The Only Time White is All Right

Australian television is running a series of ads on domestic violence called “Violence Against Women: Australia says no!” These commercials are funded by the Australian government to address a serious issue — some guys beat up on women they profess to care about.

Rotten White Domestic PartnerEvery culture attempts to find ways to channel aggression constructively. Australia is no different. However, according to The Age, only white men have a predilection for violence against women. If you look at the VAW website and peruse the pages of an “Australian government initiative” you’ll make a fascinating discovery: no other ethnic group suffers from this problem. All of the “brown people” have been airbrushed out of the picture.

As The Age points out, Down Under is a multicultural utopia. Thus you won’t find Lebanese, Nigerian, Vietnamese, or aboriginal aggressors. Just those rotten old white guys who like to beat up their women when the occasion arises:

Strangely, though, while the website says that all these examples are “based on people’s real-life experiences”, police and hospital records don’t pick up this shocking truth: that marauding Caucasian brutes are the real problem. But then, the cops and medical folk aren’t peeing their pants in terror at losing votes in those delicate multicultural seats. Mind you, the website does say that the “people in the photographs used in this booklet are models”. It just doesn’t say they are white models.

Having done crisis counseling with women ranging in age from fourteen to eighty-two, I can tell you that this is a bunch of horse manure. Men of all races, backgrounds, and ethnicities are capable of violence against one another, against their wives, against their parents, and against their children. In the Western world white men can’t jump; however, they sure can hit. And don’t forget, the same thing holds true for some women: they think it is legitimate to use violence in order to achieve their ends.

First we emasculate men, and then we accuse them of being “too” aggressive. It’s no wonder some of them have anger management problems. This is the perfect recipe for making someone crazy: put them in a double bind and then criticize them for not being able to get out of it.

According to Kermit the Frog’s lament, it’s not easy being green. And sometimes, especially for men, it’s downright hell being white.

Hat tip: Emotional Rex, in the comments.

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13 thoughts on “The Only Time White is All Right

  1. What’s interesting–and depressing–it that The Powers That Be seem intent on not only ridding us of Meddlesome Nations and on ‘re-inventing’ race, but on ‘re-defining’ sex and gender–not just the roles but the entire reality of life as a man or women, as we all live as one or the other, day by day.

    European nations are self-sacrificed on the altar of the EU, and the North American Union is upon us: nations are a Thing of the Past, to be replaced by…….something else.

    To re-invent race–to make us all into one new mocha-java multi-culti melting stew–Whites are demonized and ridiculed, and we are propagandized relentlessly that non-whites are superior in a truly amazing number of ways.

    Sex & gender is the third element of the New Holy Trinity of Progress

    Your post was mostly about an aspect of race, so my reply will try to Keep Pace: Just as the most powerful nation must be weakened and even ruined to rid the world of all the plagues that come with nations, the most powerful race must be weakened and ruined to rid the world of racism

    Oddly ( maybe not so oddly ) many of the members of the I Hate Whitey Club are White. Self-loathing is a powerful engine, especially when harnessed to guilt ( either real or imagined ).

    History is being ‘cleansed’: WWII was all about white Germans killing millions based on a demented view of ‘race’, not about Japanese killing millions; the Cold War was about the USA killing thousands in several conflicts, not about the ChiComs killing tens of millions.

    It’s early here and I’m not awake yet, and there are too many examples, each one more ridiculous but also more alarming. A century later, we are back at Dover Beach.

  2. Oh, well. It doesn’t matter.
    People accused falsely and punished for something they didn’t do are more prone to do in the future what they are accused to do.
    Because there is no differences for them if they will do it or not. So people will do what will give them some advantages.

    More they cry “racists” more they will see “racists” behaviors, more they cry discriminations, more they will see “discriminations”. More they falsely claim “backlash” more they will suffer “backlash”.

  3. I wouldn’t take too much notice of what the Age writes. It’s the Australian equivalent of the New York Times: The official paper of right thinking people. The Age frequently looses contact with reality

  4. A young woman in my office confided in me some months ago that her live-in partner had roughed her up and not for the first time. She’s white and he’s not.

    She left–briefly–but went back to him.

    As much as I sympathize with her plight, there’s a pathology going on that I want no part of.

    A childless woman that returns to a ‘beater’ gets limited sympathy from me.

