Every Woman Needs a Little Black Dress

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I stole this from Jauhara, who lifted it from Lucianne.com, though I couldn’t find the link there.

This may be an example of one of those clashes of civilizations we’ve been hearing about — I mean the clash between the camera and the facelessness. As Jauhara said, “And the point of this being what, exactly?”

Or maybe it’s a joke; I didn’t check Snopes.

On the other hand…

10 thoughts on “Every Woman Needs a Little Black Dress

  1. Look at the third one from the left. hubba hubba – wotta doll!

    At least it’s better than that picture of Twatney Spears getting out of Paris Hilton’s car.

  2. Wally–

    Where do you run into these pictures. I must hang out in the wrong places…unless, unless…have you started reading “People”?

  3. jauhara —

    I actually went over to your site to see if you’d done any more autobiographical posts lately, and then I got sidetracked by that image. If you look closely, the “girls” seem a bit beefy looking and there appears to be a large sneaker poking out from underneath one of the burqas. Those wimmen got a suspicious amount of testosterone around the shoulders, too.

    Nonetheless, a wonderful picture.

    Hey, we could wear those and not have to bother changing out of our pajamas when we leave the house…burqas cause laziness, never mind fear and loathing.

  4. You mean you don’t hang out in the wrong places. Actually, you could have had the gist of them last week by browsing through the “reading” material displayed at the supermarket checkout.

    Anyway, big ole burkhas for all – we could be nekkid underneath – just like the supreme court justices probably are.

  5. This has been around for many months now…My take on a caption:

    And here’s one of poppa taking a dump at the bazzar while the girls watch!

  6. Yeah, I knew it was old and banging around in the ether, but it’s going to age well…


    I think the purses are what makes it a clinker — a set-up.

  7. That’s actually a pic of Saudi tourists in Lebanon. It’s not uncommon for Saudis to travel to relatively liberal Lebanon with their wives and children. It’s also not unusual for them to leave the wives and kids at the hotel and go looking for some Beirut Booty.

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