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Last night I was a guest on a blog talk radio show hosted by Andrea Shea King, who also keeps a blog called The Radio Patriot. In addition to her podcast (which is on weeknights at 9 p.m. EDT), she has a weekly show every Sunday night at 9 p.m. EDT on WDBO, AM 580, Orlando.

She concentrates on immigration topics, and we had long discussions about the current situation here in the USA, and how the attempt to form the NAU resembles what is happening in Eurabia. Both Europe and the United States face a grand alliance of powerful moneyed interests which aim to destroy national sovereignty on both continents in order to serve transnational ends. Or should we call the end result “post-nationalism”?

Needless to say, I put in a good word for the Danes. I reminded our listeners that although the Europe has the EU, it is still a continent of different countries and different cultures, and Islamization is more advanced in some countries than in others. The Danes are a breed apart, even though they are first cousins to the Swedes.

The podcast of the show should still be available at this link, at least until this evening.

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6 thoughts on “Patriots on the Radio

  1. You did great on the podcast. Thank you for the kind words about Denmark. BTW, we got just another step closer to the EUrabian Civil War today. So-called ‘leaders’ from 27 European countries gathered in Brussels in order to rename the rejected (by the French and Dutch voters) EU-Constitution and then force it down our throats with no further ado, such as referendums. This, of course, vill further infuriate the European electorate and when the deluge of millions and millions of Muslims start to enter our lands in 2010 – the ‘Barcelona Agreement’ – and line up in front of our welfare offices, the showdown is imminent.

    Which is not necessarily a bad thing: the sooner, the better…

  2. You mirror my sentiments completely. I couldn’t have said it better. The only thing I would like to add is that I think Blair has deliberately started this row over Rusdie’s Knighthood to distract attention from this summit where he will sign away the Brits birth right. I know this sounds like conspiracy theory but Blair is too intelligent not to know that this would cause a moon loon outburst, so why has he don’t it?

  3. By the way Baron, like Kepi I also enjoyed your Pod cast. I also liked the interviewer she didn’t hum and ARRh and admitted her ignorance about what was going on in Europe. A great interview.

  4. I forgot to illustrate my comment above. A Danish left-wing member of the EUrabian Parliament – a.k.a. the Mickey Mouse Parliament – Jens Peter Bonde, brought THIS to Brussels. He was arrested immediately, of course.

  5. Typical of the Euro MPs, spending their time blowing up a plastic bulldozer when they should have been blowing up the parliamentary buildings. One of the more imaginative of the UKIP should change his name to Guy Fawkes.

  6. Yes the Baron did more then great. And here in Europe we could learn a lot from the radio-culture in the US. I would like to see more stuff like that here also. The huge public service media is making it somewhat more difficult, but we can hope.

    Great bulldozer Kepiblanc, but seriously…

    Do they have inflatable bulldozer permits in Belgium? 🙂

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