A Reminder: We Need People in Kansas City Tomorrow

This is a brief recap of last week’s post about the DOJ seminar tomorrow in Kansas City.

The Capitol Mosque

The event is called “A First Freedom Project Seminar: Federal Laws Protecting Religious Freedom”. Under that harmless-sounding title, the Department of Justice is providing the opportunity for Muslim groups like ISNA and MPAC to lobby successfully for more stringent anti-profiling legislation and increased federal regulation limiting “hate speech” — i.e., they are putting a bull’s-eye on our First Amendment right to free speech, all in the name of “respect for religion”.

We need volunteers from Kanas City and the Missouri suburban areas to attend this meeting to help counterbalance the Islamist tilt. See my earlier post for more details.

The venue is:

Hyatt Regency Crown Center
Kansas City, Missouri
Thursday, March 29, 2006
9:00 a.m. — noon

Go here for a map.

If you go to the seminar, send a report and I’ll post it here for you.

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2 thoughts on “A Reminder: We Need People in Kansas City Tomorrow

  1. Is it “hate speech” if one advocates the First Amendment of the Constitution?

    Is it “hate speech” to suggest that true freedom does not preclude the liberty to be free from Islam?

  2. No and No, of course!

    These terrorist moonkeys must be exerminated…

    Hey! HEADS UP!!!
    This looks like it could be good. Some people should go dressed as clowns and holding signs that say: BEHEAD THOSE THAT INSULT RELIGION

    2nd Annual
    Rally Against Islamofascism Day
    Saturday March 31st 2007 ….

    West Coast:

    Southern California:
    Anaheim, CA 92801

    Hawaii – Kona

    Washington State – Seattle

    East Coast:

    New York – NYC: GROUND ZERO
    Location: Ground Zero – World Trade Center
    Time: 12 Noon – 2 PM
    Contact: newyork@unitedamericancommittee.org

    Florida – Orlando:

    Massachusetts – Boston:


    Missouri – Columbia:


    I am very tempted, if I can get up in time, LOL…

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    never debate religion…

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