Bleg: Information on European Counterjihad Parties

I’ve been researching European political parties, with an eye towards compiling a list of those oriented towards the Counterjihad.

Below the jump is a table of everything I have so far. These are various nationalist parties, and I recognize that some of them have anti-Semitic and Fascist/National Socialist tendencies. But I want to create a comprehensive list of parties which oppose the Great Jihad, even if they are not ones that I want to be associated with — before I remove the anti-democratic, ant-Semitic, and authoritarian parties, I want to know which ones they are.

I’d appreciate any recommendations our European readers can offer. You may suggest additions, removals, or supply more information. Be sure to specify whether a group is democratic or authoritarian, anti-Semitic or supportive of Israel, Christian or secular, etc.

I’m looking for officially recognized, serious political parties ONLY.
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Once again, this list is for informational purposes. Some of these parties may be bad news, but I still want them on the list.

European Counterjihad Parties

Austria   Austrian Freedom Party (FPO)   link
Belgium   Vlaams Belang    
    Lijst dedecker   link
Czech Republic    
Denmark   Danish People’s Party (DFP)    
  Stop the Islamisation of Denmark (SIAD)    
France   Mouvement Pour La France – (MPF)   link
    Front Nationale (May be inappropriate)   link
Hungary   Hungarian Civic Union (history of strong anti-communist stance, no indication of anti-Islamist stance)   link
Italy   Alleanza Nazionale   link
    Lega Nord    
Latvia   For Fatherland and Freedom (LNNK)   link
Netherlands   Partij Voor de Vrijheid (PVV) (Geert Wilders)   link
Norway   Progress Party   link
Poland   League of Polish Families   link
Portugal   Partido Nacional Renovador (modeled on French National Front, may be inappropriate)   link
San Marino        
Slovakia   Slovak National Party (SNS) (allegations of anti-Hungarian, anti-Roma policies; may be inappropriate; no mention of anti-Islamist stance)   link
Spain   National Democracy (modeled on French National Front, may be inappropriate)   link
    Popular Party (PP) (party of former President Aznar, strong anti-ETA terrorist policies, no indication of anti-Islamist stance)   link
Sweden   Sweden Democrats (SD)   link
Switzerland   Swiss Peoples Party (SVP)   link
United Kingdom   UK Independence Party (UKIP)   link

23 thoughts on “Bleg: Information on European Counterjihad Parties

  1. A very good initiative! If they could unite and work together in the hallways of power, i.e. within the bureaucratic EU we might be able to steers the ship in the right direction.
    Perhaps the BNP in Britain would be worth adding?

  2. My comments on Italy (my home country) and Belgium (where I live):

    Italy: you have the spelling wrong for Alleanza Nazionale.

    The website of the Lega Nord is The Lega Nord is more active against the islamisation of Italy than Alleanza Nazionale.

    Forza Italia (Berlusconi’s party) also is sometimes – not alwas – vocal on this issue.

    For Belgium, the Vlaamse Belang is considered both antisemitic and antiislamic. In Belgium there is a non-written rule among all parties never to form any government with the VB, and to create instead what they call a ‘sanitary belt’ against it. The result is that even in those cities such as Anwerpen, where the VB is the largest party, it never is in power.

  3. I think ALL parties that oposes islamization of Europe suould go to that list.
    Only after PERSONAL contact with the people of that party should be considered remove a particular party from the list.
    If we go by the prejudices of the PC league we will go nowhere. By that prejudices we are all dangerous extremists that should be exterminated.
    Is Vlaams Belang an extremist party?
    Austrian Freedom Party (FPO)?
    Why should be inapropriate french Front National? Being extremist? Can 15% or more of french be extremist?
    And Swiss Peoples Party (SVP)? UN biased standarts says it is extremist. F**k UN.

  4. Sd (in Sweden) is not so much a party with an counter jihadist agenda as they are an anti immigration one!
    In all other aspects they are to be seen as a socialist party. Anti globalists aswell as protectionists!

  5. Dear Baron,

    don’t forget the British National Party. Since Nick Griffen took over from the late John Tyndal in the 1990s it has been extensively retreaded. How much the present policy is a reflection of his own attitude or opportunism is difficult to say I think he was charged to making antisemitic remarks but it certainly doesn’t fit that mold now as they have a Jewish councilor in Epping. They are certainly picking up support from old labor especially in the industrial North where the old mill towns have been ethnically enriched. Even outside these areas they are receiving substantial support, they received more than 8% of the votes in Tony Blair’s old constituency and that is mainly rural this was more than all the other independent parties put together. The party website is quiet professional and getting better and get about 7,000,000 hit a month more than any of the other political parties. I myself am very ambivalent.

    I would certainly recommend a visit to the BNP website

    he also has his own blogg also recommended, he writes very well

    but most of all I recommend that you read this piece Nick Griffen wrote.

  6. Kepiblanc,

    The American situation is a whole nother ball of wax. I’m sort of specializing in Europe these days.

    There is no significant Counterjihad party in the USA right now. The Republicans and the Democrats are both thoroughly dhimmified via the influx of Saudi money into everything, everywhere.

  7. Re Hungary: the party you mention is controversial as it turned not from liberalism to conservativism as the link (wikipedia entry) suggests but from libertarianism to some weird Cristian flavoured statism with an appaerntly infallible leader (he lost two elections in a row but still leads the party). Their anticommunism is verbal as their obvious etatism makes their claim ring hollow for me.

