms part of a network (hence the “lack of traffic” as information is disseminated throughout the network rather than gathered to a central point) and it might be worth investigating to see if that network can be expanded to include Indian blogs, even if it’s just someone translating an indian counter-jihad site. Anyone speak urdu or hindi? 🙂

  66. I just looked at the ADL extremist symbol database. Not one socialist/communist symbol is represented, although the Confederate flag and every version of Odin’s Cross is.

    EVERY effort to fight communism or defend capitalism/Christianity or preserve some sort of non-multiculturalist culture is being branded as hate speech.

  67. Jason, Archonix —

    I used to do more coverage of India and Pakistan, but recently I have been devoting almost all my time to Europe. We have a couple of Indian sites on our blogroll, and I exchange occasional emails with some Indians.

    The Indian blogosphere is huge, too big for me to get a handle on. Even so, according to one of my Indian contacts, there are few Counterjihad blogs — he says many educated Indians remain in thrall to political correctness.

    But there’s no need for Hindi or Urdu or Punjabi or Tamil — the common language in India is English, and much (if not most) of the blogging there goes on in English.

  68. Baron,

    actually, there could be good use of foreign languages.

    For some time now, I am thinking about a campaign quite different from what the bloggers do now. I mean, a paper leaflet campaign.

    Imagine a website which would regularly publish PDFs of leaflets, that anyone could print on their home printer, nad then distribute anonymously to some post boxes. These PDFs would contain sort-of Counterjihad news: a few articles on Islam and Jihad and Counterjihad, together with a link to, say, Gates of Vienna or local counterjihad blog.

    Such a campaign could have serious impact on the ground support for Counterjihad, but it would be more efficient if it was in national languages. Here in Prague, at best 25% of the people can read English well enough to benefit from English leaflets. But they could be directed to, which is a Czech blog.

    The same goes for Portuguese, Hungarians, Polish people, Thais … or even Arabs and Iranians.

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