9 thoughts on “The Justice of Roasting Churchill

  1. With all due respect, Mystery Meat, I don’t think so. The university knows that it is on solid ground. This is not about academic freedom denied, but academic malfeasance discovered. He has invented his autobiography –Indian, war veteran, author of a serious historical work, &c. The only thing that is real about WC is that he is a fraud.

  2. It took five years. I’d call that an entrenched ideology.
    His hiring was no anomaly. Vetted and re-vetted, they got what they wanted.
    They let him go only because he caused to much embarrasment, and drew too much attention.
    There’s no victories to be had in higher-miseducation. We’re better off with him there as a warning sign.

  3. Since when is Islam a religion constrained by race? I thought most American citizen Muslims were African-Americans? Does not Islam accept converts/members regardless of race?

  4. Body language says a lot, and after watching clips of this guy you can just tell he is one angry, angry man with an ego the size of Texas. That being said i am almost positive that somewhere in the bowels of academia this man will always have a job. After all, the only thing better then a left-winger is one who has been savaged by an obvious right-wing controlled university. 🙂

  5. spinoneone-
    This comment thread is about the firing of Ward Churchill but because of the layout at GoV you may have thought you were commenting to “Do Ye Ken, John Doe?”

    Comments here always follow the post after author date and time.

  6. A plagiarist like this Ward of Academe will probably now convert to Islam …the only religion founded on plagiarism.

    Clucks of a feather…

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