On a Quiet Day in Denmark

Kepiblanc is our longtime Viking commenter, translator, and correspondent. He sent us this essay this morning, on the same day that the Danish government thwarted an Islamist plot and arrested eight suspected terrorists.

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On a quiet day in Denmark
by Kepiblanc

You may have noticed that Muslims all over the world have a very special gift: excellent marksmanship. No, not in the usual sense — we’ve all seen those videos featuring Allah’s holy warriors firing countless clips from their AK-47’s right into the heavens at any given opportunity and trying to hit infidel soldiers with very limited success. Their marksmanship is of another, more subtle kind. Ethereal, one might say.

Especially Danish Muslims. Denmark holds many world championships, such as high taxes, tall blondes and journalistic stupidity. But nothing rivals the unique competence of our local Muslims:

To shoot oneself in the foot – bulls’ eye each and every time

Perhaps the world record was established about a year ago when they “enhanced” the Motoon affair to global levels. By doing so they managed to ridicule themselves all over the planet and have every Dane consider them clowns. So, after the Motoon affair they’ve kept a very low profile indeed — or as we say here: “they kept their cigars pointing downwards.”

Kassem AhmadShortly after the cartoons were — almost — forgotten, the local “führer-imam” Abu Laban died from a pulmonary malignancy and thus handed the cigar over to his successor, one Kassem Ahmad. Maybe the new rooster in Allah’s Danish henhouse then said to himself: “I need a little profiling and what with things being so quiet now — all those pesky infidels just minding their own businesses, drinking beer, eating pork sausages and one thing and another — I’ll stir them up. So our smart Kassem wrote a column. In this column he advocated the expulsion of 3 million Jews from Israel. “They should return to their countries of origin, let the original inhabitants, the Palestinians, take over and rename the land formerly known as Israel”.
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Everything went according to his plan. His column was printed in Denmark’s biggest daily, Jyllands-Posten, and all was well. Until the next day, that is.

Difficult to be JewishOf course Mr. Ahmed had foreseen some infidel reactions to his proposal, such as a letter or two to the editor. Such “letters to the editor” in the Main Street Media are always counterbalanced by an equal number of opposing letters — “a fair and balanced view”, you know. But — lo and behold — the next day the entire page of letters to the editor came up with exclusively identical opinions, namely as follows: “Let us take Mr. Ahmed seriously and deport every single Muslim from Denmark and send them home to whence they came — then we can talk”. No second opinions, not a single one. Not even a “moderate, politically correct” letter. All of them demanding: “Muslims out of Denmark”.

The very same day the Danish police arrested eight Muslims in the fourth anti-terror investigation — so far…

11 thoughts on “On a Quiet Day in Denmark

  1. Well if this proves anything it proves that Jyllands-posten were right when they said they stood for freedom of speech. I’ve always thought that one of the foundations of that particular freedom is that it’s that it implies the freedom to make a complete ass of oneself, as well as the freedom for others to point this out.

    And so it was written, and so it was done.

  2. Denmark aside, on this guy’s notion of expelling the Jews of Israel, I venture that the idea probably is very popular in Europe, whether we are talking Muslims or non-Muslims — especially among the journalists and EU bureaucrats.

    Unfortunately, I bet many in both the Islamic world and in Europe would like to solve the “Jewish problem” a bit more permanently. Which is why Europe will make sure Iran gets nukes.

  3. Shooting themselves in the foot has been their long-time specialty. It has been Israel’s saving grace many times and it will probably be the rest of the world’s too. Much as we mourn the atrocity of 9/11, now nearing its 6th anniversary, it woke up a lot of people who would otherwise have been taken by the slow but steady process of Islamization (through demographical overpowerment) in their sleep.

    All summarized by the saying of the late and great Israeli statesman, Abba Eban (line-breaks mine):

    “They have never missed
    an opportunity
    to miss
    an opportunity.”

  4. I have an ultra-liberal friend (the only one that I tolerate) who just emailed me last night in response to something I sent him. The last sentence was “Israel is a royal pain in the ass and I wish they would go away”.

    Don’t know why he doesn’t see the problem here. Yes, they do things occasionally that seem cruel, but they’re in a horrible situation.

    It worries me. He’s not stupid, and he’s not ignorant either. But he’s blinded, and thinks that Israel should play by The Rules, while their opponents can play by their own rules.

    (Shakes head in sadness)

  5. …and where does this “Mr.” Kassem propose that the Jews who lost everything and were forced out of middle eastern countries such as Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan, Yemen return to? Will they be compensated for all the looted and lost property they had to leave behind? And for those that remained behind at a huge risk to thier personal safety, does he propose to create equal rights for them? I think not, nor is it in his narrow minded master plan

  6. The same day a Palestinian commentator had a letter (different page in Opinion) lamenting the JP editorial last month, where it was pointed out that the attitude towards the Jews is now very similar to that in Germany in the 30’s. The guy tried to complain that JP doesn’t understand history (which is false) and tried to portray the editorial as an evil smear.

    I wrote an ultra-short comment stating that I had cut out that particular editorial and posted it on my fridge. And that it shall remain there until hatred against Jews is eradicated from Denmark.

    They printed it yesterday, at the top of the page.

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