This Little Piggy Ran Races

Pig races
Last night I posted about the pig races that are being run next door to a mosque in Katy, Texas. Tonight a reader in France (!) was kind enough to send the YouTube video link for the news story from ABC13 in Houston.

Pig racesFor those of you in dialup hell, I screen-capped a few shots from the video. You get to see the lovable li’l unclean piggies and the two competing signs, one from the Katy Islamic Association and the other announcing Mr. Baker’s Friday night pig races.

Pig racesI love this story. It has Texas, pigs, believers, infidels, and probably some barbecue at the end of it all — all the elements of a really good tale.

More power to Mr. Baker. I hope he’s got a good First Amendment lawyer on retainer.

12 thoughts on “This Little Piggy Ran Races

  1. I really do like that, he wants to put a large neon sign up right on the edge of the property with the words ( HOG HEAVEN ) or (PORKIES PARADISE) and make sure the pole the sign is placed on resembles a minaret. Mr Baker certainly knows his pigs because if my eyes do not decieve me he had some nice “Tamworth Reds”, they are the sandy colored ones for those who don’t know there pigs.

  2. Baron,

    By chance I’m reading Charlotte’s Web to my six-year-old niece.

    It occurs to me that today poor E.B. White, brilliant former editor of The New Yorker, could find his work being banned from school libraries as “offensive.”

    Jamie Irons

  3. why would anyone build a mosque or other religious building that purposely excludes people outside their faith, in an area where they number few.
    look to Windsor England recently and the same is happening here.

  4. Yep, this is worth a grin and a giggle…

    Until it happens to your town.

    Then, I don’t think you will think it’s funny at all.

    Remember what they want.

    They want Islam to not just be another religion in America, they want it to be the only religion in America.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  5. The Pig Race Track in Katy isn’t far, and I’ll make a point of taking a look on the way home tomorrow.

    This isn’t the first ‘musk’ to be established around here. I began noticing an unusual structure on the way home back in 2003. It had the look of one of the old Spanish Missions in California: brownish buff colored exterior, domed architechture. I was surprised to discover it was a new mosque right in a residential neighborhood of west Houston. It had a low key appearance, except for the bearded middle easterners in flour sacks walking around.

    Then another eyesore was constructed in grand fashion, right off the Sam Houston tollway, south of I-10. This time the architechture was more like the Taj Mahal, complete with minarets, though smaller. And this in south Texas.

    My question to the learned readers and writers here is, are our national leaders up to this outrageous invasion? I fear that our national leadership class is so debilitated from the erosions of political correctness, moral confusion and spiritual ignorance that by the time the ‘flashpoint’ occurs the occupation will be too far advanced to deconstruct…. Hey, but what do I know? I’m just a working guy.

    By the way, has anyone noticed how the adherents of this peaceful creed deal with opponents? Honorably? Not quite. The latest example of the proven Islamic method is the Gemayel assasination in Lebanon. Now let me ask another simplistic question: when Americans finally wake up, how will we deal with the assasination of the capable leaders that arise?

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