    They’re not particularly antisemitic (but they don’t mind a lending hand – in trying to force early elections – from the extreme right which is overtly antisemitic) and have no stance on Islamism as Hungary has a very very small Muslim population.

    The governing Socialists and Liberals support the Iraq war and Hungary had military presence there (under Polish command) and there are Hungarian soldiers in Afghanistan.

  8. The National Front (France) and the Freedom Party (Austria) are both neo-Nazi Parties, both strongly pro-Arab and virulently anti-Semitic.

    In fact, LePen now campaigns among the Muslims, campaigning on his hatred of Jews.

    Haider is just as bad; championing the Palestinians and supporting the destruction of Israel.

    As a supporters of Israel, Baron, these parties have no place on your list

  9. Yorkshireminer:

    BNP is also a Neo-nazi party. I mean, doesn’t Europe have a single party that is opposed to Islam that doesn’t also share Islam’s hatred of Jews?

    If that’s all there is — Islamists or Nazis — then Jews left in Europe should get the hell out ASAP.

  10. Zero,

    I am not advocating for any of these parties. This is an information-collecting effort. Please be patient.

    Your opinion of these parties is one of the things I was asking for.

  11. Baron,

    A neo-Nazi party, by definition, cannot truly be anti-Islam, since like Islam, it sees Jews as the greatest enemy.

    Go to the BNP Manifesto, where they denounce neocons and the Zionist Lobby. You get similar bigotry an the FN and Freedom Party, I’m sure.

    Sorry, I don’t care what else Herrs Griffin, Haider and LePen put in their platform, that bigotry alone shows who they think their REAL enemy is, and it’s not Islam.

    A European far-rightist CAN be pro-Israel, but it’s rare. Gianfranco Fini comes to mind.

  12. Austrian Freedom Party may not qualify as such – it is full of anti-(european)neighbour rhetoric, its (former?) leader employs third world immigrants, openly symphatizes with nazi ideology and far from being anti-jihad – mingling with Qaddafi, Saddam before the last war, etc.

  13. “I mean, doesn’t Europe have a single party that is opposed to Islam that doesn’t also share Islam’s hatred of Jews?”

    Absolutely. Dansk Folkeparti (in Denmark – they are those I can speak for) has close and friendly bonds to Israel.

    The Jews are fine people who created an amazing amount of art, litterature, science and other good stuff.

    In these times, where hatred against Jews is surfacing again, several of us are declaring us to be considered Jews for any purpose of racism, discrimination, boycott etc.

    Jyllands-Posten had a great editorial about this, which shall remain pinned to my fridge until hatred against Jews is eradicated from Denmark, and hopefully all of Europe.

    Other countries?

  14. Henrik,

    If after 2000 years and the extermination of most of Europe’s Jews, anti-Semitism has not been eradicated, it will NEVER be eradicated.

    It is long past time for Jews to consider Europe a hopeless case, and leave it for good — for Israel (where they might be obliterated by Ahmedinejad’s nuclear weapons), or to the USA, Canada (but not Quebec) or Australia.

    Realistically and tragically, there are no other places for Jews to go.

  15. Zerosumgame, there’s no doubt that the Jews need to defend their home turf, and that we need to help them by all possible means.

    Still, I insist to eradicate hatred against Jews. It’s racism, and I really don’t like it. I might be the last antiracist, but I don’t care 🙂

    BTW, it’s a great thing to poke fun at the Islamists with. First, they usually try to blame us for being racists, but that doesn’t work when we’re fighting racism. Second, the Quran is so full of racism, in particular against Jews, that they can’t possibly remove the stain of racism from themselves once the truth has come out.

    Racism is one of the worst problems with Islam, anyway. Eradicate racism from Islam, and a significant pillar of the problem is broken.

  16. In the Czech Republic, there is Narodni strana (National Party).

    It is very marginal at the moment – it got only 0.17 % in the general elections in June 2006. The party has no representatives in the parliament or regional assemblies.

    The party’s program is similar to that of nationalist parties in all Europe. The party rejects multiculturalism, mass immigration, islamization, EU membership and welfare state. The National Party also tries to address problems with our biggest minority (Roma people). The problems with Roma people are in many ways similar to problems with immigrants in western Europe (strong dependence on welfare benefits and crime rate).

    The National Party’s web pages: (in Czech only)

    Information in English on Wikipedia (not very informative):

  17. Zerosumgame

    In your opinion the BNP is neo-nazi. In my opinion it isn’t.

    We can play this game forever: is, isn’t, is, isn’t …

    The fact is that it is making progress in Britain (and indeed has Jewish members and at least one elected representative) having increased it’s average vote/constituency at every election since it was created from something like 565 votes/constituency in it’s first election to 1620 votes/constituency in the most recent. Numbers are still small – perhaps a million nationwide in total, but consistently growing.

    Try speaking to ordinary BNP members to see if they are neo-nazi. I’ve spoken to maybe 40-50 or so: I’ve encountered just one out-and-out anti-semite who thinks the problem is “The Eternal Jew” (his words, not mine), and two who were out-and-out white racists. The rest were just ordinary people absolutely terrified over what they see happening to their country.

    Do you suppose Zionism itself is not uber-nationalist?

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