Baghdad Ballet

Baghdad Ballet
Who knows if the dance will happen at the appointed time? The just time for this event has come and gone, but even late, justice served still has some portion, however diminished. Or as Saddam Hussein would have it:

“I sacrifice myself. If God wills it, He will place me among the true men and martyrs,” wrote Saddam in the letter, which his lawyer said was penned last month for release if his death sentence was upheld.

Fortunately, we do not know God’s will. But we do know the will of the Court in Iraq. May it be done, and done quickly.

Meanwhile, for a good fisk of the MSM wringing its collective hands on how to cover the hanging “tastefully” see In From the Cold. Former Spook points out that none of them were so concerned with ‘tasteful’ when it came to showing our own citizens beheaded, blown up, and psychologically tortured. It never seemed to bother them that some of the relatives of these victims could have been watching their shows at the time.

The MSM has no more taste or conscience than John Kerry and T. Kennedy put together.

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10 thoughts on “Baghdad Ballet

  1. Well, they say they hanged him at about 0600 Iraqi time, but I want to see the video.

    Otherwise I might think that they turned him and shipped him to Dearborn to be an undercover agent.

    Papa Ray

  2. Here’s hoping the hangman “accidently” placed the knot behind his neck, rather than to the side, ensuring that he strangled instead of having his neck broken by the drop.

  3. absurd thought –
    God of the Universe sings

    if there is a BIG bad HELL
    Saddam’s all checked in by now

  4. I have only one this to say and that it was not a moment too soon, I hope the rest of his gang of thugs follow at suitable intervals to get the best effect. This farce has lasted too long. The Nuerenberg trials were over in a shorter time span, it just goes to show how far the criminals rights have taken over from the rights of the victim. I cringed when I saw the thickness of the rope they could have hung an Elephant with that. Unfortunately Pierrepoint the most prolific British hangman, who I think dispatched nearly 450 German war criminal after the war was not around to swing him in to eternity. He still holds the record of 7 seconds from when the victim stepped onto the trapdoor to being pronounced dead. He wasn’t bad at batch desposals either. I think he did 30 in one day. I have quiet an sense of affection for the Gentleman although he did send one of my distant relations into eternity.

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