Holger Danske Is Stirring

Holger Danske Vågner
I’ve made a little sidebar logo for our Danish colleagues.

Feel free to borrow it, but please don’t hot-link it — that is, make yourselves a copy, and store it on your own image server.

For our Anglophone readers: the caption says, “Holger Danske is stirring.”

When he manages to get that other eye open, everyone would be well-advised to take cover…

Thanks to Kepiblanc for the translation.

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10 thoughts on “Holger Danske Is Stirring

  1. This may have been true once but the day of the Viking fighting spirit is long gone. I hope I’m wrong, but I see a slow death of the Viking’s race.

  2. I like it! Holger Danske, as I recall, was one of Charlemagne’s knights…but he does call to mind another, older, one eyed figure known to the Danes…and to stir his wrath is grim indeed (pun from the Old Norse intended!)

  3. Here’s a good intro to Holger Danske:


    You can see that the illustration matches the statue.

    Lets hope his spirit lives in the hearts of Danes.

  4. Asatru,

    My thoughts exact!
    As fierce as old Holger may be, the sound of Sleipnir on the gallops will break any enemy rank!

  5. Such a pity the Nazis have made being a patriot difficult. Lefties will always be able to liken this or ‘England Awake’ to the Nazi Posters of ‘Deutschland Erwache’.

    Perhaps we native English should have our own version: ‘Alfred [the Great, King of Wessex] is stirring’. Alas, no-one who has been through our benighted public education system in the last 20 years would ever have heard of him.

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