  5. This demonization of white men also has other consequences, most notably in the way young white males are drawn to the “gangsta” look and behavior. They will emulate that which they think is strong. For so many years, now, in society and the school system, young white males have been told they’re the reason why everything is screwed up in the world, and they have had to sit in classes in school where their heritage is denigrated and condemned. Is it any wonder that they would prefer to emulate black gangstas? Or, to put it another way, when was the last time you heard any young white male say he wanted to be the president when he grew up? And also, if you watch commercials closely, you’ll notice that in just about every commercial where white men are featured, they are portrayed as either stupid or weak. Where white and black men are portrayed in the same commercial, the whites always come off looking like doofuses while the blacks are portrayed as the smart, cool ones. Check it out sometime. I believe that this social emasculation manifests itself in the sports mania everyone seems to have. If you are allowed to “be yourself” only in a game, or as a participant in a game, that’s what you’re going to do.

  6. “We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and then bid the geldings to be fruitful.” – C.S. Lewis

  7. Kathy makes a good point about the (presumed) reason white men try to act black.

    Also about the portrayal of White men on TV. Not a new phenomenon, either. I recall watching tv some 15 years ago and noting that when a white man offended a woman, he would often get slapped and called “stupid”, and the audience would laugh.

    The worst show EVER for reverse sexism was the horrific “Home Improvement”. The whole point of the show was to portray men as idiots.

    Simon says (hee hee) that “many of the members of the I Hate Whitey Club are White.” I disagree. The term he wants is “almost all the members…” White guilt combined with the gender discrimination we’re all told that we believe in makes a very potent brew.

    Oh, and never ever forget that it’s only white people who are racist. Minorities can’t ever be.

    Best of the Web yesterday had a bit about how some black women are now deciding that it’s okay to date white men, even though, when they were younger, their mothers were violently opposed to the idea. As they point out in the article, reverse that to *white women* who were told not to date black men, and then see if that would be described as “racist”.

    It’s screwing up our entire society. The other day, a friend told me of a guy he knows who was arrested for an argument with his wife. Never touched her, or anything, a fact she testified to at his trial. She also admitted that she was just as “guilty” as he was, since she was also yelling.

    Guess who was forced to take anger management classes and put on probation, and who got no penalties?

    I know a lot of men that are scared off from any long-term relationship just because of the very real power a woman has to get “her man” in serious trouble. It’s easier to just have flings, or buy a woman in the Red Light District than to find a “good one” and settle down.

    Is it just American women that are like this, or are all women catching up? Because I also know that this is kind of the central premise of the whole “mail-order bride” business.

  8. My previous post should only be read while squinting and eating something sour; even then I will end up sounding like a cranky pedant.

    In my defense, I point out that one reads this “mounting evidence” almost every single day. Each new Case for the Prosecution piles it on higher and thicker; what are we expected to do?

    The people who feed on these morsels are never satiated: they will never get tired of consuming “evidence” like this report, and will always demand more. Hence, this story and all the others like it

    Reporting stories like these isn’t much different than dribbling out drugs to an addict. When I read them, it’s like watching a junkie stick a needle in his arm; when I watch the Usual Suspects read stories like these, they tend to get that look that addicts get when the meds kick in.

    …until the Righteous Anger takes over.

    Anyway, thanks for the C.S. Lewis quotes; one of his sentences is worth a dozen of mine

  9. To correct one thing, there is a Lebanese looking guy in one of the TV ads, the others are all white though. But of course they make sure all the women are from varied backgrounds.

    We’ve had to endure these crappy ads in Australia for some time. They particularly like to play them during sci-fi and cult shows. So I guess the message is that nerds are the main perpetrators? I guess I missed the episode of Star Trek: Voyager where Captain Janeway was beaten up for not doing the dishes.

    The problem is that women are as, if not more, likely to beat up on men, and more frequently and yes with more damage because they use weapons more often, than the reverse. These ads do nothing to address this.

    It’s worse with child abuse ads, we know that the main perpetrators are women by a vast majority. Yet ads insist on showing men as the villains. *Correction* I saw one ad once that had a female perpetrator.

    The relationship category with the highest level of abuse are *drum roll please* lesbians. Yeah, I can imagine the government running ads for that.

    These ads have nothing to do with stopping domestic violence and everything to do with promoting a political view which has no basis in reality.

    Personally I suspect that since some TV shows have started to run plots where the women faked abuse or was the perpetrator of abuse that the anti-male advocates are concerned that TV no longer fully supports their view.

    And to anyone who doubts why it would be a concern. I had this conversation with someone years ago.

    Me: “But that’s wrong. Women are more likely to commit child abuse.”
    Friend: “No they’re not.”
    Me: “The statistics back me up.”
    Friend: “Your statistics are wrong. They had an episode about it on A Country Practice.”*
    Me: ???

    *An Australia Soap Opera from the 80s.

    Most people get their knowledge about things not from carefully study and research, but from TV and movies.

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