We’re Moving

OkiesWell, not really. I’m in the process of moving my office from downstairs to upstairs. In fact, I’m typing this at my desktop up in the new upstairs office, although much detritus remains in the old one.

So posting will be light for a while, until all is moved and everything has settled down again.

The Future Baron Bodissey is graduating from college this year, so I am taking over his enormous and well-lit bedroom, and he will be moving to a smaller room downstairs. To make up for the cramped quarters, he’ll have his own bathroom and a private door to the backyard so that he can sneak his bimbos in walk outside and enjoy Nature whenever the mood strikes him.

Let’s hope I uncover all those long-lost items I’ve been looking for, under the dust bunnies and behind the piles of empty beer cans in the old office downstairs…

6 thoughts on “We’re Moving

  1. Hmmm.

    Well really. Nature is very overrated. Especially when you’re in your early twenties.


    Then again it offers so many possibilities for amusement at his expense. You could reprise a prank of mine, that I did to a friend, and post a fake letter & medical testing report on his door purportedly from a recent ex-girlfriend telling him he gave her the clap.

    Tons of hilarity ensues when you hear the inevitable argument outside his door at 2am by his current girlfriend. Though owning up to it can be something of a painful experience.


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